Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary Best picnic spot in Udaipur

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Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary Best picnic spot in Udaipur

Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary best picnic spot in Udaipur

The familiar and well-known places in Rajasthan are Jaipur and the Udaipur cities. There are numerous forts/palaces in and around Udaipur. Among the Sajjangarh palace is most popular not only for its architecture but for its Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary which started in 2015. From the time of start to date this park received numerous visitors and became one of the top-visited places in Udaipur. All the sanctuary in Rajasthan were hunting grounds for Kings. Once after independence, these have now become sanctuaries. Whereas animals in this sanctuary are brought from around the world and some in house animals.

One can reach this sanctuary from Udaipur airport and railway station which connects to major cities in India. From here many cabs and autos are available based on your budget and comfort. Hence can choose the means of transport based on once choice. The sanctuary will be opening from 10 am to 6 pm monsoon season is the favorable time to visit this sanctuary. It is situated on the Bansdara peak near the Sajjangarh Palace at an altitude of 944 m.

Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Are you an animal lover? If yes, then you should visit the tiger lake in the sanctuary. Here you can have a very good sight of the animals which come to drink water. No need to worry regarding safety. The forest officials make sure visitors view the animals from a safe distance. A visitor who wants to go for safari can choose either an Electric car or a golf car based on the budget. If you’re an adventurous person then you can do trekking from Gorilla point to tiger lake. At the sanctuary, one can enjoy the flora along with the extraordinary sight of animals. A temple is located inside the sanctuary near the Jhar water hole. Therefore most of the visitors pay a visit to the place.

Entry charge

The entrance charge for the Indians is 30 rupees, four-wheelers 50 rupees were as for the foreigners 300 rupees. As Tuesday is a holiday, plan to visit this sanctuary on other days.

Places to visit near Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Lake Pichola
source: Treebo

Lake Pichola

One of the top places to visit when you are at the sanctuary is lake Pichola. It is located at a distance of 9 km from the sanctuary. This is a man-made artificial lake which gives a beautiful sight for nature lovers. Therefore, keep this place on your wish list.

Sajjangarh Fort

This beautiful fort is located on the Bansdara peak of the Aravalli ranges. This beautiful architectural marvel is also called as Monsoon Palace. In fact, From this palace, the sanctuary is 3.5 km.

Jag mandir

Jag Mandir is popularly known as lake garden palace which is located on Lake Pichola. The main purpose of this mandir is it was the summer retreat for the kings of Udaipur. The construction of this mandir took more than 100 years.

When you are in Udaipur plan a picnic to the Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary and the Sajjangarh Palace. Therefore here you can have a good time watching wild animals at the sanctuary.

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