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Creative Travel Ideas for The Year 2021

Travel Ideas for 2021

Let us start the coming new year 2021 with great resolution-new travel ideas. Even though 2020 was not a great year for travel lovers due to the hit of Pandemic. Plan 12 different creative travel ideas for each month in the year 2021. To forget the stressful lockdown by enjoying world travel once again. Let us see the Creative travel ideas for 2021 month wise for an entire year.

January – Surprise trip to loved ones

On a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary surprise, take your loved ones with the tour to their favorite place. If the person your trying to surprise is an animal lover, book tickets to the best national park in India so that they can enjoy seeing animals through safari. If you want to surprise your husband to book some romantic places. Your loved one is into sports and adventure activity, try to surprise them with beach destinations. Have a wonderful month by surprising your loved ones.

February – Travel for free

You can plan for free travel and accommodation try something different instead of a routine journey to other places. You may be wondering is it even possible to travel free. Yes, it is there a few countries and mobile app which makes this happen.

Meet a local tour guide through the Global Greeters application. The guide takes around the places free of cost with no tips. They are local volunteer workers who like to help tourists for free.

You can get free accommodation from the hospitality club site. Where the residence offers you to stay at their home for free. Therefore, make sure the place your heading as this facility.

Otherwise, join the free walking food and cultural tour. It is a community for travelers where you walk around the place for free with fellow travelers. Moreover here you get free food and the rest of the things on the tour as well are free.

March – Mystery Trip

It is fun going on a trip unplanned just get into flight and travel to the different destinations based on your interest. Only starting of the trip and budget should be taken care of. Just take a car and go for the long drive along with your friends with no particular destinations and visit new places.

Note: Even though mystery trips are exciting you must be careful while traveling makes sure you take proper safety measures.

April – Nature walk

April is the month during which the beautiful spring season starts. Going on a trekking or hiking in the mountains ranges and forest or just take a walk in the beautiful hill station garden along with sightseeing. It gives the best experience during the spring season.

May – Try Hammock bed

In the last month of the summer before the monsoon, try a crazy idea. In one weekend, sleep on the Hammock than the usual bed. Either in the resort outside the city or in your home gardens.

June – Try different things for a week

In the June month try to do the thing which you never have done like for example going to a yoga session, Visiting wine tasting place, going to museums so on do things Whatever comes to mind.

July – Solo Travel

Traveling alone teaches you life lesson and also it is a great opportunity to discover oneself. Plan a solo trip to your favorite destination with good planning. Meet some of the locals and learn about their culture. While going on a solo trip, learn the basics of the language of the place in which your heading. To avoid difficulties while interacting with the locals.

August – Waterfall bath

To enjoy the waterfall in India August is the best time as it monsoon time. Water flow will be more so can have fun by visiting the famous waterfall destinations. Take a bath in the fresh flowing waterfall water and enjoy the beauty of the nature around the place with your family and friends.

Note: Be careful during monsoon moths as water-flow will be very high.

September – challenge yourself

Try to overcome your inner fears towards the things bit by bit. In this way, you can overcome your own demons by pushing your self beyond the limits. Try spine thrilling adventure activities. By the end of the trip, you will be a new person with awesome memories for the lifetime.

October – Do nothing

This month take any day and do nothing just take a break and relax at home instead of running to see the world. One whole day does nothing concept rejuvenate oneself.

November – Welcome the Winter

During the winter visit the most popular winter destinations and enjoy the cool climate with the hot cup of tea and beautiful sight of nature and chilly weather. Don’t forget to pack warm clothes with you during your visit to winter destinations. Enjoy yourself by taking part in the campfire during the chilled nights amid laughter, crazy stories, and dare activities.

December – Celebrate Christmas like never before

Finally, the year-end came along with the Christmas Eve. You can Celebrate the Christmas eve in crazy ways. Skiing in the Santa dress, build an igloo with snow and feast in that. Go for a road trip, boating, kayaking. If your an animal lover visit a zoo or national parks and spend your festival day along with animals. If you’re in the coastal region try surfing.

The mentioned are some of the creative and crazy travel ideas for 2021 year. A year to remember. Wishing a Happy and prosperous year ahead.

Shravya Naveen
Shravya Naveen
Shravya an IT Professional who left the IT career and became a professional content writer, who is passionate about writing a travel blog and article about Hindu Purana's and its allegory. She believes travel blogs should make the reads to feel like they got teleported to the place and witnessing the place's glory.

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