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The lanes of India are flanked with a cacophony that emerges through the smell of all the delicious street food that is cooked here. Every region in India, have its distinct cuisine which makes this country a perfect place to come to, to embark on a soulful food trail.

From the kebab strewn roads in Lucknow to the glistening sweet shops in Bengal, there is nowhere in the world, where one can find such variety when it comes to food. 

Here are some of the few cities in India, that has the power to awaken all your taste buds: 

Kolkata, West Bengal

A foodie’s paradise, the lanes of Kolkata will lead you to a food tryst like no other. Flanked with heavy chicken rolls, roomali rotis, and even puchkas, these slim roads will surely make you a glutton.

Kolkata is brimming with street stalls; some of which are so popular that they deserve an entirely separate article; also with small and big restaurants serving all kinds of cuisine. 

source: Tripsavvy

If you are craving for some authentic Bengali cuisine then the quintessential Bengali cuisine has different kinds of Chops and Cutlets, Sorshe Irish or any other fish, Bhetki Paturi and Kosha Mangsho. This cuisine relies heavily on meat in general. 

Kolkata is also a paradise for sweets, so just head over to any of the sweet shops and get yourself some Sandesh, Rosogolla or the lip-smacking Mishti Doi. 

If you want to completely dive into this food journey, then make sure to visit a fish market and learn about an essential part of the Bengali food culture. 


Imagine just walking on the white sandy beaches of Goa, as your nostrils fill up with the sensational smell of the sea, and your ears tingling with the sound of the hot crispy prawns being fried on the many grills right on the beach! Such is the atmosphere in Goa. 

source: llworldtour

Lined with several eateries both on and off the beaches, Goa is that place that can take you through a whole culinary journey. The local dishes are not just popular but also exceedingly delicious. From this lively seafood to the tasty curries, Goa will not disappoint your taste buds. 

Make sure to dig into some of the authentic dishes like Crab XecXec Curry, Chicken Cafreal, Pork Vindaloo, Prawn Xacuti, and a must-have Fish Thali. Make sure to pair your food with the famous Feni, which is the local alcohol in Goa. To finish off your journey try the Bebinca, which a sweet dessert.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Laden in all kinds of spice and Ghee, the fried vegetable is put straight on to your plate. The very first bite will transport you back to your childhood, and remind you of the delicacies that your mother used to make. Such is the warm cuisine of Jaipur

source: food fond

Once you are in Jaipur, you must indulge in some Dal Bait Churma. This a ball of flour dipped heavily in ghee, served in a curry. The dish is so tasty that you will find yourself curbing for more and more. Keep your weighing scale at bay and indulge in some more delicious dishes like the Mawa Kachori or the Mirchi Vadas. 

You must also soothe your throat with some amazing Malai Lassi. If you want to enjoy some Chaats, then head over to Bapu Bazaar and gorge on some delicious and spicy Chaats found in abundance there.

Wash all of this out with the famous sweet of Rajasthan called Ghewar.


Through the historic monuments of Delhi, emerges the smell of something quite delicious. Just follow the effervescence and you will find yourself greeted by several small street-side vendors all waiting to serve you with some typical Delhi perfection. 

Sample the famous Chaat culture of Delhi, and be sure to dig into some amazing Aloo Tikku followed by some amazing Gol Gappe. 

source: YouTube

To get the true essence of food, go to Chandi Chow and help yourself to the many varieties of Parantha found in the popular Paranthe Wali Gali. 

Delhi is also crowded with some famous restaurants that you must try. If you do have some time in your Hans then go to the Jama Masjid area and eat some of the most delicious Butter Chicken or Chicken Korma. 

If you want to try some sweets then go over the famous Cocoka in Delhi. This uptown Dessert joint is run by two ladies who have brought the best of chocolate and Western Desserts to India. 

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

This lovely old city of Lucknow is known for its royal delicacies that were once served to the Nawab. Owing to its history with the Mughals, you will find some mouth-watering Mughlai dishes all over Lucknow. 

source: crazemag

Walkthrough the many narrow lanes that are lined with kebabs over a raging fire as the cook regular turns the big chunks of meat to get that nice char on each side. The rich tandoori smell will feel up your nostrils and you will find yourself eating more than you can. This place is absolute heaven for non-vegetarians, as you can sample their famous Galauti Kebab and Nahari Kulcha. 

