Bringing In 2020: Top Travel Destinations In India For 2020

The New Year is near and one can almost hear the countdown to 2020 start. As the New Year is ushered, new travel plans are made. Some places are taken out of the bucket list and some are added. The feeling of the new year is something different, and thus it should be celebrated by travelling to new places, heading over to some uncharted territories and bringing in some freshness in your travel destinations as well.

So, here are some the up and coming places in India that you must visit in 2020

Diu, Daman & Diu

Daman and diu
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The coastal town of Diu is surely the next lit place to visit in 2020. The lovely town of Diu has gone from a remote exotic destination to a growing tourist spot in the last few years, and in 2020 you must visit this place to get a taste of the wonderful Daman air.

If you do plan to travel to Diu in 2020, then make sure you go in the very first month of the year. In January, Diu shines like a newly married bride, glowing with splendour and radiating an aura. January also the time for the annual beach fest in Diu, which is also Asia’s Longest Beach Festival!

There is no better way to start your year than by partying and living it up in this amazing and unforgettable beach festival in Diu. From hot air balloon rides to bungee jumping, from zip-lining to amazing workshops- Diu has it all.

If you want to skip all the cacophony of the festival and do some other touristy things, then head over to places like the Ghogla Beach, the Diu Fort and watch the stunning sunset from the Chakrichirith Beach.

Rann Of Kutch


The enchanting Kutch district in Gujarat is a great place to spend some relaxing and memorable time. Perfect for a weekend getaway, The Rann of Kutch is a bubbling tourist spot that you must not miss in 2020. The pristine white sand stretches as far as your eyes can go, as the rays of the sun cover it in a golden hue. The Great Rann of Kutch is the world’s largest salt desert and can get extremely dry during the summer season.

You should come here in the winters if you want to enjoy the beauty and thrill of this place. If you are planning a quick trip to the Rann of Kutch in January 2020, then you will also be able to witness the wondrous Rann Utsav. This festival is the perfect carnival that celebrates Gujarati culture and livens up the town with colour and adventurous.

The white sand desert is transformed into a vibrant sea of colours, and events like folk dances, little shops selling souvenirs, and delicious traditional dishes are all the craze here. Spending your first month of the year here in 2020 is sure to be a great way to spend the rest of the year.

Rann of Kutch also has several other tourist attractions like- birdwatching, witness the colossal views from the Kalo Dungar, head over to Mandvi Beach to spend a beach day with family or learn more about the culture of this region in the Kutch Museum.

Sirpur, Chhattisgarh

source: Incredible India

This little hamlet in Chhattisgarh is an off the radar destination which is waiting to be explored. Situated by the bank of River Mahanadi, Sirpur is a great place to head over to in 2020.

This little place is gradually grabbing the eyeballs of tourists, and will soon become a bubbling tourist hotspot. So, visit this virgin town before it is overcrowded with hordes of tourists trying to catch a glimpse of this serene town.

The town of Sirpur is mostly known for its art and its natural beauty. It is the perfect confluence of man-made beauty and god made beauty. It was also an important Buddhist centre in the 6th and the 10th Century, and the 14th Dalai Lama had also visited Sirpur in 2013.

In January the annual Sirpur National Dance and Music Festival are held, and this is an experience you should have. You will be enthralled by the melodious folk songs and dances that take place here. It is the best way to understand the culture and traditions of Sirpur. You can also visit the Laxman Temple located here in Sirpur, or you can take a quick trip to Barnawapara.

Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands
source: Evening Standard

The turquoise waters of the islands reflect the rays of the sun and shimmer like a thousand stars. The sky is the right colour of blue, and the palm trees slowly touch the rocks as the pleasant breeze blow.

Such beauty can only be witnessed in the stunning island of Andaman. This famous tourist destination should also be your pick in 2020, especially if you are looking for some relaxing vacations!

The beauty of Andaman is that it is perfect for a solo backpacker and a family trip. There is so much natural beauty in this place, that there will be times where you will be stunned in awe. Take some long refreshing treks, or just laze around the sandy beaches and watch the day go by.

