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Are you frustrated with the things happening in your life that need a break from all the chaos?. Then try visiting the amazing Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary locates in the estuarial region of the Kendrapara district in Odisha. This sanctuary is home to water beasts saltwater crocodiles and most venomous reptiles King Cobra. Also the Indian Python, along with these it as other flora and fauna. The Lurking of wild beast never bothers you. As you will fall in love with the natural beauty of the sanctuary. Besides this, sanctuary authority takes care of tourist safety no need to worry regarding that.

A day trip may not be sufficient to enjoy the place. If time permits try to plan a couple of days to stay at the eco-cottages. Another amazing fact about the wildlife sanctuary is the Mangrove forest. Have you ever been to Mangrove forest through boat ride?. Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary gives an amazing experience with a spectacular view of the estuarial and the wetlands with a boat ride. Along with that, you can have sight of the birds and saltwater crocodiles.

How to reach?

The nearest airport to the sanctuary is Bhubaneswar which is around 130 km from the Rajnagar. The nearest railway station for the sanctuary is Cuttack and Bhadrak. These are located 110 km from the Rajnagar. From here one either take Public transport or hire a private vehicle based on their convenience.

Boat ride

The best way to explore the wildness is through the boat ride. In fact, during the ride, you can have a close encounter with a saltwater beast and the beautiful Kingfisher birds. Here one can find 8 different species of Kingfisher birds. While riding on the boat you see the Dangmal island forest. This island is located in the midst of the Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary. Besides this boat ride, here a 4 km walking trail is led out for the tourist in the forest area which is also a part of the Bhitarkanik.

Note: While walking in the nature walk trail. Be more vigilant about the surrounding. As the area is home for wild bears and monitor lizards

Stay at the sanctuary

The best way to spend a vacation is by staying in the forest away from the noisy cities and stressful life. Relax oneself by taking a walk in nature and explore the wildness. In its pristine state by following the forest guide rules. To avoid unwanted accidents with wild animals. Here numerous cottages and suits available both Ac and Non Ac available. Based on your budget and number of members staying one can select the room or suite.

Nearby places to visit

Garhimata National Park

This national park is a popular tourist place in Odisha. A romantic beach destination for the couple who want to spend private time in the tranquil environment. Besides this, it is also famous for the Olive Ridley Turtles. That visits this beach during the months of January to march for lay eggs. The sight of the Turtles is a truly amazing sighting. The parks authority protects the endangered species during these months.

Shiva Temple

A beauty Shiva temple locates in the amid of the forest near the Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary. Gaining a lot of attention from the tourist. Due to this, the temple has been renovated in recent times to maintain ancient monuments. So when you visit the sanctuary, pay a visit to the ancient temple and get the blessing of Lord Shiva.

Silted Lotus Pond

An offbeat place with the tranquil atmosphere stuns its visitors with the amazing sight of different lotus flower blossoms here. This wonderful sight lures the tourists to this silted Lotus pond near the Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary.

Kanika King Palace

Are you into history and lover of the ancient Indian architecture? Then pay a visit to this palace. If time permits after spending your leisure time in the Sanctuary. The palace belongs to the rulers of the Bhitarkanika. This palace has now become a tourist attraction. A worth visit place near the sanctuary.


Plan a visit to the amazon of India and have a great vacation by taking a stroll in the forest also go for famous boat rides in the wetlands of the sanctuary. Subsequently, they have a thrilling experience with the encounter of wild animals like saltwater crocodiles, wild bears, and so on. Besides this have a great sight of the beautiful birds especially kingfisher.

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