Make sure you taste their Biriyani, as it is said to be the most authentic Nawabi Biriyani all over India. If you are craving for some sweet then dig into some Ghazak or Kulfi and feel your tongue dancing in satisfaction. You must also try their Meetha Pan, which is a true representation of Lucknow as a city in general. 

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Aamchi Mumbai is that part of the country which has made a simple bread so popular that now you will find it in every part of the country. This city is known to be the inventor of the famous Vada Pao, which is a staple in Maharashtra. This dish is both tasty and also fills you with energy. 


The Fort side of Mumbai is not only blessed with colonial buildings that are a treat to the eyes but also, with one of the most famous eating lanes in Mumbai called the Khau Gali. The Kebabs from Bademiya and the Kheer during Ramadan from Muhammad Ali Road will take you to another gastronomical level. During Ramadan, this part of the town is covered with lights and it turns into a foodie’s paradise. 

You will also find typical Parsi restaurants like Cafe Mondegar and Kayani’s, where you can enjoy some traditional Berry Pulao or Chai with Bun Maska.

If you are looking for a gastronomical experience then visit the Bandra side for more upscale and unique restaurants, whose dishes will not only be a treat to your stomach but also a treat to your eyes. 

Hyderabad, Telangana

Another royal city, Hyderabad is known for its Nizams and their cuisine. The word food is almost synonymous with this city, as one cannot forget the legacy left behind the Nizams when it comes to food.

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One must-have dish in Hyderabad is the famous Paradise Biriyani. Paradise is an upscale restaurant that is famous for its delicious and unique Biriyani. 

Once you have moved on from Paradise, head obeys tot he many street-side stalls in the city, that will whip you up some of the most delicious and authentic foods here in Hyderabad. 

Try the famous lamb’s brain fry, Boti Kebab, and Malai Korma to get the most out of your food journey here at Hyderabad.

Kohima, Nagaland

If you want to get off the radar and head over to somewhere that is not typically on the map of food cities of India, then head over to Kohima in Nagaland. While this might surprise you, but Nagaland is one of the most unique and fascinating places to try out some weird yet shockingly tasty dishes.

source: Nagaland today

Once you are in the capital city of Kohima, you must start with the many pork dishes that you will be offered there. All of them are unique and different from the rest. You might also be offered food like insects and worms- only have them if you wish to!

Kohima is known for its sauces, and you will be privy to some of the most amazing chili sauces in the world. You should have the authentic Bamboo steamed fish, Chicken Glutinous Rice Soup and Pork with Bamboo shoots to truly experience the Naga Diet.

The best part about their cuisine is the piping hot dishes that they serve- the heat of the dishes warm up the body and make you feel welcome and loved. 

Malabar, Kerala

This city located in God’s Own Country is one of the best food trails that you will find in India. Malabar is a city that allows you to make the most of your journey and offers you some of the most diverse and unique dishes that you have ever encountered. 

source: RJ Heart & Soul

You will find dishes like Appam, Beef Kurumulakittathu, and even succulent duck dishes that will just make you feel comfortable. Rice is a staple component of their cuisine, and you will find different varieties of Rice being used in abundance. If you are in Kerala, then you also must help yourself to their famous Kerala Coffee, that will make you forget about all the other coffee that you must have had!

Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir

A must visit place for all the foodies around the world, this picturesque state in India is blessed with some amazing vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. To have the authentic Kashmiri cuisine, you must come to the valley to sample some of the best food you have ever had. 

source: Holidify

For veg options, you can try the eternally tasty Dum Aloo, or the delicious Gogji Nadir. 

If you are a non-veg, then you are definitely in the right place. Kashmir is like heaven for non-vegetarians. The famous and juicy Rogan Josh, the mouth-watering Gushtaba and the royal Rista- these are just a few of the dishes that come straight from heaven. 

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