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Tirthan is a riverside retreat perched at an altitude of 1600 metres above sea level in the Banjar District of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. This valley in the lap of Himalayas is bestowed with exquisite pristine natural beauty for the onlookers to relish.

The Tirthan valley which derives its name from Tirthan River that weaves its way through the Tirthan valley. The river is fed by the glacial springs of Hanskund, a snow-capped peak in the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP).

Best time to go to Tirthan

The best time to visit Tirthan valley is during the summertime between the months March to July and then early winters from October to November. This is the time when activities like Paragliding, Zorbing, horse riding etc. are conducted in the lush green meadows of the valley and the orchards are laden with fruits (mostly apples at this time) and flowers. Trout fishing is also a popular activity and delicacy to enjoy in this region.

Monsoons in Tirthan between the months June to September make it prone to landslides and road blockages, thus it is advised to avoid travelling at that time.

Winters in Tirthan start from the month of October and the valley usually receives snowfall in the months of December to February. So if you love the snow, you can plan your trip to Tirthan during this season.

Note: the temperature dips below zero degree Celsius and the roads may get blocked due to excessive snowfall.

How to reach Tirthan?

The best way to reach Tirthan is by bus. The bus network is well connected and the most economical and viable, not to mention the fun of a road journey with your group of people, a group of strangers or just alone.

To reach Tirthan from Delhi, take a bus for Kullu and get down at the place called Aut in Kullu. From here Tirthan valley is 30 kilometres away and will take approximately 45 minutes to reach by a local bus. You can also opt for a taxi from Aut to reach the valley.

Tirthan valley does not have a railway station. The nearest railway station is in Shimla and to reach Shimla from Delhi by train you will have to break your journey at Kalka near Chandigarh. And from here take the famous Toy Train to Shimla. This journey is a must have if you are taking the train route as the hills offer exquisite views, a journey you won’t forget.

Set to explore?

1. Great Himalayan National Park

Credit: TripAdvisor

There are variety of trek’s with varying difficulty levels to choose from while you are in Tirthan Valley- which is one of the two main valleys Great Himalayan National Park; the other one being Sainj Valley. The region is not only known for its scenic beauty and nature hikes but also for its trout fishing, which will definitely be a fresh and delicious treat for the taste buds.

The Great Himalayan National Park houses 167 villages in its eco-zone and the villagers are mostly dependent on the natural resources for their livelihood. The park is habitat to and protects 385 fauna species under the guidelines of Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

2. Chehni Kothi

Credit: Vargis Khan

Also known as Dhadhia Kothi, Chehni Kothi was once a 15 storeyed fortified residence of Rana Dhadhia, the erstwhile king of Kullu. After the earthquake of 1905, only 10 storeys remain of this 1,500-year-old castle. This ornate structure built in the traditional architectural style still stands as the tallest free-standing structure in all of Western Himalayan region.

3. Parashar Lake

Credit: Himtime

Parashar Lake is a lake surrounded by mountains and snow-capped peaks. The small streams are the source of the lake, whichhas a circular floating island that keeps moving around in the lake. Along the side of the lake is a three-storeyed temple dedicated to sage Parashar, who is said to be the grandson of the famous and revered sage, Vashishta.

Other places of interest include Jibhi which is a hamlet surrounded by variegated forests and mountains and the Serolsar Lake.

Treks in Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley to Neuli Shangarh Trek weaves through forests and mountains and will take three days to complete.

The Shrikhand Mahadev Trek is a sacred trek for Hindus which takes five days from Tirthan Valley and can be only done during the summers.

Jalori Pass Trek, Pekhri Trek and Bashleo Pass are few more treks you can have your pick from.

Note: Do consult experienced mountain trekkers or professional guides before embarking on any trek.

Tirthan is an escape from the city life for those who wish to break free from the monotone and connect with nature. So plan your trip to Tirthan, the valley hidden in the Himalayas ASAP.

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