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India is a land of diverse beliefs, people, places, food, climate etc. The variation starts from the Himalayan Mountains to beautiful beaches in south and from Rajasthan desert to north-east indigenous culture. If you are going for a journey to explore India, there is something that shouldn't be missed from the list. These list include beaches of Goa, Taj Mahal the world wonder, palaces of Rajasthan and Mumbai the financial capital of India. The tour program conducted by Memorable India, covers all these places by understanding the importance of it and is looking for innovative ways to engage and entertain people.

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15 Days
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Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Tordi Sagar, Pushkar, Udaipur, Mumbai, Goa

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Day 01: Delhi

Arrive at any time according to your convenience.

If you arrive early, you can use your ample time by roaming around the city. As the capital city of India and has long history of civilisation and settlement, the city has many things to offer you. You can either use private taxis or metro railway to reach different places. The suggestible places are Chandni Chowk the largest market in Delhi, Jama Masjid the largest masjid in India, Spice Market the dedicated market for spices etc., are few. Be informed that the city has many remenantsof Sultanate rule and Mughal dynasty, and you can find mansions with old architecture along with newly built shopping malls and stadiums.

As the tour is starting on the second day, if you come early please take extra accommodation to explore the city. You can also book day tours in the front office of your hotel.

The program kicks off by night with a welcome meeting and you would be enlightened to interact with your tour mates

Day 02: Delhi - Agra

The day is starting with a train journey to Agra to visit famous Taj Mahal. The train journey would take 3 hours and in the mean time you would be arranged to have the breakfast.

Starting with the help of a guide, you would go to see the monument of love. The great architecture symbol made with ivory marble was constructed under Shah Jehan to show his love towards the deceased wife Mumtaz Mahal. The symbol of love is located in the banks of Yamuna River has different artisan works including calligraphy, plant montifs etc.

Your next point is Agra Fort, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, made up of red sandstone and has emperor palace, durbar hall, gardens etc.

You would also visit Baby Taj, another mausoleum built by Noor Jehan to remember her father. The structure has four minarets at each corner and looks like a jewel box. It also has many Pietra Dura works which is a Roman art of special type of designs made with coloured and polished stones. Please be informed that Baby Taj entry is charged at Rs.110.

Day 03: Agra - Jaipur

We are heading to the pink city, Jaipur, which is also the capital of Rajasthan, by bus would take almost 5 hours journey.

After reaching Jaipur, you would have an orientation walk along the important landmarks and streets of the city to get acquaint with it. You can also take a cycle rickshaw ride through the city and experience the local cuisine.

Please note the important land marks are Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, City Palace etc., and we make an official visit on the next day. But you would appreciate these listings as you can collect the information about these from the local people. Also you may enjoy a Bollywood movie by watching in a crowd.

Day 04: Jaipur

The activity for the day is a visit to Amber Fort, visit to City Palace and optionally watching a movie in the free time.

Amber Fort is a fort built in an area of 4 square kilometres in 1592, which looks fascinating in the vicinity of Maota Lake. Built on a hill, it helps you to have a panoramic view of the city and is constructed with red sandstone and marble.

During the free time in the afternoon you can visit the markets, Hawa Mahal and Observatory in the city and you can also go for a movie in the famous Raj Mandir Cinemas. Be informed that ticket rate is Rs.150 per person.

Later you can visit City Palace which is a palace complex which includes Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal and many other buildings. The palace is built in Rajputh, Mughal and European architecture and has many buildings, gardens and a temple in it. The buildings have many craft works and motifs depicting gods, flowers and birds etc. Please remember that the entry fee is Rs.300.

Next you can visit Jaipur Observatory which is also known as Jantar Mantar, an 18th century observatory which has option to find the accurate time during day time and a museum consists of old astronomical instruments. The entrance is regulated by Rs.100 per person and Rs.1000 per group.

Day 05: Jaipur - Tordi Sagar

We visit a local Rajasthani village to understand their life and culture. It would take almost 4 hours journey from Jaipur by road and you can enjoy the hospitality of the villagers.

