The Villages of Rajasthan: The Rustic Side of India

It is strongly and truly believed that if you want to experience the true colours of India, then you must head to the rural corners of the country. It is in these small villagers that the true culture of India shines through.

One state in India that can truly boast about its colourful villages and radiant rural life is none other than Rajasthan. This comes as no surprise that the majestic state of Rajasthan has equally majestic rural towns that are worth exploring and visiting. These towns are far away from the hands of modernisation and are still deeply rooted in their simple culture and traditions. They represent the true shades of India.

From little bushes to beautifully painted Havelis – the rural side of Rajasthan is as colourful as it sounds. You will find beautifully adorned camels moving around and little lights lighting up the mud houses of the villages. The scene is different and surreal.

Here are some of the most amazing village that you must visit when in Rajasthan:

1. Bishnoi Village

Bishnoi Village, Jodhpur, Rajasthan | source:

This lovely little hamlet located near the city of Jodhpur is known for its sustainable lifestyle. The Bishnoi tribe that inhabits this village believe strongly in protecting the flora and fauna, a concept that is increasingly lost in the urbane worked.

This village is blooming with an active flora and fauna and you will find many rare animals just meandering about in the town. The route to this village is actually through the Great Indian Desert, and you will have to either take a jeep ride or an even more fascinating camel ride to reach this rustic yet charming village.

The villagers lead a simple lifestyle devoid of too many modern machines. Their houses are like little round mud hovels with thatches roofs. The best way to dive into the culture of this village is to just walk around and silently observe the daily life of the villagers. You can also embark on a small hike through this village to explore uncharted territories.

An absolute necessity has experience is the Bishnoi Village that visits through the curious and

2. Khuri Village

Water taking from well, Khuri Village, Jaisalmer | source: Rajkumar

The Khuri Village in Rajasthan is surely a crowd puller, not only for the fact that it is one of the biggest villages in the region but also because of its true rural beauty The most amazing part is that this village is located on top of dunes, which makes them visible for quite a distance.

To reach here, just get on one of the most majestically decorated camels that you will ever find, and you will be here in no time.

This village too has houses made of mud with covered straws. This rustic charm is something that makes this village is popular. Tourists just clamour round to click those lovely rugged pictures of the rural town.

In this village, you also have an option of staying with the locals in one of the mud houses. This has become very popular among tourists who are itching to get the true feel of the Indian rural culture. This village is also famous for its festivals like camel races and camel polo. The entire village livens up as these races fill people with so much amusement and keep them entertained.

Even at night time, there is not a single dull moment here, as the locals gather around to sing, dance and just make merry. There is also a national park close by called the Desert National Park, and it is worth a visit.

Night blazes and society music will likewise blow your mind and make this visit a noteworthy experience! While you are here, do visit the close-by Desert National Park. This is one of the largest national parks in India if you are a fun-loving person you must visit Jaisalmer as it offers amazing adventurous activities that can be done here.

3. Bijaipur Village

Bijaipur Village, Rajasthan | source: Rajasthan In My Mind

If you are on a village – hopping tour in Rajasthan, then it would be blasphemous to miss the Bijaipur Village. This village is relatively unknown and off the radar, yet it is one of the most unique and fascinating villages in Rajasthan. Located in the lower regions of Vindhyachal, there is a manor inside this village. The mayor of the village and his family still lives in this colossal mansion that resembles a castle. The village is far from the maddening crowd and an ideal place to enjoy a few moments of idle village life filled with peace.

There are a few lakes and streams that are nice haunt to just spend the lazy afternoon and relax or introspect. There is also a yogi here and you can also take classes from him if you are a yoga enthusiast.

There are several treks you can undertake as well. You can tale the serene routes and trek to places like Menal Temple, Pangarh Lake, and Chittorgarh Fort. Just stroll around and visit the farmlands and watch the farmers hard at work to provide food. You can also have a bonfire night with your fellow travellers and stare at the starry sky that comes out at night.

4. Khimsar Village

Khimsar village | source: ITC Hotels

This traditionally rooted village in Rajasthan is situated on the edge of the That Desert. This village is a splendid experience for all the travellers who come here. The locals are warm and hospitable and the wonderful Khimsar Fort offers some well needed cultural history.

