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Walking through the city of Peshwas, a tour in Pune is quite serene. What is more divine than their historic heritage is the tasty street food that serves the flavours of Maharashtra. A Pune Food Tour will show you all the narrow lanes and old shops that serve the Maratha delicacies. These delicacies have been going around Pune since the Peshwas started ruling here. As you walk through the lanes on your Food tour, you will come across some of the tastiest and most delicious, yet healthy street foods. From simple dishes to complex ones that burst in your mouth flavour. There is something magical about Pune and its food.

Just walk away and discover the simplicity in the heart of your Pune Food Tour.

While on your Pune Food Tour you will find the usual Sabudana Khichadi, Sabudana Vada, Wada Pav, Misal Pav, Kanda Pohe, Upit, you will also find something more local. Some of the dishes here are only found in Pune and are loved and enjoyed by every Puneri.

So, embark on a beautiful journey, as you give your taste buds a ride on this Pune Food Tour:


A quintessentially Puneri dish Patrauda will take you on a roller coaster ride. This simple dish is essentially steamed gram flour rolled in edible leaves, and are a popular delicacy in the streets. On your Pune Food Tour, just grab one of them, and eat it as it is. Some people also prefer to take it home and cook it a little more. You can add some more masala and savour this delicacy.

In recent times, It is quite hard to find this food on the street. So if you do have a local friend, ask them to sample it.

Roasted Grains

One thing that you might see in Pune is that street food is quite healthy. Fried food or dishes are not the specialties of Pune. Pune is more into roasted grains and colorful grains that are the perfect chakna for your tea.

You can also pick up some sprouts and continue on your walk.

Fruits with a Zing

Another popular dish on your Pune Tour is quite simple. It is just a plate of fruit covered with hot and tangy masala. Seems quite simple right? And it is. However, that added masala on the raw mango or amla will take you on such a gastronomical journey. . Just nibble or lick on to these fruits and let your tongue taste all the spices all in together. While it might look deceptively simple, the mix of masala is quite hard to recreate. There is a certain amount of complexity in it. So just grab your plate as you continue on your food walking tour.

Amrutulya Chai

On your Pune food tour, you will come across these lovely little tea shops known as Amrutulaya shops. These are essential tea sellers who have created their niche and sell this fantastic desi chai that will shake all your worries away. Just head off to one of these stores. The scene is beautiful, from hustling office goers who are always on their phone, to relaxed teenagers who engage in their daily gossip over a cup of tea. You will also notice the golden tea kettle that the tea sellers usually use instead of the aluminium one that is used all over India.

Just watch the tea vendors running around here and there with their golden coloured tea kettle and serving up one of the tastiest cups of tea you will ever find

Maharashtrian Thali

If you wish to take your Pune Food Tour a tad bit further then indulge in a full-fledged Maharashtrian Thali. From hot Modaks to jaggery and coconut, every local Maharashtrian essential is found on this one plate.

There are many restaurants in Pune serving some of the best Maharashtrian Thalis, which will make you jump with joy.

You can also sample a Pooran Poli with milk.


When in Maharashtra, you just cannot miss the iconic Bhakarwadi. There are loads of places in Pune where you can eat this, however, you should visit Chitale Bandhu. This famous restaurant attracts loads of visitors who come here just for their Bhakarwadi

If you can’t make it here, then pick it up from anywhere else in the city, and dive into the Maratha flavour.

While on your Food Tour, you should also sample the usual- vada, Khichdi, misal pav, etc, to know how different these dishes taste in different cities’ taste. You can compare that Vada Pav with the one who had in Mumbai, or that Pav Bhaji with the one you had in Kolhapur. Conclude your Pune Food Tour with the essential Pav Bhaji with a cup of tea and watch as this lovely city enjoys its delicious street food.

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