Travelling doesn’t always mean a luxurious trip to a sassy place in the world. It can be a nearby local place where one can feel soothing and refreshing. Primarily a place of nature is considered to be the best healer of mind and body.

Would you mind reading this article to know how women made their dominant place in the tourism industry by adopting the latest travel trends? The below are the women traveling trends to watch out for anywhere worldwide in 2021. 

Idea Of Solo Travelling 

Women who travel solo are setting up a robust personality by showing up their guts and not being scared of any odds, who are not hesitant to explore new destinations and wander through untrodden paths all on their own. They are keenly interested in surging towards new places, instead of visiting those remarkable spots that others are visiting every other day. 

Solo traveling has become a buzzword among women. Today you’ll not get surprised by seeing women traveling in unique places of the world. Such a travel trend is undoubtedly witnessed among working women, but housewives who are not working women are also actively becoming a part of the solo travel trend.

Earlier safety was a primary concern of women solo traveling. But with the efforts of the tourism industry supporting women empowerment, numerous safety measures like separate reservation seats, washrooms, sanitary kits, and GPS tracking systems have made women solo traveling safer than ever. 

The recent data disclosed that the majority of solo travelers are women, with 65 percent. Although pandemics of 2020 triggered the solo traveling trend across the globe, there are certain notions attached to solo traveling. The Statista survey of 2021 revealed that most women (45 percent) wish to enjoy the freedom of wandering the places they want. 

Source: Statista 2021

Self-Caring Is Not Selfish

The idea of self-care is all about looking after yourself, taking initiatives subjective to your peace of mind. Traveling is an acceptable option of self-care for women as it allows them to borrow some free time to live happy moments that burst stress. 

Women are often paid less at the global level; the practice of unequal payments still exists in society. And constant judgments on the basis of beauty standards make them feel low daily. They must find it easy to overcome stress and anxiety, and traveling can be the kindest approach to get refreshed and rejuvenate your thoughts.

Fortunately, today women are not worried about planning instant trips; social media is playing a pivotal role in researching and analyzing the best travel place. And modern beauty devices allow women to stay free, regardless of skincare and personal care routines. For example, with an ipl hair removal device, women can get rid of unwanted hair within a few minutes at home. No more salon sessions are required before planning for a trip. 

Personalized Trips 

Presently, Caravan trips are the best medium of personalized and customized trips. The concept of Caravan has picked up a good pace after the covid crisis. In India, Hardly any people knew about the Caravan concept of traveling. But with the impact of coronavirus, the need for private trips was immensely praised. 

The prime motive of Caravan travel is to provide a lavish home on wheels. It includes luxurious facilities concerning privacy, allows solo trips and family trips as well. Social distancing is a new normal; Caravan suggests you to destinations that are less crowded. Such personalized trips are best suitable for women traveling. 

Weekend Refreshments

Weekends are like survival; most of the working women are eagerly waiting for weekends to escape from the regular work life. Weekend traveling is a new trend, especially amongst Gen Z. Weekend wanderings have transformed the perspective of traveling for both people and the Indian tourism sector. 

Also, in 2021 people are searching for new places to explore for fun and mindfulness. Due to corona lockdown and self-isolation in 2020, people were surging towards numerous ways of refreshments, and traveling is the best source for refreshments. 

A mini-vacation in the form of long weekend getaways is a crucial part of new normal life. In 2016 years back weekend trips covered 50% of total trips planned in the year. The data may have risen by 10% in 2021.

Notion Of Wellness 

The tourism industry has taken the required steps for considering the wellness of travelers. Hotel managers across the globe, whether in a local place or in a well-known metro city, sanitized rooms, with all other facilities like nutritious food, a luxurious spa, etc., are made available by prioritizing the wellbeing of the visitor. 

In the tourism industry, the threat of coronavirus is one of the reasons for the instant spike in the efforts of wellbeing. Yoga retreat in nature is a new trend observed in India and gaining name worldwide. Spending yoga holidays in the lap of nature is a profound way to live a healthy and joyful life. 

Support For Local 

Supporting locals is a matter of talk in the tourism industry. Tourists gradually understand the essentialities of promoting local communities and thereby contributing to improving the local economies. In simple words, local travel support means allowing the money to flow among local economies; among local people at tourist places. 

The below are a few ways to promote local communities.

  • Must prefer a local tourist guide and give them a commission. Local guides are born and brought up in the local area, so they have knowledge of every minute detail and culture of the place. 
  • Eat local food; if you’re staying in a hotel, try at least once to explore local food taste.  
  • Give priority to shopping from local businesses. 

The Bottom Line 

Women-focused traveling will initiate rippling impacts on the tourism industry, and more women influencers will be demanded on the board. Above all, women-led experiences in the travel industry are effectively growing.

July 19, 2021
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