Haryana Tour: Visiting The Heritage Town Of Farrukhnagar

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Heritage Town Of Farrukhnagar, Haryana Tour

Farrukhnagar combined with the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is quite an enticing half-day trip from Gurgaon on your Haryana tour. Farrukhnagar has located about 30 km from Gurgaon and is quite a historic old town.

There are a lot off heritage monuments in Harayana. This old town also has the ancient world charms of Havelis and narrow lanes bustling with chatter. To reach this archaic town you will cross many water bodies and yellow fields that are the staple of Haryana.

Farrukhnagar is every history lover’s dream destination. With ruined monuments, stories that are left unsaid and a grand palace that has much more to it than meets the eye, this city will surprise you. The town itself is quite friendly, and you will find the locals to be extremely hospitable. It is quite hard to get a guided tour through the lanes of Farrukhnagar. But you can surely google and read as much as you want before coming here.

Here are some of the things you will see on your Haryana tour to Farrukhnagar.

The Heritage Monuments

Farrukhnagar has three iconic monuments talk about its rich history. The first once that you will come across is the Chhatri, which is more likely to the entrance of the town. After which you will find Gol Baoli which is located right opposite to the Chhatri. And finally the famous Sheesh Mahal.

All of these three heritage monuments talk about time and events in history that took place in Farrukhnagar. On your day tour from Gurgaon, you can find out more about these monuments. The other two are collecting dust and you need to be a history lover to step into them and witness the grandeur of a time long gone by.

The Proud Chhatri

On your day tour from Gurgaon, you will first come across the double storied arched doorways. This is the royal Chhatri that is now abandoned by the test of time. There are stairs that you can take to climb up to the second floor, however, they are not well maintained so think twice before decided to climb them.

The Chhatri itself had a mark of being brunt, which raises the question as to whether it ever caught fire. You can ask the locals and try to find some answers. There are a few paintings that still adorn the walls. The Chhatri was perhaps quite an elegant and regal site in the ancient years, but today it lies in ruins.

The Wonderful Gol Baoli

This multi-storied stepwell is the pride of Farrukhnagar. Shaped like an octagon from the inside and circular from the outside, this stunning step well will give you major aesthetic avenues.

To get inside this tunnel you have to walk through a tunnel which is located below the state highway. The feeling of walking through the tunnel is an experience in itself. If you wish, then you can go to the top floor of the Baoli and get a full scenic view of the typical Haryana Town that lies in front of you.

You will see signs of restoration, as it is maintained by the ASI. You might come across visitors as well. If you wish to know more about the Gol Baoli on your Haryana Tour, then you could ask a few locals.

The Ruined Sheesh Mahal

When you first look at the Sheesh Mahal on your Haryana Tour at Farrukhnagar, the first thing you will imagine how regal and luxurious this used to be. This palace ha a double storied structure, which has many arched openings. The roof is made up of wood and there is a small channel fo water presumably for a fountain. Once you go inside this colossal structure, you will find the walls still tainted by the paintings that once decorated the walls.

Keep walking and you will eventually come across the main pavilion which has double pillared arches, giving it a royal look. The lush green meadow of this palace has a martyr memorial. There are boundary walls which suggest that the Sheesh Mahal was once a part of a Fort which doesn’t exist anymore.

The Temples

Farrukhnagar also has some beautiful places of worships, which include a mosque and a few Jain Temples. The Jain Temples are quite well maintained and pristine. You can choose to visit them if you have the luxury of time.

The Colours Of The Old Haveli Doors

What makes Farrukhnagar so fascinating and exciting are its roads. Not only are there stories in every lane and street of this small town, but the doors of the some of the old Havelis are also quite mesmerising.

The diversity that these doors showcase is unique. Some of them are quite colourful, while others have intricately carved etchings on them. Others have a different shape or size. There is something so lovely, and you will find yourself clicking a lot of pf photographs of such fascinating and quirky doors.

While on your Haryana Tour to Farrukhnagar, you can also visit the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, which is located quite close to this old town. This bird sanctuary is laden with exotic birds and a tranquil atmosphere which will make you come back here for more and more. You can just wander about and hear the melodious chirping of the birds. The lush green trees and the small streams that flow through the sanctuary give it that allure. Combine the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and a visit to Farrukhnagar, to have a memorable half-day tour from Gurgaon.

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