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Are you bored of visiting the regular wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan? Then plan a trip to Tal Chhapar Sanctuary which is located near the border of Thar desert. The main attraction at the sanctuary is a black buck where you can see an amazing view of the numerous black buck roaming freely. Therefore along with these, you can sight other desert wildlife animals and desert reptiles. This unique desert situated in Churu district, Shekhawati region of Rajasthan.

Here you can have the spectacular view of 122 species of migratory and residents birds. This sanctuary offers an amazing view of the birds to bird photographers and bird watchers. The nearest airport to this sanctuary is Jaipur which 210 km, whereas the railway station is Ratangarh or Churu Station. From these places, one can catch a bus or private transport(cab) based on individual choice.

Here summer will be scorching hot difficult to visit at that time of year. Therefore, plan a visit to this unique ecosystem sanctuary during winter that is from November to February. During this time of year, migratory birds visit this sanctuary. Hence, you can have a closeup sight of wildlife and birds at the sanctuary.

Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary

Even though rainfall is very minimal in this region the area is covered with the unique kind of a grass called Mothiya(Local name) meaning pearl. The unique biodiversity at the sanctuary gives an extraordinary view of the sand dunes and the grassland. Where the blackbuck roams around freely along with other wildlife. The special attraction to this sanctuary apart from the blackbucks are migratory birds from Europe and Central Asia.

If your planning to stay near the sanctuary. Forest guest house is available next to the sanctuary both Ac and non Ac rooms are available. Cost varies based on the room you select. If you are planning to visit here during the winter season. Book rooms in advance as it is difficult to get rooms during the winter season.

Best time to visit the sanctuary

If your visiting the sanctuary in the winter season try to wear warm clothes as the temperature during winter will be 5 degrees. Try to cover your hand with gloves. Whereas if you’re visiting this place during summer make sure you carry plenty of water. Cooling glasses, hat and opt for lite clothes don’t wear tight or thick cloth you may feel suffocated. As temperature here during summer will be 50 degrees.

Places near Tal Chhapar Sanctuary

Ladnun | source: Rajasthandirect


This city is located near the Nagaur district 20 km from the sanctuary. Therefore the main attraction in the city is the Jain temple which is built using marble stones.

Salasar Balaji temple

The main deity in the temple is Lord Hanuman, yearly many devotees visit the Salasar Balaji temple. Along with this, another two temples have to be visited in order to complete the pilgrimage. The other two temples are Khatu Shyamji and Rani Sati Temples.


It is a small village in the Churu District which is not much visited by the tourist. Hence, this village is famous for the Goddess Durga Devi Temple and the Satguru Dham. Nakrasar place gives the serene feel and spiritual vibes.

Therefore, Plan a trip to the unique desert ecosystem Tal Chhapar Sanctuary. Where you can have an amazing view of blackbuck and birds.

February 16, 2020
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