You can go for a jeep safari or camel cart ride to explore the village and you can find how the life revolving in a village. See how people are taking up different occupation and respect their hard working nature. During this you can see the famous Thar Desert and sand dunes. Could you find a crescent dune?

Also you can for a walk through the market, or play games with the boys in the village. Discuss with them about their perception about life, work etc.

Day 06: Tordi Sagar - Pushkar

Morning we start the travel to Pushkar through Snake Mountain and Ajmer.

During the journey, you have your lunch with a rural traditional taste in village vicinity and take the village freshness to your body.

In Ajmer, you visit Bal Prakash Learning Centre, an assistant program to help the kids assisted by Memorable India. The learning centre is dedicatedly working to enable kids to be self-sufficient in a desert state like Rajasthan. As you are aware that there are less fertile land and no prominent industry support, special skills are required for them to survive. Memorable India has supported them by constructing water tank and irrigation systems to the garden. You would appreciate that they cultivate fruits, vegetables, herbs etc., in the land and sell it in the market and that supports them in meeting the expenses of the learning centre. This means that the centre is showing the way how to be self-reliant to the children.

Now we head to Pushkar, a city encircled around the great Pushkar Lake. Keep in mind that the total journey takes 4 hours. As soon as you reach Pushkar, you can go for an orientation walk through the important landmarks of the city. Also you would get time to explore yourself through the city. Please be informed that the city has a temple which is dedicated to Lord Brahma and one of the very few temples dedicated to him in the world.

Day 07: Pushkar

In the morning, you can visit the famous Savithri temple. The temple is constructed on top of Ratnagiri hill and dedicated to Lord Savithri. You can climb up the steps to reach top of the hill and watch the sunrise by drinking a cup of hot tea.

In the free time, you can roam around the city and visit places which you find interesting. You can be assured that you would find many places like local market, shops etc., where you can hang around, especially in the shores of lake.

Optionally you can go for Yoga classes and also massage to relax yourself from the tiring hot climate of Rajasthan.

You can have a wonderful desert dinner, where you would be entertained by music, dance, lightings etc. Try to wear traditional Indian dresses and experience a wonderful night as you have heard about the Arabian night. The chilling spirit would be touching the top by the entertainment performance by a group of Roma people, the local tribe.

Day 08: Pushkar - Udaipur

You are heading to Udaipur, another important city of Rajasthan with many palaces. You would travel by train to Udaipur, which would take 7 to 8 hours from Pushkar.

As soon as you reach Udaipur, you would be arranged to go for an orientation along the important landmarks in the city.

The city has a wonderful lake called Pichola Lake and there are few palaces in the lake and also some are in the shores of the lake.

Optionally you can go for a boat ride in Pichola Lake to enjoy the beauty of the lake and the city around it. You would find the Lake Palace located at the centre of lake very much fascinating. The Lake Palace which is now a heritage hotel, has been voted as the most romantic hotel in the earth. During the boat ride, you can understand the importance of the lake and how a civilisation develops around a water body like lake.

Day 09-10: Udaipur

Two days are dedicated for Udaipur and you would be enjoying this royal city thoroughly. The city has many lakes and palaces which makes it known as "Venice of the East″.

You would visit the City Palace of Udaipur. The entry fee is Rs.250 per person and it is the largest palace in Rajasthan. The palace complex consists of a number of palaces namely Badi Mahal, Manak Mahal, Sheesh Mahal etc., and also have durbar hall, galleries, museums, temples etc. It creates a great view at night of the palace in the shores of Pichola Lake and in the picturesque of mountains in the back. You would find it astonishing that the lightings and art works of the halls including durbar hall.

Next you visit Jagdish temple which is built in Indo-Aryan architecture and dedicated to Lord Jagannath, a form of Lord Vishnu. You would find the idol made from black stone deified in the temple quite different from other temples. Also spend some time to enjoy the decorated walls of the temple which has depiction of gods.