Head over to the isolated towns of Neil and Havelock and enjoy some remote and tranquil times. If you are craving for some hustle bustle then stay at the town of Port Blair, and dive into the beautiful culture of these islands. Port Blair is also filled with historical anecdotes from the colonial past. Visit the Cellular Jail and to live all those dreadful moments in history.



The more one says about Jaipur, the less it feels. There is so much to write and talk about this city in Rajasthan, that it deserves an entire blog to itself. This ethereal Rajput town has an undeniable royal aura that blends perfectly with the growing youth culture in this town.

The Pink city is a huge tourist hotspot, and you will find tourists crowding the streets of Jaipur all the time. Apart from the tourist spots that Jaipur has, you can also attend the Jaipur Literature Festival in January 2020, or the International Kite Festival in January 2020 as well.

These iconic festivals will be attended by dignitaries and several other celebrities who will paint this Pink City, into the shade of red.

If you wish to revel in the beauty of Jaipur, then visit places like the City Palace, the Hawa Mahal and the Albert Hall. All of these spots are a reflection of the rich royal culture of Jaipur. These monuments are also amazing for photography and are stunning to look at.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast then you can visit the Jaipur zoo as well. Or, hit the streets at night for some much needed retail therapy. There are so many bustling markets in Jaipur, that it is a paradise for shopaholics. So, just keep your bags pack and head over to Jaipur as soon as 2020 hits.



Are you looking to start 2020 with some peace? Are you looking for that perfect exotic destination that is far far away from most city life? Well, then Dawki, located in Meghalaya is the best for you.

Away from the noisy and polluted city life, Dawki is a serene town located in the foothills of the Jaintia Hills.

This lovely hill station is always covered with a veil of mist which makes it look even more enchanting. The trees sway with the light ever flowing breeze, as the near town is engulfed by a peaceful silence.

Dawki is like a black canvas waiting or you to paint it with memories. So, what are you waiting for?


source: Destination Wayanad

The quaint town of Kalpetta is located in the picturesque state of Kerala. The state of Kerala is known for its hidden gems and exotic destinations, and one such gem is Kalpetta.

This stunning town is also a growing tourist hub who come here to take in all the fresh air and to take a break away from city life. Kalpetta can be visited both in the monsoon and in the winters since both of these seasons bring out of the best from this place. Kalpetta is home to many temples which you can explore and visit.

It is also surrounded by coffee plantations that and you will always get a faint aromatic coffee smell no matter where you go in this town. IT makes the air more freshening and rejuvenates you faster.

Some popular tourist hotspots in Kalpetta are: Koottamundu Glass Temple, Chembra Peak, Sentinel Rock Waterfalls and the Ananthanatha Swami Temple



The enriching city of Mahabalipuram is the living testimony of the Pallava Artwork. This historic town is a great place to visit if you looking for some historical adventures and stunning artworks. Visiting Mahabalipuram is like walking through an art museum and weaving a story as you progress.

Mahabalipuram also hosts a mesmerizing festival in January and February. This festival celebrates the traditions and cultures of Mahabalipuram through folk dances and songs.

Some popular tourist hot posts here are Kottakunnu, Arimbra Hills and Nedumkayam.



Madurai is also called the Temple town of Tamil Nadu. This aptly named town is brimming to the top with wondrous temples that are all architectural marvels. The temples in Madurai can be called the path bearers for South Indian architectures and are an absolute brilliance.

Madurai is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a holy way to start your year with. In January, Madurai also hosts the mutual Float Festival which is truly a sight to behold.

This fascinating festival is visited by locals and foreigners alike, as the entire town of Madurai comes alive during this time.

The festival involves Goddess Meenakshi being carried to the lake with her consort. Upon reaching the lake, she and her consort are put on a boat and sailed away to the temple on the island. The island is adorned with colourful flowers and beautiful lanterns which are a great visual treat.

There are several other temples and places in Madurai that you can witness. So visit this holy city in 2020, to delve into the realm of wonders of the mystic.

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