Nahargarh biological park is the best place to learn about the Aravalli range Ecosystem

National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary
National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary
January 19, 2020
Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary
Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary is a wing/extension of Ranthambhore National Park
January 23, 2020

Nahargarh biological park is the best place to learn about the Aravalli range Ecosystem

Nahargarh Biological

The desert state Rajasthan is famous for its wildlife sanctuary. Among these sanctuaries Nahargarh biological park as special importance. The motive of this biological park is to learn and do research about the Ecosystem. Researchers visit this park for their research work from across the world. This park is an extension of the Nahargarh sanctuary. Another special attraction at this park is a rare quartzite stone. This Nahargarh biological park is a visual feast to the birdwatchers and the ornithologists as it as more than 285 wide varieties of birds. This park located near Jaipur city environs. At this park, safari is the main tourist attraction.

For bird watcher and wildlife photographer this place is like Paradise. You can stay comfortable at luxury villas and enjoy birds with close encounters at the famous bird watching site are Ram Sagar and the park. Whereas ornithologists can do research work by planing to stay near the park. Apart from birds, this park is home for many wild beasts like Lion, Royal Bengal tiger, Henya, Wolfs, Panthers and so on.

Safari at Nahargarh biological park

In Rajasthan Tiger and jeep safari are common in all the national parks whereas in the Nahargarh biological park they have first-ever Lion safari and the Elephant safari.

Lion Safari

Nahargarh Biological
source: First India News Paper

Visitors need to pay an extra amount if they want to go for lion safari. Otherwise, they can buy a combined ticket which includes both(Entry fee and Lion safari). For this safari, a special forest guide will be accompanying the visitors for their safety. As lions were let outside to roam freely. Hence safari will be in closed vehicles as a safety measure. Visitors can choose their choice of vehicle for the safari based on the budget they can afford.

Elephant Safari

Are you bored going on jeep safari? then try this new Elephant safari. Which is an exciting safari where you will be seated on the top of an elephant while touring the park? View of the park from that height will give you a great sight of the park and another exciting part about this safari is climbing the hill by sitting on the top of the elephant. One must opt for this safari when you visit Nahargarh’s biological park.

Nearby places to the Nahargarh biological park

Ambar Fort

You must visit this historic fort. which is an architectural marvel displays ancient Indian brilliance? At this fort, they have a special show for the visitors who want to know more about its history. It is a top tourist spot near Jaipur.

Jagat Shiromani Ji Temple

This beautiful architectural temple located in Amar town. The main deities in the temple are Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu and the Meera Bai an adherent devotee of Lord Krishna. The idol of Lord Krishna in the temple is the same idol worshipped by the Meer bai.

Visit this amazing and interesting Nahargarh biological park where you can have fun at the same time can learn a few things about wildlife.

Shravya Naveen
Shravya Naveen
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