Unique India Travel Ideas

The country of India is not just about colours, vibrancy, temples and history. India is also a land of adventures and thrilling escapades that will make you scream, shriek and pump up your adrenaline.

Many places in India offer breathtaking and goosebump-inducing experiences, not only because they are thrilling, but also dangerous. These experiences range from swimming with dealing crocodiles to encountering the spirits of the other realms. If you are someone who just can’t wait to get your heart racing, then these thrill tours are perfect for you.

Read below to know some of the most amazing thrill tours that India has to offer:

The Great Himalaya Sojourn

The majestic Himalayas are home to some of the most dangerous yet awe-inspiring treks that you will ever come across. If you are looking for thrill tours, then traversing the Himalayas is truly the best way to experience thrill, beauty and excitement all together. Not only are the Himalayan treks refreshing but also quite adventurous.

You will find yourself staying at dingy camps, rocky landscapes and be privy to rampant weather changes. From frequent landslides to bone-chilling winds, the Himalayan treks will surely make you come back for more and more.

The Rocks Of Stok Kangri

The wonders of mountain climbing and the thrill of stepping on death-defying altitudes come alive in the Stok Kangri Trek. This high altitude trek is made even harder by the fact that oxygen is quite less in the higher altitudes. From rough terrain to breathing difficulties the Stok Kangri trek has it all.

You might even end up panting and searching for oxygen after a couple of treks. This trek not only drains you physically but also mentally. However, there is no greater joy than finishing this insanely difficult trek on your thrill tours and getting that sense of victory and achievement. This trek has the power to alter your life and give you a new purpose. If you are looking for something that will challenge and thrill you, then the Stok Kangri Trek is just perfect for you.

The Skeletons Of Roppkund

The gorgeous Roppkund trek is not only mesmerizing but also goosebumps-inducing. While the trek itself is awe-inspiring as you will be passing through frozen glaciers and snowy avenues, the real thrill comes when you reach the Roppkund Lake. The lake is filled with mysterious human skeletons. Many stories try to explain this mysterious yet thrilling sight. Yet, no one has been able to exactly explain what had happened here.

The atmosphere also feels quite eerie, as the snow-capped mountains and the cold silent winds add a level of mystery to this unique find.

The Thrill Of Rope Bridges

Siju in Meghalaya is not a haunted mansion or a haunted place, yet it is just as thrilling. Siju is home to eerie caves which can only be reached by hanging rope bridges. While this might sound quite fun, it is also equally scary. /these rope bridges are one of the most dangerous bridges that you will find around the world. It is quite popular among thrill seekers, as it will surely raise your adrenaline.

Once you overcome the rope bridge explore the famous Bat Cave- Dobakkal for more goosebump-inducing thrills.

Whispers At Dumas Beach

Located near a cemetery, the Dumas Beach has garnered a reputation of being haunted. While many believe that all that is false and the stories are nothing but rumours, many have also claimed to have seen ghosts and spirits. On this thrilling tour, explore the haunted beach of Dumas.

The beach itself is quite lovely during the morning, with black sand and silent winds that sway through the hair. However, as the sun beings to set, people have claimed to have heard whispers and those you walked past the black sand never returned. So, only visit if you dare.

Swimming With Crocodiles

If you are someone you just cannot get enough of dangers then the Barren Islands is perfect for you. This isolated yet wonderful island is located in Andaman. While the beaches and the palm trees might look serene and charming, what lies underneath will truly get your heartbeats rushing.

On your thrill tour, you can swim around an active volcano, along with hungry crocodiles! While it might sound crazy to some, it is quite a popular tourist activity. Dive into the warm water and watch as the crocodiles swim by. You might also see the active volcano smoking up as you swim through the cold blue waters.

The River Rafting In Rishikesh

River rafting in Rishikesh is one of the most famous and iconic thrills seeking activity for tourists. This exciting experience is not only thrilling but also a lifetime experience.

The Himalayas in the background and the serene air of Rishikesh makes it all the more awe-inspiring and thrilling. There are different levels of river rafting here according to your comfort level. The higher the level the more rapid and dangerous the currents of the river.

This activity is quite a crowd-pleaser, and you will have a wonderful and exciting time if you have the experience and the skill to battle rapid currents and feel the gush of water submerging your face.

This thrilling tour should only be attempted if you have the skill and expertise. You should also make sure that the organisers are certified and all your life jackets are firmly secured.

Bhangarh Fort

If you want to come face to face with the dead and have those ghosty haunted moments then Bhangarh is your one true calling. One of the most popular haunted forts in India, Bhangarh has generated quite a reputation for itself.

It is said to be so deadly that no tourists are allowed after dark. Many believe that those few who have dared to step in after dark were never to be found.

The entire setting of the Fort is quite eerie and scary. It is located in the middle of nowhere. This isolated fort looks as if it was abandoned years ago. The rust has captured most of its walls and the creepers slowly make their way into the yellow stained glass windows. Your guide will reveal you with horror stories as well. The Bhangarh Fort tour is quite thrilling and is a highly recommend tourist activity if you are willing to risk it.

The Dangers Of The Red Corridor

If you haven’t heard of the deadly and dangerous Red Corridor, then you have missed a significant part of India. This thrilling tour will take you through the rustic landscapes of Chambal, Bastar and Khandagiri, which is home to Bandits, dacoits and Naxalites.

The locales of these towns are quite exquisite, as you will pass through haunting caves, gushing waterfalls and breathtaking greenery that will enchant and scare you. As you pass through the dense jungles, you will feel your adrenaline rush as every little sound will make you paranoid.

There are many dangerous and thrilling stories about the red corridor, read up or ask your guide for a more immersive tour.

The Udaipur Highway

What makes the Udaipur-Mount Abu Highway dangerous is not a ghost or rocky roads, but the dangerous Sirohi Tribes. While most tribes are not receptive of visitors, the Sirohi tribe takes it to another level. This tribe is so against visitors that they not only come and steal your belongings but also beat you up!

The only way to escape is if you quietly drive along and hope they do not catch up to you. It is notorious for kidnapping visitors also. This is quite a dangerous thrill tour, so think many times before you decide traverse this highway.

There are many other Thrill tours in India, however, these are some of that will make you scream, laugh, and even cry in the thrill. Feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins, as you explore the haunted mansions and cross the precarious landscapes. However, before embarking on any of these tours, it is highly recommended that you get a medical check-up done. Also think before experience these tours, since some of them are quite dangerous. But, if that’s your thing, then go for it.

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