The beautiful country located in the Himalayan mountain region. Nepal has an enthralling valley and the World’s highest peak Mount Everest that gives the tourist a transcendental experience. Moreover, this place is the best vacation destination in the scorching summer at a reasonable price. Here there are numerous sightseeing places among these few are ancient Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries.

Nepal is mentioned in many Hindu scriptures from ancient times. Subsequently, it is popular for Buddhism as well. Gautama Buddha was believed to be born in the Lumbini southern part of Nepal. Nevertheless, this place offers an exciting adventure active. People around the globe mainly visit Nepal to climb Mount Everest and trekking to the based camps of mount Everest via Le pass. One of such amazing sightseeing places is the Sagarmatha National Park.

The best season to visit Nepal is from October to November. In these months of the year, one can have a clear view of the mountains and easy to trek as the weather will be moderate sunny, and clear sky gives an amazing view of Mount Everest and the Himalayan glaciers. If you visit during the spring season which is March to May, one can have a view of the dazzling valleys and the mountains.

Sagarmatha National Park

The home for the highest peak in the world Mount Everest. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Sagarmatha means sky head in the local Nepali language. The park lies at an altitude of 4000 m from the sea level surrounded by the Mount Everest and the Himalayan glaciers. The distance from the capital city Kathmandu to Park is 135 km. Here one view the 118 varieties of bird species along with endangering species like Red panda, Snow leopard.

The forest of this region is dense with pine and oak trees. Besides this, the amazing rhododendrons flowers make this place heaven on the planet. During the spring season, the hills which elevate at a height of 2000 m to 3500 m are spread with the colorful wide varieties of flowers.

How to reach? An easy way to reach the Sagarmatha National Park is from Kathmandu one can take the flight to Lukla from here one as to trek to the National park. The trails from the town to the national park is steep and rugged so one as to be careful while trekking

Actives at the Sagarmatha National Park:-


Generally trekking at the Sagarmatha National Park start from Lukla town. There are two types of trekking: one is short trekking and the other is the long trekking. In the short trekking, you can just go to the Mount Everest base camp and return back. In fact, in this trek, you can be able to see the breathtaking Panoramic view of Mount Everest. The total duration of this trek is 12 days.

If you have more time then opt for long treks which generally last for 3 weeks to a month based on your interest. The long trek trial through the Three pass loop. If you want to experience the serenity of Mount Everest and want to view the Everest in the closeup in its eternity then try the Three pass loop. This trek gives you the complete feeling which one can experience once in a lifetime.


Another popular activity which tourist opt for is Hiking here in the national park there are various trails for hiking. Here each trail offers its own unique experience and enchanting beauty to the hikers. The breathing stopping view of the valley, Mount Everest along with Himalayan mountain gives a surreal experience to the hikers.

Places to visit near Sagarmatha National Park:-

Everest Base Camp

The most exciting place to visit after the national park is the Everest Base camp through trekking. When you camp at the bottom of the World’s highest peak and look up to the magnificent Mount Everest which gives a breath-stopping view. The trekkers who visit this base camp enjoy the serenity of the place with the amazing sight of the place. The whole trekking gave a surreal experience to the trekker. However, the distance between the National park to Everest base camp is 22.8 km.

Cho La Pass

If you are trekking to Mount Everest through the Cho La Pass make sure you hire a guide with you as this Pass falls through dangerous trails. Cho La Pass elevates at the height of the 5,420 m, the trek trail to this pass is very steep and slippery. When you plan a trek to Cho La pass get an update about the weather and travel closeup with the fellow trekkers as some time heavy snowfall will remove footprints of the trekkers.

This trek lies in between two villages Dzongla and the Dragnag. Once you reach the pass, one can view the bewitching valley towards the east of the pass. However, the Cholatse peak gives an amazing view of the southern region valley from the top of the mountain.

Gokyo lake

Are you up for adventure in the Mount Everest region? Then camp near the Gokyo lake in the Sagarmatha National Park. If you visit this lake during winter it will be completely frozen with ice. When you camp here one can see the enthralling view of the Majestic Mount Everest along with the surrounding glaciers gives one surreal experience.


The Tengboche not only provides the jaw-dropping view of the Everest and the surrounding valley but also has spiritual importance. Here one can see the Buddhist monastery on the top of Mount Tengboche where they teach Buddhism and few monks practice meditation. The place acts as a center for Buddhism. After trekking to the top of Mount Tengboche one can visit the monastery and even practice meditation along with the monks.


Plan a thrilling and adventurous vacation to Mount Everest which resides in the Sagarmatha National Park. The trekking to the Everest base camp via the Cho La pass and the camp at the Goyko lake gives a surreal experience. The trip leaves ones with a lifetime experience and moments. I hope you enjoy your journey to this magical land, Nepal.

May 4, 2020
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