Wildlife sanctuary in India

Maharashtra is one of the busiest places in India where people here are busy fixing and mending their livelihood with every second of an hour. With every rushing hour, we somehow forget to cherish in the gifted nature we have.

Who doesn’t wants to take a day off and enjoy the country life away from that typical urban hood?

Don’t you worry!

Todoba Andhari National Park is that designed place that befits your weekend days. Located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. Tadoba Andhari National Park is one of the interesting places which proves worth visiting

Why the name Tadoba Andhari?

It was after the name God Tadoba or Taru that Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve came into existence. The consequent name Andhari the popular river Andhari which flows by the area.

Spread across an area of 1,727 square km, the place is happened to be built at the year of 1955. In the year 1986, the Andhari wildlife sanctuary was amalgamated with the park in which established the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

In details of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Do you know?

The reserve holds counts 43 tigers as one of the highest holds in India as per the National Census on Tigers. Isn’t it a wow thing?
Definitely yes! Where the world is losing vulnerable creatures, this reserve is holding such numerous numbers.

Flora and Fauna in Tiger Reserve

If you are both and nature lover, the reserve is the perfect combo Pack for you. The different species of flora have beautified this forest. Deciduous teak trees, Bamboo, Shisham, Dhaudab, Sirus HirdaTendu are some of the names of the local trees that have illuminated the greenery. Apart from tigers, you can find animals like sloth bear, wild dogs, leopards, hyena, barking deer, cobra, eagle, peacock, flying squirrel, Indian mouse deer, etc.

Tadoba safari

The most awaiting part of the whole tour is to glance that ferocious animal i.e the Royal Bengal Tigers. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve holds the second place after Sunderban National Parks to have that sight of Royal Bengal Tiger. And if you are an adventure seeker, you can find the safari one of the interesting parts of this tour. The jeep safari or Tadoba tiger safari offers you a panoramic view of the habitat and a glimpse of the tigers and other wild animals in this wild place.  There are two different time slots for the wildlife safari tour.

  • Morning- 6 am to 10 am
  • Afternoon- 3pm to 6pm

The zones are by far is segregated into three section

  1. Moharli(Mohurli) Zone or the zone which the best spot for the tiger watching area and by far it is one of the popular spots for offering good facilities for the tourist.
  2. Tadoba Zone or the zone which provides you to have a look at the diverse wildlife scenario and scenic locations.
  3. Kolsa zone or the zone which is mainly the lower zone and a less chance to spot wildlife, this zone offers you to glimpse at the striking landscapes.

Entry Fee

5 Rs for child and 10 Rs for the adult is the entry fee. 50 Rs for heavy vehicles and 20 Rs for car or jeep per day.

Additional charges are levied to those people who opt for private vehicles. 750 Rs per car and jeep and 1,500 Rs per minibus (Monday to Friday). On the weekend days 1000 Rs per car or jeep and 2000 rupees per minibus. Those who are carrying a camera, 200 Rs for lenses of 250mm and above are charged

Best Time To Visit

To opt for the Tadoba Tiger safari is preferably in the month of March to May. In this season, tigers are a common sight as it provides fresh vegetation attracting tigers’ food, the herbivores. February – May is the perfect time to sight the view of the extensive numbers of gaurs, herds of deer and tigers and many animals.

How to Reach

To reach this energetic place one can opt for various travel routes. Nagpur airport is the nearest airport where from the airport it hardly takes 3 hours to reach by cab. If you are opting for a railway journey, Chandrapur is the nearest railway station to opt for.


Various places apart from the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve are worth traveling to explore the rugged country scenario. You can spend your evening strolling by the Tadoba lake and enjoy the serenity. Religious spots like Shiv Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, Durga Maa Temple, St. Micheal Church, etc. are the other places to be traveled. Already excited, isn’t? Well, prep yourself and give that much-needed break to enjoy the most happening safari tour ever.

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