Indian Railways’ quickest engine-less train – the Vande Bharat express – conjointly called Train 18, is set to be flagged off within the coming back days by PM Narendra Modi on the Delhi-Varanasi route. The Vande Bharat express can cowl the gap between urban center and Varanasi in eight hours, stopping at solely 2 stations – Kanpur and Prayagraj. Sources told money express on-line that the schedule and fares of Vande Bharat express are awaiting final clearance from Railway Minister Piyush Goyal.

Vande Bharat Express schedule and route

Under the projected schedule of Vande Bharat express, Train eighteen can depart from an urban center at 6:00 AM* to achieve Varanasi at 2:00 PM*. On the way, it’ll halt on the Kanpur station at 10:20 AM* and Prayagraj (formerly Allahabad) at 12:25 PM*.

On the come journey, the Vande Bharat express can leave from Varanasi at 3:00 PM* to arrive in an urban center at 11:00 PM*. On the way, it’ll stop at Prayagraj at 4:35 PM and Kanpur at 6:30 PM*. Vande Bharat express can last 5 days per week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On weekday and the new self-propelled train can bear maintenance.           * : {expected times}

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Train eighteen has been named the Vande Bharat express in recognition of the “vandaniya” work done by Indian Railways. The ‘Make in India’, Vande Bharat express has been developed and completed in the record time of eighteen months by ICF Madras at a value of Rs 100 crore large integer which is simply remarkable.

With the line of Indian Railways, the economies to scale the producing price are going to be 0.5 that of a comparable import. Given the first standards of the engine-less Vande Bharat express and its price advantage, the Train eighteen set has already generated export interest from many countries.

The 16-coach all cool Vande Bharat express can have each Govt. and non-Executive chair cars. The fares of Vande Bharat express are expected to be around 40-50% more than the bottom fare of Shatabdi express.

Why you should be excited about Train-18 or Vande Bharat express

The most important thing why you should be excited about it is that, it is the latest entry into the line of luxury travelling since it will be launched with the utmost facility to satisfy your luxury needs.

The route of Train 18 is very interesting at least for the spiritual travelers since it will connect Delhi to Varanasi to Prayagraj to get an amazing experience in the 3 top spiritual cities in India.

Visit the most spiritual city of Varanasi through this train to visit its ancient temple and monuments to satisfy your spiritual desire and purify yourself physically and mentally to get away from all of the chaos of this world.



Brahma, the Hindu god of creation, is believed to possess landed on earth in Prayagraj (or Allahabad because it was identified till recently), and to possess named it the king of all journeying centers. Indeed, Sangam, a watercourse confluence on the outskirts of town, is that the most celebrated of India’s four Kumbh Mela locations. Allahabad was additionally home to the solon social group, whose house served as a headquarters for the independence movement against Brits dominion.

Yet for all its importance in Hindu mythology, Indian history, and trendy politics, Allahabad these days could be a lot of humbler place. There are some good places to remain and eat, the most famous sights are of modest charm – and therefore the mixture of dirt, and waste matter and traffic influence a chaotic stay. The business heart of town is Civil Lines, centered on MG Marg that has the majority of the retailers, restaurants, and hotels.

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Varanasi {Kashi}

Varanasi is that the Bharat of your imagination. This is often one amongst the world’s oldest regularly inhabited cities and one amongst the holiest in Hinduism. Pilgrims come back to the Ganges River here to scrub away sins within the sacred waters, to fire their pet ones, or just to die here, hoping for liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

Most guests agree Varanasi is sorcerous – however not for the faint-hearted. Intimate rituals of life and death crop up publically, and also the sights, sounds and smells of the maze-like recent city – to not mention nearly constant attention from touts – will be intense. Still, the alleged town of sunshine is one amongst the foremost vibrant and interesting places on earth. Strolling the ghats or observance sunrise from a ship on the Ganges River area unit a highlight, and braving the truth and ritual of death will be strong expertise.

Train-18 will initially be launched for only 1 route but it opens an all new opportunity to promote luxury transport in our country which will be only expanding from here. So take a ride in Train-18 for a spiritual journey of a lifetime that will be forever attached to your memories and will excite for another ride in Train-18.

February 2, 2019
train 18

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