Exploring The Warli: Things To See And Do On Your Silvassa Tour

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Exploring The Warli: Things To See And Do On Your Silvassa Tour

Silvassa Tour

Located in Dadra & Nagar Haveli, a Silvassa Tour is the perfect vacation for you and your family. A tour to the capital city- Silvassa, will not only show you the wonders of this less frequented area, but also take you on a journey to its rich history and culture.

Strap in, and witness the life of the locals on your Silvassa tour, as you travel through the ins and outs of this little city. Adorned with a church, blossoming gardens and an impeccable Warli Culture, a Silvassa tour will make you fall in love with this place.

Here are some of the things you can see while on your Silvassa Tour

The Ancient Church

One of the first things you will visit on your Silvassa tour is a lovely gothic church that adorns the city centre. This ancient church goes back to 1897. The Portuguese built it, when they first came here. This is the only church that still exists in the Silvassa, and serves as a nostalgic element to the colonial days.

As enter the church on your Silvassa tour the wondrous wood panel painting that depicts The Last Supper will greet you. This iconic painting looks even more mesmerising on the wood panel.

You can spend some time at the Church here and soak in all the peace and tranquility that this church emanates.

The Portuguese left Dadra and Nagar Haveli in 1954, and it was inly in 1961 that it finally merged with India, and became a part of the country.

The Swaminarayan Temple

Another iconic landmark that you will see on your Silvassa sightseeing tour is the popular Swaminarayan Temple. The lovely temple is quite palatial in its colour, archeicture and the gardens that surround it.

This intricately carved temple, has ceilings that are geometric in shape and are testimony to the level of skill of the architects of the Swminarayan Temple.

The temple is quite clean and well maintained by the staff, and you will find some precisely carved pillars.

To feel the essence and mystic of the temple, come here at the time of Morning Aarti. It is so soulful and healing, with chants and bhajans emanating from the mouths of every devotee.

The Gardens of Silvassa

Silvassa is also called the new garden city of India. Through out your tour you will find innumerable gardens that are not only blissful, but also well landscaped and beautifully decorated. These green centres, prove to be one of the best places to sit and rest during your tour. Here are some of the gardens that you must visit on your Silvassa tour:

Nakshatra Garden

This garden is quite new, and very well maintained. Located by the banks of the Daman Ganga River, the Naksharta Garden is an ethereal place to walk or relax at. True to its name, the garden is organised in such a way, that you can connect the pants with their planetary positions or nakshatras. The plants symbolise the nine planets. Hindus worship these nine planets. There are also plants that symbolise the 12 signs of Zodiac. They are arranged in a way that they form the astrological chart.

Finally, you will witness the circular orgnastion with 27 spokes and the 27 plants all associated with nakshatra.

The decoration is so well thought out. You will find yourself searching for the architect of this magnificent garden.

There is also a serene lotus pond brimming with lotuses and lilies that add that splash of colour in the otherwise green locales. You can also walk through the little bridge that is located at the top of the pond. The gazebos are designed mesmerisingly. They will will remind you of posh English gardens and also give you a much needed break from the heat.

Climb the watch tower that towers over the garden to get an aerial view of the garden and you might just be able to spot a swastika hidden in plain sight.

Another hidden gem in this garden is a large maze herbal garden that is located in a small slope. You might also want to do a full photography shoot here, it is so photogenic. If you are a nature lover, then just walk and admire the many plants. The garden is still under construction, so you can expect more brilliant and stunning murals and art work on your Silvassa tour.

Hirwa Garden

The next garden that you will visit on your Silvassa tour is located right at the core of the city. The Hirwa Garden is much smaller than the Nakshatra Garden, however it is just as surreal and peaceful.

Known for its rugged and rustic rock wall that resembles a waterfall, the Hirwa Garden has wooed many a tourist.

The moment you enter the garden you will find the little white birds playfully flying around. Just simply walk and take in everything that comes your way. Watch the stone arches, the metal bridges and the cobbled paths that show you the garden in all its glory.

There is also a gym setup in the garden, so if you are fitness enthusiast, then just exercise away. While the Nakshatra garden had no entry fees, the Hirwa garden has an entry fees of INR 20.

Vanganga Lake Garden

The other notable garden in Silvassa is the Vanganga Lake and Garden. This huge garden is a great place to walk around and complete your daily steps goal.

The gate of the Vanganga garden is resplendent with Warli Art. As you walk inside you will see the mesmerising lake, which is located right at the heart of the garden. The lake adds another layer of allure and an atmosphere of serenity surrounds the garden. You can walk around the lake, or simply sit by the lake and watch as the time goes by. You can also indulge in some boating and watch the garden change colours with the sun.

This garden too has an entry fee of INR 20.

There are few other gardens that you will find on your Silvassa Tour, however, these are the most iconic and surreal. However, if you do have the time, visit the Indira Priyadarshini garden and the Dudhni Lake Garden.

The Tribal Population

On your Silvassa tour, you will also learn, that Dadra & Nagar Haveli was once ruled as a free state. It had its panchayat and was inhabited by the Warli tribe. This continues to live here, however, they have been limited to the dense rural areas of Dadra & Nagar Haveli. Yet, their influence over Silvassa is hard to miss. From city walls to malls to parks and offices, you will find Warli art everywhere.

If you are curious about their origin and culture, then undertaken a Dadra & Nagar Haveli tribal tour, and interact with the tribes. You can visit their homes and even talk to them about their traditions, and watch as their day passes by. It is quite enchanting and magical.

Silvassa Museum

Wrap up your Silvassa sightseeing by diving into the ancient culture of Silvassa. Visit the Tribal Museum and go through the lives of the Warli Tribals. You will see the giant face masks which the Warli Tribes use. The masks are used during festivals. There are quite a few unique and quirky artefacts that will help you understand the culture of Silvassa a little more.

You can also buy some Warli paintings from the souvenir store located outside, and take a little part of Silvassa back from layout tour.

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