Coorg – A tranquil and exquisite place in the magnificent Western Ghats of Karnataka

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Coorg – A tranquil and exquisite place in the magnificent Western Ghats of Karnataka


An exotic hill station that offers the scenic sight of the lush greenery everywhere. This place allure tourists with its bewitching sight of misty mountains of western ghats covered in the green carpet along with the flowing river steam make one dazzled with the amazing sight. Coorg is also is known as Kodagu. In addition to the amazing sightseeing place, this place is famous for the spices and the coffee plantation. Without a doubt, it is the best vacation destination for nature lovers. Where one can enjoy the serenity of the place.

An interesting fact about the place is, here lives a sector of people called Kodavas, who are well versed in martial arts and popular for their warm welcome and good hospitality towards tourists and others. Coorg is one of the top coffee producers in India. Definitely one must visit the Tata coffee plantation in the Coorg which gives an aromatic and surreal experience to the coffee lovers. The coffee seed grown here is considered as the best mild coffees providers in the world.

Why Coorg is called Scotland of India?

This surreal place was nicknamed by the Britishers who got perplexed with the sight of hill station which is located in the midst of the mountain cover by the mist clouds and lush greenery. Nevertheless, Coorg is famous for the homestays and restores where one can relax by escaping into nature. If you are at Coorg try the authentic Kodava cuisine.

How to reach Coorg?

The nearest airport is the Mangalore airport, whereas the railways are Mangalore railways. Bus services are available to Coorg from all the major cities and towns in Karnataka.

Weather in Coorg

If your planning to visit Coorg for sightseeing and relax the best months to visit is September to June.

However, if your planning to go on trekking then the favorable month for trekking is October to march.

Whereas during monsoon visiting Coorg is quite risky as land sliding can happen which are July to august months. 

Places to visit in Coorg

Iruppu Falls coorg
Iruppu Falls | source: Goibibo

Abbey Falls

Famous waterfalls in the Coorg, where water flows down from a height of 70 meters. The scenic view of the waterfalls and the surrounding greenery made this fall the most popular tourist attraction site in India. A wonderful sight of in the midst of the western ghats. Yearly thousand of tourists and particularly photographers visit this falls. If you are a nature person then make sure you visit this waterfall when you are in Coorg.

What makes this Abbey falls special?. To reach this Abbey waterfall one as to walk from the entrance to the falls via step descending towards the falls. On the way, one can view and smell the spices( cardamom, pepper) and coffee plants. This amazing view of coffee and spices along with the waterfall in the midst of the western ghat makes this place surreal.


One must visit the beautiful sight of Talacauvery the birthplace of the Magnificent river Cauvery. This place is located in the Brahmagiri hills closeby Bhagamandala of the Kodagu district. There is a temple on the banks of the river dedicates to Lord Brahma. This is located at an altitude of 1,276 m. Besides this, there is an amazing fact which is Talacauvery is a tank erect by the Kodavas as a spring feeding. On the other hand here the river flows underground and emerges as the Cauvery river after a few kilometers from the origin point.

Iruppu Falls

This fall is located in the Brahmagiri hills, yearly many tourist visits this fall to view the amazing sight of the waterfalls. Iruppu falls are part of the River Cauvery. Near to this falls there is a Rameshwaram temple for Lord Shiva. The Legends of this waterfall is Lakshmana Brother of Lord Rama with his mighty arrow creates this waterfall. The popular belief is that whoever takes a bath in these waters this past life sins will be absolved.

Raja’s Seat

The best place for nature lovers, where you have a panoramic view of the west valley and the beautiful bed of wide varieties of seasonal colorful flowers. One as to visit this place especially during sunset which gives a breathtaking view of the horizon. This beautiful garden was made by the Kodavas king to enjoy the sunset with their queen.

Golden Temple 

This Namdroling Monastery is a teaching center for Tibetan Buddhism. One as to visit this amazing which gives a positive and spiritual vibe. Undoubtedly the brilliant architectural craving on the rooftop along with the painting of Tibetan history makes this place is worth visiting. Whereas one can see the rituals practiced here, this place is located 34 km from the Coorg. 

Dubare Elephant camp

This camp is an elephant training site. Here they train the giant creature for the Mysore Dasar Festival event. Besides this here one can see the giant elephant roaming freely the trainers guide the visitors and explains the camp. On the other hand, one can view the different birds, tigers, and deers as well in this Dubare Elephant camp.

Activities at Coorg

trekking in coorg
source: togedr

Rafting in Barapole River

Are you an adventurous person? Then try this white water rafting which gives the rafters a thrilling experience. Barapole River is popular for the River Rafting. The white water rafting gushes through the dense forest and the Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary which gives an amazing view of animals to the participates while rafting in the river waters.


Other activities generally opt by enthusiastic people are trekking in the woodland of the western ghats. Coorg offers trekking trail for all from amateur trekkers to professionals. Trails cover national parks, waterfalls, and few trails lead to small hamlets whereas all these trails give a sight of enchanting beautiful nature.


Plan a visit to the most happening hill station in Karnataka Coorg a Scotland of India. This amazing place welcomes tourists throughout the year where one can escape themself into nature.

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