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The bustling city of Kolkata might not seem the idlest destination for a romantic honeymoon, but it is surely flanked by some romantic locals and towns. There are many town and villages around Kolkata that are known for their romantic getaways and serene locales that will give you and your partner ample amount of privacy and dreamy locales to spend your honeymoon at.

These romantic towns will ignite the spark in your newly married life and take you on a lovely and magical journey. From private beaches to romantic resorts, these towns will surely make your trip even more memorable and filled with love and magical moments.

So, if you are looking for a romantic getaway, then here are some of the most amazing honeymoon destinations located near Kolkata.

Raichak: 52 km from Kolkata

This peaceful historic town is located by the banks of the Hooghly river. Raichak is a small riverfront town that is blessed with a stunning resort, a vintage setting and fresh river air that will sweep you off your feet.

Raichak is a popular honeymoon tour destination owing to its mesmerizing resort. It is built in the form of a rustic and historic fort, and staying here is one of the most romantic things you can do on your honeymoon. It is located right by the river and the mangrove forests and many isolated areas offer privacy. The resort is also has a beautiful couple of spa therapy which you can opt for.

To make your experience more romantic embark on an idyllic ferry ride and sail on the serene waters of Hooghly and watch the day go by. You can also enjoy a rejuvenating drink at the outdoor pub in Fort Raichak.

Sundarbans: 109 km from Kolkata

Another popular honeymoon spot near Kolkata, the Sunderbans is a life-altering experience. Packed with the right amount of thrill and privacy, this national park in India will offer your spine chilling visuals and refreshing landscapes.

Sundarbans is one of the largest deltas in the world. Coupled with the mangroves forest, this national park is an experience you will not force. Embark on a trip of a lifetime and witness the Royal Bengal Tigers, the leaguing hyenas and the ferocious crocodiles just swimming by your boat. The forests are quite dense and dangerous so make sure you listen to your guide and do not venture out on your own.

At night you will be staying in a tent located quite near to the forest area. The feeling here is thrilling. You will feel the silence of the first fall upon you as it slowly starts to get dark. All the birds return home and the animals start to roar. It is one of the mist goosebumps-inducing moments.

Nabadwip: 121 km

As the name suggests, Nabadwip is one of the nine religious islands in West Bengal. Often called the Varanasi of Bengal, Nabawip is an offbeat honeymoon destination located near Kolkata. It is nestled by the confluence of Bhagirathi and Jalangi, which makes this place even more alluring.

If you are looking for a spiritual honeymoon then Nabadwip is the place to be at. Many many temples are situated here, and all of them are a work of art. You can also seek the blessings of God as you start on your journey together.

Nabadwip is also resplendent with natural landscapes that will make you appreciate the beauty of this place. Just spend a few days exploring the temples and nature and watch as you both fall in love with the place.

Bakkhali: 125 km

Situated at the southern part of the Sundarbans, Bakkhali is famous for its peaceful and pristine locales. The serene atmosphere and the rugged landscape works in perfect harmony and is a delight for honeymoon couples. This romantic destination near Kolkata is an abode of tranquillity and love.

It is also home to the red baked seagull, which is unique to this area. Bakkhali is a coastal town and you will find dream white sand beaches with glistening water. It is also not frequented by tourists, which will give you complete privacy from the maddening crowd. You can take long strolls and spend some cosy time at Henry Island and Jammu Dwip. At night sit by the beach with your loved one and watch the starry sky devoid of pollution, and indulge in some delicious Bengali food.

Shantiniketan: 165 km

The colourful town of Shantiniketan is a great honeymoon destination located around Kolkata. This historic town was the brainchild of Rabindranath Tagore who envisioned a town filled with love, heritage and culture.

Shantiniketan is online in any town that you will ever visit. It is blessed with heritage buildings and art galleries, and above all the people here are simple and hospitable. They will be happy to host you and show you their little pristine town.

