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July 18, 2012
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January 16, 2013

Group Tours to Rajasthan

Rajasthan The most magnificent and Royal state of India welcomes you to witness its grandeur and charm with our tour services. Rajasthan flaunts its Royalty which no one can express in words. Its elegance and pride can only be felt on being here. Memorableindia.com organises special group tours for small as well as large number of groupies.



Our group tours can be altered as per the need and convenience of the group mates. Booking a group tour increases safety and security when voyaging to a different and all new place. It also decreases the fare, charged per person. For example, if a car is hired for two individuals and per km price of the same car is 10 INR, it might get costly for the two individuals to share the tariff but if the same car is hired for 5 individuals the price gets sharedby 5 individuals and is much cheaper than the former case. This makes tourists to opt for group tour packages. We focus on customer satisfaction and offer several group tour packages.

Memorableindia.com is offering group tour packages for tourists willing to visit the Royal state of Rajasthan. We alter the package and modify it to best suit the convenience of the group. Tourists can book from the following tour packages for any number of individual in their group

For further assistance and booking of Group Tours to Rajasthan contact us now.


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