The Portraits Of Himalaya: The Best Towns In India For Your Himalayan Travel Photography Tour

A travel photography tour in the snow-capped peaks of Himalayas is perhaps a dream come true for many. Nestled in the laps of nature, surrounded by ethereal rivers and sceneries that can induce a gasp, the Himalayas are one of the best places in India to embark on a photography tour.

With so many picturesque towns and cities, the Himalayan travel photography tour will also allow you to explore some quaint villages and witness a culture that is so different from the rest of India. With cascading waterfalls, verdant meadows, lakes that change their colors with the mood, snow-peaked mountains, and many stories to tell- the Himalayan beauty is worth capturing.

Here are some of the most photo-worthy places for your Himalayan travel photography tour

Turtuk village, Ladakh

One of the most scenic villages that you will come across in the Himalayas was the Turtuk village located in Ladakh. The little hamlet is perfect for your Himalayan photography tour and will show you some of the best sights.

You will find some picture-worthy setting in the usual life of this village-like: old men chattering away, women working in the green fields and kids hopping around. The children also give some of the warmest smiles when you point the camera at them making your travel photography tour so much more personal.

This hamlet was part of Pakistan till 1971. However, after the Indo Pak war, Turtuk Village came to be a part of India. This village is still a little conservative about being photographed, so make sure you ask proper permission before clicking away.

Zanskar Valley

This isolated valley in the Himalayas is resplendent with lush green valleys, verdant flowers, and clear blue skies. The only way to reach the Zanskar Valley for your Himalayan photography tour is by a single motorable road.

This valley has layers and layers of overarching colors and rolling meadows that will make your photographs perfect and aesthetic.

Goecha La, Sikkim

If you are someone who loves adventures and also likes to document your travels through some wonderful photographs then the Goecha La is perfect for you. Overarching orchids, enchanted forests, and deep valleys, this place is a haven for travel photography enthusiasts. Come here to capture the perfect vistas, the imposing Himalayan peaks, and the famous Samiti Lake.

You should also attempt to capture the mesmerizing sunrise and view the Kanchenjunga peaks during this time. The Kanchenjunga looks like a block of gold as the sun rays start to hit its snow-covered peaks. Take off the radar Goecha La Trek to admire the hidden avenues of India.

Chandratal Lake, Spiti Valley

If as a travel photography enthusiast, you miss the beauty of the Chandratal Lake in Spiti, then you are sinning. One of the premier’s travel photography spots, this lake is located in Himachal Pradesh. Nestled in mesmerizing beauty and Himalayan peaks that will make you gasp, Chandratal Lake will surely steal your heart and make you fall in love with it.

There are many campsites near this lake, so make sure to stay there to capture all the different moods of the lake during the different times of the day.

Try to capture the Chandratal lake as early as possible. During this time, the lake looks so stunning with the symphony of lights and shadows that you cannot help but thank the gift of nature.

The Himalayas work as the perfect background to this blue lake, as they look a match made in heaven in your photographs.

Don’t forget to snap the night sky with twinkling stars that are not hidden by any kind of pollution.

Hanle, Ladakh

The quaint village of Hanle is located by the border of India and China. This little hamlet is also a worthy destination in your Himalayan photography travel tour. This village is famous for mainly two things: the extremely picturesque 17th CE Hanle Monastery and the Indian Astronomical Observatory.

As you walk around Hanle, you will realize that you have to put very little effort into finding photogenic frames. It is like the entire village of Hanle was meant to be a picture postcard, with every nook and corner more photo-worthy than the other. From sheep huddled together and feasting on pastured lawns to the locals milking cows, Hanle is filled with stories that can be told through photographs.

To reach Hanle you need to get a special permit, and foreigners are not allowed as of yet.

Malana village, Himachal Pradesh

Situated about 50 km from Manali, the Malana hamlet is quite a unique find. The locals of this town believe that they descended from the army of Alexander. Their language is also of a different dialect, and on your travel photography tour, you might start to feel like you are in a foreign country when you visit Malana.

While photographing this unique village is not easy, since most of the locals are averse to any outsider to a point where they do not even touch the outsiders. They are also not receptive to cameras snapping away. However, if you do manage to go beyond this, then you will return with some of the most story-worthy photographs.

Pangong Lake, Ladakh

The stunning Pangong Lake is perhaps one of the best places for a travel photography tour. The colors of this lake change with season and time of the day and it looks gorgeous in every way. In your Himalayan travel photography tour try and capture all of the different angles and vibrant colors that the Pangong Lake metamorphoses into. This lake is frequented by tourists mostly during the dawn and dusk hours. During this time the sky breaks into a thousand different colors which are stunningly reflected by the lake.

To reach this lake in Ladakh, you will have to embark on a steep hike. So make sure you keep yourself hydrated and acclimatize yourself before attempting this Himalayan photography tour.

Some Quick Tips

  1. Always carry an extra battery. On your travel photography tour, you will be traversing certain remote areas. So make sure you always carry extra batteries. You can also carry a portable charger.
  2. Try and wake up early to capture the best views of the sunrise over the Himalayas.
  3. Make sure you are mentally prepared for the harsh journey that some of the towns and areas might challenge you to. You might have to climb high altitudes, so be physically and mentally prepared.
  4. You can also capture under harsh light to get some messing contrasts.
  5. Always ask permission of people before you click their photograph.
  6. Experiment as much as you want. These Himalayan towns are there for you to capture an experiment with different angles. So don’t be afraid to change somethings, or go beyond the book and experiment with different shots.
  7. Finally, while you are on a Himalayan travel photography tour, sometimes just keep the camera away and enjoy the moment. Let the camera in your eyes to the magic and let your brain story it forever in your memories.
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