The Charm Of Lavasa: Things To Do On This Relaxing Maharashtra Tour

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The Charm Of Lavasa: Things To Do On This Relaxing Maharashtra Tour


Located in the lush green foothills of the Western Ghats, this Maharashtra tour destination will give you that needed break. The little tourist town of Lavasa is resplendent with the Sahyadri range, the glowing sun, and small colourful houses that make this look like a film set.

Lavasa is so different from every other city in Maharashtra, that you might find it hard to believe that you indeed are in Maharashtra.

It is a popular monsoon destination, and is quite the perfect weekend getaway for your Maharashtra tour:

Reaching The Town

To reach this soulful town on your Maharashtra tour, you will have to drive down. You will be passing some truly surreal and serene sights as the cloud keep playing hide and seek with the little hills. The countryside air will sweep away all your worries, as a waft of freshness heals you from within.

This site is even more alluring during the monsoon season. The small hills are covered in trickling waterfalls and the trees get denser as flowers start to blossom.

This colourful town will remind you of old European villages, with colourful houses and enchanting steps. Lavasa was inspired by Portofino, which is an Italian fishing village.

Walking Around

As you walk around the town, you will witness the glistening blue waters of the Wasargaon Lake reflect the red, yellow and blue buildings. It is so perfect to watch the water flow by as you witness the beauty of this town.

Lavasa is surrounded by small mountains that dot the background of this town. They have their appeal and it almost feels as if they are guarding the town of Lavasa.

Sports And More

Lavasa is quite an adventure hotspot as well. Not only is it beautiful, but you can engage in many different thrilling and some serene activities to start that adrenaline rush.

You can start slow by boarding on a tram, that will take you around the town, and show you the ins and outs of Lavasa. Here You will know about the origin and history of Lavasa.

You can then head off for some miniature golf, or get ready for some read exciting and goosebump-inducing experiences.

You can start with the Burma bridge crossing. Essential you have to cross a rope bridge which dangles high up in the air. If you have a fear of heights then it is best to not attempt this one. The instructor will put a harness in you for safety purpose. You have to then step on one precariously tied knot one by one and reach the other side. It is quite scary as you watch the abyss down below, but it is thrilling nonetheless.

You can also embark on zip lining, which will allow you to feel the fresh air of Lavasa hit your face and transport you to another world. Also, engage in water sports, however, during the monsoon season, they remain closed.

You can also try archery on this Maharashtra tour, before taking a break for a quick lunch.

The Night Sky

After dinner takes a long and romantic walk by the waterfront and watches the night sky light your way. The skies are clear and the hilly air is crisp. Walking around the town of Lavasa on your Maharashtra tour is the perfect way to end your first day at Lavasa.

There is no hustle-bustle from maddening crowds, no pollution and no honking of the horns. It is just silent and serene


This hill station is quite filled with hotels and resorts. Since it is developed as a tourist spot, you will find some pretty luxurious hotels that will pamper you to the fullest.

Have lunch at the many cafes that overlook the Wasargaon Lake and watch as the day goes by. It is a great place to take in the serenity of nature and hear the melodious sound of the wind

Quick Information

  • Lavasa is fast becoming a bustling tourist spot in Maharashtra. Try and book your hotel in advance especially if you are planning travel in the weekends or the monsoon season.
  • If you wish to experience the adventure sports in your Maharashtra tour in Lavasa, then avoid the monsoon season.
  • If you are looking to experience the natural beauty of Lavasa and the freshness of the hills, then monsoon is the best time to come here.
  • Lavasa doesn’t have an airport. You will have to drive down from Pune or Mumbai. There are no trains or buses either, so you need to hire a cab or have a private car to reach Lavasa. The route is quite charming, so you will enjoy the drive you the fullest.
  • There is a lovely tour called the Nature Trails on the morning in Lavasa, try and book that

Lavasa is an experience best felt with a group. You can make a quick plan and gather all your friends or family and spend an enchanting weekend on this Maharashtra tour.

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