You should also try coming here either during the Poush Mela in December or the Vasant Utsav during Holi. Both of these festivals are celebrated with great pomp and fare and you will be privy to the vibrant local celebrations with flowers and folk culture through dances and songs.

You and your loved one can also engage in some retail therapy and bring back some Dokra showpieces and ornaments. Shantiniketan also has some wonderful resorts here that are perfect for honeymoon couples.

Mandarmani: 172 km

The sleepy town of Mandarmani is a coastal paradise perfect for a romantic getaway. This beautiful village located near Kolkata is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in West Bengal. Mandarmani is blessed with scenic roads and a laid back atmosphere that helps you relax and fall into the charm of this beach town.

You can witness the breathtaking sunset as you sit by the beach and watch the day pass by. Or you can take an enchanting walk along the grainy shore and enjoy each other’s company. The beach also has come great shacks that will make your evening even more romantic. Just imagine walking by the shore, munching on some crab cakes and watching the sunset in the background. If you are looking for a little more adventure then you can go fishing with your loved one.

Digha: 195 km

One of the most popular tours from Kolkata, Digha is also called the second home of Bengalis. From the moment you reach this beach town, you will find it crowded with Bengalis from Kolkata. It is quite accessible by roads and train stations and is a heavenly destination for the newlywed.

Its romantic beachside restaurants, shimmering waters and ample water sport options make it the perfect tour for honeymoon goers.

Digha also has many beaches and you can explore as much as you want. Go beach hopping and witness the beauty of Talsaro or walk to Mohona to experience the beauty of the beaches of

You can just gently lie down on one of the secluded beaches with your loved one and enjoy the soft lapping seawater, the chatter of the crowds and the grainy sandy tickling your body. It is truly quite dreamy.

Chandipur: 255 km

This gorgeous honeymoon destination near Kolkata is part of most West Bengal tours. Home to peace and serenity, Chandipur is a haven for nature lovers and couples looking for romantic getaways.

Chandipur is also famous for its swaying trees and flowing river, but mostly it is known for its exotic and rare birds. This town is a paradise for bird lovers, as many migratory birds come here during the season and flutter away. You can just sit by the river and spot as many birds as you can.

There are some lively beaches here as well, that are hidden by the dense trees. Just stroll beyond the trees and over the meadows and you can stretch out your legs and spend some idle time with our loved one. You can also explore the many wildlife sanctuaries located in Chandipur to make your tour even more memorable and thrilling.

Mukutmanipur: 263 km

The mesmerizing town of Mukutmanipur is so serene and beautiful. You will fall in love with it from the moment you come here. Mukutmanipur is the kind of place that unfolds slowly and then reveals its beauty to you.

This popular honeymoon tour is brimming with sightseeing sites, nature parks, and temples. That will make your honeymoon even more memorable and adventurous. You can hop temples with your loved one, or stroll through the refreshing nature parks and sit under the shady trees.

This quaint town is also counted as one of the best honeymoon places near Kolkata. Just unwind, relax and spend some lovely time with the one you love.

Ajodhya Hills: 325 Km

Ajodhya Hills is a less popular destination around Kolkata, which makes it all the more perfect for a honeymoon tour. This honeymoon tour destination is located in the Purulia District and is blessed with heavenly locales and paradisiacal sceneries.

This hidden gem of India is brimming with lush green meadows, streams flowing in all directions and small and big hills interloping each other in the most mesmerising way.

If you are the kind of couple who loves nature and adventure and are looking to get a break away from city life, then this is the place for you. You can go rock climbing our hike up to the peak to get the most amazing views of the town down below.

Spend some romantic moments once you reach the top and admire the beautiful landscape together, making this a picture-perfect memory.

Kolkata is surrounded by many other such picture-perfect romantic honeymoon tours. However, these places are some of the best and will take you on a romantic journey and help you fall in love with both the place and your partner. These places are not only beautiful but also give you an ample amount of opportunities to make romantic memories and to get lost in the wonder of love.

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