Under The Moonlit Sky: Some Of The Best Night Time Things To Do In Delhi

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The ancient city of Delhi has always been an imprint path of Indian history. From being the epicenter of the Mughals to becoming the capital of India, Delhi has some wonderful anecdotes from the past. What also makes Delhi so regal, is the nightlife that it commands. Not only is it filled with the regular metropolitan hustle-bustle of swanky shopping malls and nightclubs, but is also resplendent with layers of history and avenues that look even more stunning at night. Delhi is the kind of place that comes alive at night, and to experience Delhi you need to visit all the wonders of it when the moon comes up.

Here are some of the must-do night tours in Delhi:

The Lights And Sounds Of The Past At The Red Fort

One of the most revealing and enchanting historical show is held at the iconic Red Fort. AS the sun goes down, make your way to the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site that was designed by Shah Jahan, and watch as the lights come on. The light and sound show at Red Fort will give you goosebumps as you watch the entire fort come alive with stories and anecdotes through the strategic use of lights and sounds. It is said to be one of the most amazing light and sound shows in India, and you must not miss this on your Delhi Night Tour.

Traversing Shahjahanabad

The best way to explore Delhi at night is to just wander about and see where life takes you. The night walking tour of Shahjahanabad starts from Sisganj Gurudwara in Chandni Chowk. This night tour is more like visiting the most pious and famous places of Delhi of which come alive at night. Visit the stunning Sunahri Masjid, followed by a quick shopping stop at Kanwarji’s, the world-famous sweet shop.

You can then have a delicious and authentic North Indian dinner at Paranthe Wali Gali. From there just follow the road and enter the myriad lanes of Delhi. From bustling bazaars to little houses, the lanes of Delhi deserve a whole another column. There is so much happening, and you will feel the entire culture of Delhi just by visiting these labyrinths of narrow lanes. You can then visit Jama Masjid and wrap up your joinery at the Delhi Gate.

The Mysteries of Chandni Chowk

If you meet and talk to any local person in Delhi, they will always tell you about the wonders of Chandni Chowk on a full moon night. This night tour walk of Delhi will help you feel that exact wonder, and take you through the lanes of the glittering market of Chandni Chowk on a full moonlight. To call this walk exceptional is an understatement. You will be walking through the culture of the Mughals under the glistening moon, as the tingling aroma of Kebabs and the sweet yelling of the vendors fill your ears.

Stroll At Sanjay Van

Legend has it that a white saree clad woman eerily hangs upside down from different trees. Since then Sanjay Van has become quite a go-to location for tourist and adventure seekers. Yet, this isn’t a ghost walk or an exploration tour. This Delhi nightlife tour is more about tracing the folklore of Old Delhi and re visualising Delhi’s past. While on your enchanting night safari you will revel with captivating stories from Mehrauli, old legends and how Delhi became what it is today. What makes this nighttime experience, worth visiting, is the spooky atmosphere, thick trees and the sound of the insects that fills your surrounding.

A Date With Nizamuddin Basti

To enjoy a more ancient and rustic culture of Delhi, you must head into the lanes of Nizamuddin Basti. This Delhi Night Tour will take you through the slums of Nizamuddin, and you will come face to face with a completely different lifestyle. Away from the swanky skyscrapers and the regal shopping malls, Nizamuddin Basti is quite a different world. You will witness the ‘Urs Mahal’, which is the hall for all the annual festivities, ‘Chausanth Khamba’ and Atgah Khan’s tomb. It is truly a historical walk, accompanied by the chants of the mosques nearby.

A Foodie’s Delight

The street food of Delhi has attracted many chefs and cooks, who have come here to witness the chaotic, crowded and lip-smackingly enormous culinary delight. Eating the food of Delhi is like taking your taste buds on a culinary journey. Walkthrough the crowded lanes at night and discover some of the most amazing foods and street-side delicacies that you will ever taste.

Let Your Hair Down

The city of Delhi is not only known for its historical significance, but it is also quite a lively city filled with restaurants, nightclubs, and swanky pubs. So, if you are looking to put your hair down, then you must visit these wondrous and hip night-clubs to make your night at Delhi even more exciting.

Some clubs in Delhi that you must visit are: Privee, Kitty Su, Club BW, The Electric Room, and the Mocha Arthouse

Take A Ghost Tour

An ancient city like Delhi is bound to have some haunted alleys and ghostly occurring. So, gear up for one of the most daring and adrenaline rushing Delhi night tours. This night tour will take you through the deep alleys and underground lanes, all to uncover the deepest darkest secret of the city. You will be led by paranormal investigators, and also be given night vision cameras, thermals camera, and laser grids to make this trip memorable.

The tour starts with a basic 25 min instruction presentation, wherein you will learn how to operate your devices. Throughout your journey, make sure to keep your eyes peeled, and be close attention to the many stories and legends that the local expert will tell you. You will feel a chill running down your spine as you uncover the other realm that is present in Delhi.

This night tour is truly haunting, as many have even reported to have been followed by an old woman, or felt the presence of a girl still in search for her lover. So, only embark on this journey at your own risk.

Delhi is the kind of city that starts to come alive at night. There are many places that you can visit and enjoy after the dark here. The experiences that you can have in Delhi after the sun goes down are unique and will show you a different city in the city. All you have to do is surrender to the moonlit beauty of Delhi, and let the tours do the rest.

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