North East: Some Of The Best Trekking Trails In North East

The North East of India is often the most underrated and neglected side in India. This region is filled with natural beauty, wondrous mountains, rolling valleys and sights that will make you fall in love with it. Due to its off the radar locations, the North East also has some untouched wonders that are aching to be explored.

Even though there are many things that you can do in the North East, one of the most rejuvenating and popular activities here is Trekking.

Due to its unparalleled and virgin beauty, the North East has many surreal trekking trails. While some of the treks will take you through the lush green hills and deep gorges, the others will take you past dense forests and ethereal avenues.

North East is a paradise for trekkers, and some of these trails should be explored at least once. Here are some of the most enchanting and beautiful treks in North East:

Arunachal Pradesh

Siang Valley Trek

Altitude: 1829 M

This wondrous trek starts from Arunachal Pradesh and takes you through the most beautiful gorges.

The trek is named after the Siang River. This ethereal river originates from Tibet and flows down to Arunachal Pradesh. During its journey, the Siang River creates several deep gorges, that look like abyss when seen from above, and boulders that have peculiar yet stunning shapes. This trek is more about following the journey of the river, and it is delightful. The environment is far away from the concrete jungle, and you will be greeted by the best of nature’s bounty. The Siang Valley trek is also surrounded by sprawling lush meadows, which houses the Adi Tribe. On your trek, you might just come in contact with this tribe as well. It is quite something to interact with them and knows more about the gorgeous environment that you are traversing.

Days to finish the trek: 11

Sela Pass Trek

Altitude: 4550 M

If you are seeking some spiritual guidance, laced with a little bit of history and a pinch of natural beauty, then this is the trek for you.

The Sela Pass trek in Arunachal Pradesh traverses through ancient Buddhist villages. En route, you will pass several little monasteries. Stop for a while and visit the famous Bomdila Monastery. This will not only help you recharge your batteries, but also feel you with positivity and tranquillity. You can also stop a little after Drupka Village to witness the wonders of some exotic birds that fly over this region.

This trek is not frequently visited, so you might just be all by yourself here. The Sela Pass Trek is also called the Bailey Trail, and apart from charming monasteries, you will also pass glaciers, lakes and enchanted forests!

Days to finish the trek: 9

Talley Valley Trek

Altitude: 2400 M

Another paradisal trek in the Arunachal Pradesh, the Talley Valley trek is an enchanting experience. This trek passes through a shady forest, marked by silver fir and pine trees. The Talley Valley trek takes you through the Talley plateau, and you will be privy to some of the most enchanting views.

The trek through the forest is especially gorgeous, as you pass through the tall trees that touch the sky and step on little dried leaves to hear that crunch.

You will also visit the Apatani village while on this trek which is known for its fishing and paddy culture. Witness as the locals go about their day and realize how different their world is from ours. Removed from all kinds of modern amenities and technologies, their life is simplistic and more content. All of these little things will make your trekking experience all the more wonderful.

Days to finish the trek: 6


The Living Root Bridges

Altitude: 1484 M

One of the most popular tourist destinations, the living root bridges in Meghalaya is quite something, This ethereal region was first discovered by the War Khasi tribes.

These root bridges are made from the roots of the Ficus Elastica tree and are extremely powerful. Just walk through the bridge and feel the miracles of nature. The entire area looks like a world from a storybook- with turquoise rivers, trees with intertwining roots and a misty haze that veils the entire region. It is quite something.

From here you can trek to Cherrapunji or stay at a unique tress house in Mawlynnong. To make you experience more personal and authentic, meet the locals and come back with unforgettable memories.

Days to finish the trek: 8

Shillong Peak Trek

Altitude: 1965 M

The state of Meghalaya is quite famous for its trekking trails. Especially since the treks here are surreal. Covered with clouds that come down till your outstretched hands, or the mist that makes everything look even more fairy-like- Meghalaya is quite a place to be at.

One of the most famous treks here is the Shillong Peak trek. The trail is brimming with captivating sights, aromatic lakes, cascading waterfalls, and snow-covered peaks. The waterfalls are the highlight of this trail. They slowly trickle down the mountain and embrace the lake with such force that you will be left in awe. The fragrant orchids will rejuvenate your senses and keep you motivated throughout the trek.

You can also witness the Khasi culture to this trek, and come back with some fascinating folklore and personal anecdotes.

Days to finish the trek: 3


Phawngpui Peak Trek

Altitude: 2165 M

Mizoram is known for its Blue Mountains that adorn this state and make it look quite magnificent. The Phawngpui Peak Trek will take you straight to these hills that are covered by a blue haze. This trek is quite relaxing and even life-changing. The entire trek is complete with rare birds that hover over you, orchids that emanate an enchanting fragrance, trees that never seem to get over and rivers that look heavenly.

The Phawngpui Peak Trek is like walking through the abode of the gods. It is hard not to gasp at the wonders that will open in front of you. Once you reach the Phawngpui Peak Trek, you will be floored by the beauty of the Myanmar hills, that play hides and seek with the floating clouds and the Chhimtuipui River.

Days to finish the trek: 7


Unakoti Trek

Altitude: 1000 M

An underrated tourist destination, Tripura has some real hidden gems that are itching to be explored. This state is brimming with lush green fields, mesmerizing lakes, and a bit of history, making it ideal for a backpacker’s trek.

One of the best trails here is the Unakoti Trek. This low-level trek will take you through the wonders of rock carvings. Not only is this trek full of natural beauty and serene areas, but it also has a great history and rich culture. Watch the beautiful rock carvings from the 7th and 9th century, and unwind with a light and sound show at the Neermahal Palace.

The next day you can head off for another tree at the Jampui hills, which is blanketed with a dense forest cover, making it quite an enthralling experience.

Days to finish the trek: 7


Tso Lhamo Trek

Altitude: 5,486 m

If you are looking to do away with mainstream treks, and want to truly go out the off beaten path, then the Tso Lhamo Trek is just for you. This under the radar trek is located in North Sikkim and is completely untouched by civilization. You will be passing by the Tibetan border, to reach the eternally stunning Tso Lhamo, which is also one of the highest lakes in India. This lake is nestled in the world of nature, and it is hard to find anybody here. It is complete bliss, and you might just be the only one here. This trek is a great time to introspect or to just live in the moment and to witness the beauty of Mother Nature.

Please note, you must have a special permit from the Government of Sikkim before embarking on this trek.

Days to finish the trek: 2

Goechala Trek

Altitude: 5029M

If you are a lover of mountains and can’t get enough of the regal beauties of India then this trek is for you. The Goelchala trek offers you the most exceptional views of the Kangchenjunga- which is the third highest peak in the world. If this isn’t good enough to embark on this trek, then let us tell you a bit more.

The Goechala Trek starts from Sikkim and traverses through some of the most stunning, and gorgeous hidden areas of Sikkim. The natural beauty is unparalleled and also untouched, making you feel like an explorer coming here for the first time. This trek is dotted with lush green trees, flowers that are are vibrant as the sun rays, crystal clear rivulets and valleys that will make you gasp. The Goechala Trek is not only heavenly but also the most famous treks in the North East.

The outstanding view of the Kangchenjunga just makes it all the more alluring.

Days to finish the trek: 10

These treks are quite magical and even life-altering for some. These trekking trails in the North East will challenge you, tire you and even rejuvenate you. They will make you push harder and harder and reward you with some of the most divine views ever. From mystical forests to breathing waterfalls, these treks have it all. So, don’t wait too long, and head out for the adventure of a lifetime in North East.

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