The next point is Mansoon Palace which is a hilltop palace that can give great panoramic view of the city. It was built with white marble to watch mansoon clouds and hence it is known as Mansoon Palace. Since it is built in the Aravalli hills, it gives a great view of the sunset. Be informed that the Palace stands in a wildlife sanctuary named Sajjangarh wild life sanctuary. The access to the palace is regulated by Rs.80 per person and Rs.400 per group.

Our next point is Ranakpur Jain Temple which is almost 92 KMs from Udaipur. The temple is dedicated to Thirthankara Adinatha, the first Thirthankar and founder of Jain religion, and was built in 15th century. It has over 1444 marble pillars to support the temples and the pillars are carved in different manners and you can't find identical pillars. You would admire the excellence of the craftsmanship of the people by then. It would cost Rs.200 per person to visit the temple

You can optionally learn cooking by a chef which costs Rs.600. He would teach you how to cook different Indian dishes and special recipes. You would also learn how make a dish more delicious and what spice mixture gives different tastes etc. You can also have meal with the curries you prepared and evaluate yourself.

By evening, you can join the Rajasthani cultural show which charges Rs.100 where you can enjoy the traditional music and dance.

Also during the free time you can go for a shopping in the city and see if there is something unique in the city, which you find interesting.

Day 11: Udaipur - Mumbai

We travel to Ahmedabad by local bus and journey takes hardly 6 hours.

You can visit Gandhi Ashram in the shores of Sabarmati, in which Gandhiji stayed for 12 years. From here Gandhiji drew the dream of independent India and people live with harmony, equality and mutual respect among each other. Think whether we achieved it fully or not?

Now we are heading to Mumbai by an overnight train from Ahmedabad. The journey would take 8 hours.

Day 12: Mumbai

You would be arranged to have an orientation walk Around Colaba and Fort Area. You can also go for free walk through the city to understand more about the India's financial capital.

Take the photographs around Gate way of India and you can walk through Marine Drive and see famous Taj Mahal hotel facing the Arabian Sea. You can access the Elephanta Island by the boat service available to see the cave temples which are carved out of rock.

You can also visit Crawford Market or Chowpatty Beach, both are important markets in South Mumbai. Also you can try some local or exotic dishes from the restaurants in Mumbai.

Optionally you can go for a Dharavi tour for Rs.1500 per person. You would experience the places where the famous movie Slumdog Millionaire shot. Also you can see the handicrafts and industrial products Dharavi people making and see the importance of the slum in terms of economics.

You can also go for a city tour which costs Rs.800-4000 per group. It would be a day long tour which covers most of the important landmarks in the city including Chatrapthi Shivaji Terminus, Chowpatty Beach, Marine Drive, Dhobi Ghat etc.

Day 13: Mumbai - Goa

Morning, you travel from Mumbai to Goa by air and it takes an hour journey.

Head to the beaches in North Goa, sit there some time and relax yourself. You would find the Goa beaches extremely vibrant and looks stunning considering other beaches in India. You can have some snacks or drink coconut water while enjoying the beach. You would be charged Rs.5 per person to access the beach.

You can also visit buildings with Portuguese architecture, see the old churches in Old Goa and also explore the capital city, Panjim.

Optionally you can go for Old Goa trip which charges Rs.1600 per group, so that you would be facilitated to see the old convents, churches, which are coming under World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Remember to visit Basilica of Bom Jesus which has the relics of St. Francis Xavier.

Day 14: Goa

The day has no chartered programs; it is to ensure that free time has to be allotted to you to explore yourself according to your choice.

You can go to beaches, visit the local markets, visit old churches or visit places that were part of Portuguese rule.

Some of the places can be suggested are Agonda Beach, Palolem Beach, Reis Magos Fort, Shantadurga Temple etc. Also you can try the local cuisine of Goa to see if it has the flavour of European dishes.

Day 15: Goa

You can depart at any time.

If you find difficulty in arranging your travel, feel free to reach out to our representatitive.


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