A Raining Sojourn: Places That You Can Visit On Your Cherrapunji Tour

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A Raining Sojourn: Places That You Can Visit On Your Cherrapunji Tour

Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji Tour

Located in the hinterlands of Meghalaya, Cherrapunji is a great place to visit if you are looking for a tour in the North East. It is known as the wettest region on earth, as rains are so common here, that you might find it raining throughout your trip. And that is exactly what makes Cherrapunji so special. Yet, on your Cherrapunji tour, you will discover that there is something beyond the rains also.

From the cascading waterfalls to the abundance of nature, Cherrapunji will give you ample opportunity to relax and watch as time goes by.

Nohkalikai Falls

On your Cherrapunji tour, one of the first things that you should visit is the mist-covered Nohkalikai Falls. This cascading waterfall is accompanied by clouds that come so far down that you can almost touch them. You can feel the haze and smell the freshwater that splashes softly on the airy face as you near the waterfalls. The clouds that wander around, not just make you feel relaxed, but also add a misty allure to the setting. They even play hide and seek with the waterfalls, as you try and swim past the clouds to gasp at the mesmerising Nohkalikai falls. This gorgeous waterfall falls right into a deep blue lake that has a stunning depth. With no pollution insight, this entire atmosphere is that of bliss and beauty.

The Nohkalikai falls are located at a height of 1100 ft, which makes it quite stunning to look at. The sheer force, the thunderous gushing sounds and the gentle splash of water- Nohkalikai Falls will truly make your Cherrapunji Tour worthwhile.

Nohkalikai Falls is also surrounded by a vibrant bed of colourful flowers that add a dash of brightness to the otherwise blue and green setting. You will find the flowers all over the valley, in front of every house and near the Nohkalikai Falls. You can try and spot the different types of flowers that are found here.

The Stories

The Nohkalikai Falls itself has a few anecdotes and folklores attached to it. One of the stories talks about a woman called Ka Likai, who jumped into the falls and gave up her own life because she had eaten her daughter by mistake. This tragic incident is the reason that the falls are called Nohkalikai- named after the woman who committed suicide here.

The Blossoming Landscape

The beauty of Cherrapunji lies in its blossoming flowers, arching valleys, blue skies, lush green meadows, and the mist that will follow you throughout your Meghalaya tour.

Cherrapunji has many hills, all of which house several small and large waterfalls. If you see them from afar, then you can see the silvery waterfalls adorned on the mighty hills. They almost look like necklaces of these hills.

On your Cherrapunji tour, you will come across many folklore surrounding the hills and the waterfalls. Try and visit these places to feel the magic coming alive in front of your own eyes. Some of the waterfalls that adorn the hills fall into deep gorges and give birth to ethereal rivers. If you watch these rivers from the top, then you can make out the trickling water flowing beautifully through the cuts and cervices of the green hills. Some of these rivers also flow into Bangladesh.

The Fascinating Rock

One of the unique and fascinating sights you will see on your Cherrapunji tour is the massive 200 ft stand-alone rock, which resembles an upside-down Khasi Basket. The story behind it says that the basket belonged to an evil giant. This giant used to trouble people, till one day, the villagers had enough and they fed the monster a full meal of nails and eventually killed him. After he dies, the basket was left behind and since then has remained here at this place.

It is quite fascinating to watch this unique formation, and you can only wonder how nature might have led to such a creative formation, or you could just close your eyes and believe the folklore.

The Mawsmai Caves

On your Meghalaya tour, you will come across 788 caves, of which many are unexplored and hidden away from civilisation. In your Cherrapunji tour, you will find the wondrous Mawsami caves, which are huge tourist spots. These popular caves are so beautiful, that you will want to curl up and spend some idle moments inside the Mawsami caves. As you enter the cave you will find a staircase that will take you to the mouth of the cave. From here you will reach a huge hall, which then narrows into a small pathway. This pathway is so small, that only one person at a time can pass through it. After here you will find another cave, and you come out on the other side of it.

The caves are brimming with naturally cut rocks and other naturally occurring formations that make this quite stunning to explore.

The caves are themselves surrounded by a dense forest, which adds to the serene and eerie atmosphere.

The Museum

Wrap up your Cherrapunji tour by visiting the lovely Ramakrishna Mission. This temple cum museum showcases the beauty of the Northeast and the history of Cherrapunji. You can also sit in the ashram for some time and recollect your thoughts. You can introspect and rest in the laps of nature for a little longer.

Outside the ashram, you will find women wearing traditional Khasi dresses and selling cinnamon and tea leaves.

As you wander through the hills on your Cherrapunji tour, soak in all the air and freshness that surrounds you. Let the magic of nature heal you and touch your soul in the best way possible.

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