This village is close to the desert and so their lifestyles are also moulded in a way to adjust to that terrain. There are small shrines, beautiful architectural marvels and some lovely spots to keep you busy while you are at Khimsar. The locals will be more than happy to share some anecdotes with you which will stay etched in your memory forever.

Khimsar is one such place that buries itself in your heart and mind and makes sure that you have the best of the time here. It is a true representation of what Rajasthan stands for.

5. Samode Village

Samode Village | source: Peter Connolly

An ideal getaway, this village located close to Jaipur is known for its Haveli. Except for the warmth of the locals and the awe-inspiring simple humble lifestyles of the locals here, make sure you visit the famous Samode Palace.

This palace is an architectural wonder in Samode. Located at the heart of the village, this palace has perfectly painted roofs and walls. The exterior designs are regal and elegant. This lovely palace surrounded by the rugged ambience of the village paints an extremely pretty picture.

In the evening take a camel ride through the town to explore it fully and engage with some locals who will tell you some fascinating stories.

6. Mandawa Village

Streets of Mandawa | source: Saumil Shah

Located at the core of the Shekhavati district in Rajasthan this village is also famous for its havelis. The structure of the village seems to suggest that it was once quite a popular town before the roots of urbanisation started creeping in.

Visit the Castle Mandawa here and you will feel something magical inside you. The castle is magnificent and surreal and will give you a taste of how Rajasthan must have been when the kings and queens roamed about.

There are other havelis which are equally lovely like- Chowkhani Haveli, Saraf Haveli, Ladia Haveli and many more. All these Havelis are majestic and must-visit. They had glamour to the otherwise rugged and rustic town of Mandawa. These havelis have some of the most intricate and colourful artworks that will leave you in awe.

7. Kuchaman Village

Kuchaman Fort | source: Ashex Tourism

The Kuchaman Village in Rajasthan is known for its rich culture and history and is truly a minefield for history lovers. The entire village has marvellous engineering and architecture. Filled with fresco works from Hindu myths and folklore, there is something so enchanting about this village. You will be walking past some of the most stunning architectural works and craftsmanship.

Some places that you must visit in this village are Meera Mahal, Lok Dev Temple, Sabha Prakash, China Pole, Kuchaman fortress and so on. Sambar Salt Lake, Sheesh Mahal, Meena Bazaar, Sunheri Burj, Jal Mahal, and Maa Kali Mandir

8. Chandelao Village

A foreigner tourist learning pottery in Chandelao | source: Oh My Rajasthan

If you are looking to just relax, catch your breath and unwind, while you gaze at the simple village life, then Chandelao Village is the place for you. Away from the cacophony of city life, this village is a godsend with only 2000 people staying here.

This village is far away from the modern urbane life, and away from the smoke, dust, and pollution. Just take a deep breath and you will realise how clean the air is here. At night you will be enthralled by the starry night that lights up the sky with fervour. This village is untouched and unspoilt and a perfect place to explore and find hidden gems.

There are several homestay options here as well, which will help you dive fully into the culture and tradition of this village. In the yesteryears, it was home to previous commanders of the Marwar army.

9. Ranakpur Village

Ranakpur Jain Temple | source: Rajasthan Tourism Guide

Popular for its Jain temples, which are said to be the most magnificent and greatest in India, Ranakpur Village surely has an appeal among travellers. If you happen to visit the town, then make sure you visit these beautiful Jain temples. One of the main shrines is the Chaumukha Temple, which was made by pristine white marbles. All of these temples have Mahavira’s idols. This temple is dedicated to Adinath and is huge. It has 29 doorways and 1444 pillars inside!

You will also find the Sun Temple and the Amba Mata Temple along the same route. While most visitors come to visit these mesmerising temples, the village itself is charming. The walls of this village have lovely paintings of peacocks, elephants and human figures, all of which just makes the town so much more alluring. 

10. Kumbhalgarh Village

Inside view of Kumbhalgarh Fort

The Kumbhalgarh Fort stands tall and proudly in the middle of this archaic village. This fort was and with such strategic planning that enemies found it difficult to penetrate it, making this village and the fort extremely important.

The town is filled with castles, gardens, water storages and patios that make the town look ethereal. Undoubtedly this town was once an important centre in Rajasthan. Still rooted in the simple life of rural India, the locals of this village go about their simple daily chores. The humbleness amidst just grandeur is something extremely beautiful.

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