Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary – Delight to nature lovers and wildlife lovers

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Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary – Delight to nature lovers and wildlife lovers

jaisamand wildlife sanctuary

Among the sanctuaries in Rajasthan, the Jaisamand wildlife sanctuary has a special place and significance. Since it is located near to one of Asia’s, largest artificial lakes popularly know as Dhebar Lake. It has numerous names like Jaisamand lake, Dhebar lake. This amazing view of wildlife and the lake waters attracts tourists across the country. This wildlife sanctuary inhabits numerous wildlife animals, different bird species, and aquatic animals. What not, it is a complete package for the enthusiastic wild lovers and nature lovers to spend time enjoying nature’s beauty and its serenity.

About Jaisamand wildlife sanctuary

Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary located 51 km from Udaipur. Therefore tourists can opt for a taxi or bus from Udaipur to this Sanctuary based on their budget. As Udaipur is a developed town stay for tourists, traveling won’t be a problem. If you’re planning a trip to Jaisamand wildlife sanctuary, plan it during the months of June to November. The main tourist attraction at this place is Leopards, wolfs, panthers, Fox and so on. Go for a boat ride in the beautiful lake which as more than 11 islands in it gives a spectral view of the islands and the forest nearby.

Dhebar Lake

Dhebar Lake udaipur
source: Gosahin

Dhebar Lake has few islands in it. The tribal race called Bhil Minas inhabits the island. A wildlife enthusiastic people can go for trekking in the wildness. This amazing lake is surrounded by a thick forest. At Jaisamand wildlife sanctuary has a guest house and an amazing island resort for wildlife lovers and nature lovers where they can have a close encounter with the wildlife. Dhevar Lake offers a beautiful view of some resident birds and migratory birds along with Turtles, Different fishes, and the water beast Crocodiles. Since this lake is the home for Crocodiles, one can see many of them here.

Places to Visit near Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary

Jaisamand Island Resort

If you are a bird watcher or wildlife lover, pay a visit to this resort or plan a stay at this amazing place where you can see more than 300 species of birds and different varieties of aquatic life. Therefore, enjoy the luxury of the resort along with delicious food.

Roothi Rani Ka Mahal

Another famous tourist attraction apart from the lake resort. This architectural marvel is constructed during the 16th century for the Maharaja Jaisingh’s younger queen Kamala Devi. The Mahal is now maintained by the archaeology department and it is considered as heritage places to visit.


garden of the maidens sahelion ki bari udaipur
Garden of the maidens | source: Udaipur Tourism

Saheliyon-ki-Bari is a famous park located in the Udaipur town where you can relax by enjoying the greenery and lotus pond. If you a person into the museum and history this is an apt place. Here you can learn the history of Udaipur along with Indian history.

City Palace

If you visit Udaipur then definitely you need to pay a visit to the city palace. It is one of the popular tourist attractions. Therefore, keep this palace on your wish list. Maharaja Udai Singh II constructed this city 400 years ago.

What makes you think twice? plan a trip to this amazing place where one can enjoy the beauty of the lake along with wildlife. In fact the stay at the resort island which will definitely give you memories for a lifetime.

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