Kolkata known as the ‘City of Joy’ is a hub for foodies and especially for people who like to taste different flavors of food. From spicy phuckas to Bengali sweets Kolkata is famous throughout the country that will spoil you with many choices. Here is a list of Kolkata food you should try out:-

Roshogolla (Rasgulla):-

Roshogollas are found all around the country and most popular in West Bengal. But what’s the point of visiting Kolkata if you are not going to try out roshogollas? The roshogallas which are Bengali sweets are best found in K.C Das and Bheem nag. These sweets are soft, juicy and a taste which can never be explained if not eaten.


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The Kathi rolls in the park street is a must if you are visiting Kolkata. In rolls stuffings with nonending flavors are wrapped in a thin roti. The stuffing with a twist of both tangy sauce and spicy flavors and the thin roti leave the people drolling over it. Although variations in flavors are found throughout the city the best to check out are definitely of Zaika’s.


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This another popular sweet in West Bengal is best found at Nakur Nandy. The sweets have a flavor of pistachios, almonds, saffron, milk, sugar, and panner which will melt in your mouth. The sondesh chocolate and shakes are something more prevalent and best found In Kolkata.


Mughlai paratha are deep fried thick parathas stuffed with either egg, chicken or vegetables in a minced form depending on the order of the customer. These thick stuffed parathas are finger licking and every bite is delicious.


The kachori torkari is found almost at every food shop in Kolkata. The kachoris are like puris but a little small in size and crispy. The torkari served with it always has a warm and spicy taste whereas the crispy puris make a great combination. And if you are a fan of sweets they offer jalebi along with it. The total package of sweet, crispy and spicy will make your belly very happy.


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Popularly known as macher jhol in Kolkata and in West Bengal this is what is made every day in the home of Bengalis and found in every restaurant of Kolkata. It is a staple food of Bengalis. The fish curry can be made in more than 50 different varieties by including curd, sorsha or different other items. Different fishes give different flavors giving a huge variety. No other place can make a better fish curry than the people of Kolkata.


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This is usually served as snack devoid of any weather or season. Peyaji, alu chop, beguni are some of the most dominant items in this area. They are usually stuffings of aloo or onions or different substances covered in besan and fried in il. The crispy crunchy flavor is found in every street of Kolkata. Even if you are not of oil fried foods you will definitely become one after trying these out.

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This popular combo of puffed rice or popularly known as muri in West Bengal is mixed with coriander, onions, chilies, tamarind, and other spices to make a perfect snack. It is a street food found in every corner of Kolkata. It has different variety maybe sweet maybe spicy maybe sour depending as per your requirements.


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Misti doi means sweet curd. And the mishit doi of Kolkata will beat any frozen yogurt in terms of taste. It is a perfect blend of curd, sugar, and milk in a tempting bowl to give you the perfect treat. It is generally served cold and as you keep eating it gets better every single time.


This is Kolkata own garnished frozen yogurt served like ice cream. It has pistachios and almonds in a frozen yogurt along with a stick. It is a perfect dessert during summer and everyone who like a combo of pistachios with yogurt.


If you like chanas then this dish is most suitable for you. This again is a street food which is a favorite of almost everyone. The thick gravy along with chanas and chickpeas and coriander, onions with sour, spicy and tangy taste leaves you speechless. This is definitely worth trying.


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These tiny tamarind water bombs filled with spicy masala and aloo stuffings are perfect cravings for every street food lover. And what better place to try phucka than in Kolkata. They are cheap and stomach fulfilling. Although tamarind water along with aloo may not seem a good idea once you start having it you can’t stop. Although it is found basically in every street of Kolkata. The best ones are found ear Dharmatala and Vivekananda.

Kolkata is a city of flavors and joy. Apart from these the Tibetan food, biryani, kebab are also finger licking foods of Kolkata. But these originals of Kolkata are no less than the other foods.

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