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Kerala is often termed as God’s Own Country. The elegant natural beauty of Kerala has been praised by one and all, and tourists have also been amazed by the sheer elegance of nature that Kerala has. Each and every nook and corner of the state is filled with so much beauty, that it is hard to choose one town to visit when in Kerala. But if I had to choose my personal favourite- I would undoubtedly choose the wonderful quaint town of Wayanad. This lovely countryside is gifted with fishing waterfalls, tea and coffee estates, lakes and extensive flora and fauna.

While Wayanad is absolutely a dream-like a town, what really stumps the tourist is the distance between the tourist spots. Most tourists end up more in their cars driving to different spots than actually enjoying the beauty of Wayanad.

I too was one such tourist, only to later realize that is not the way to explore Wayanad. My experiences taught me to understand Wayanad and to make sure that I don’t make the same mistakes again.

This blog is dedicated to helping tourists like me to understand Wayanad in a way that you are able to enjoy the most and to completely engulf yourself in the beauty of Wayanad.


Kalpetta is the main town in Wayanad, which is filled with resorts and quirky restaurants. The vibe itself is energetic and fun. This is one of the base towns in Wayanad from where one can go to most of the waterfalls, lakes, and dams.

As Kalpetta your base- head over to the majestic  Meenmuthy Falls, Soochipara falls and the Kanthapara Falls. All of these waterfalls are beautiful in their own unique way. These falls are not located in close proximity to each other, and hence, do not attempt to cover all of them in one outing. The beauty of all three of these falls is magnificent. You are used to getting captured by the allure that these falls have.

Meenmuthy Falls is located at around 30 km from Kalpetta. What really makes this experience enigmatic is the 2 km trek that you have to traverse to reach the waterfall. Once you reach there, you will feel refreshed by the lovely foamy white water that wishes down the black tinted rocks.

Soochipara falls are situated about 20 km from Kalpetta, and the journey to the falls is especially charming. You will pass some of the most amazing mist-covered green tea estates. You will have to trek a little to reach these falls also. The water from the fall falls into a small pool, which makes it a great place to take a dip in and rejuvenate all your senses.

Chembra Peak

source: Kerala Tourism

The iconic Chembra Peak is located at 2100 m above sea level and is one of the major tourist attractions in Wayanad. This lovely hill is a wonderful trekking point. The trek itself is not too difficult and is extremely rejuvenating.

The trek is lovely and takes you right through the bounties of nature. The tall green trees provide the cooling shade that you need, and you are sure to be enchanted by the melodious sounds of the many birds that have made it their home.

Once you reach the top, you will be amazed to see the beautiful heart-shaped lake and the gorgeous towns of Wayanad and Kodaikanal that lay nestled at the foothills of the green mountains.

Pookode Lake, Wayanad

One of the best things to do in Wayanad is not to do anything at all. Just soak up the beautiful nature around you and spend a lazy evening gazing at the Pookode Lake. You can also engage in some boating at the lake or just sip a little tea while soaking up all the refreshing winds that will fill you with energy.

There is also a small handcrafts bazaar on the banks of the lake, and you can spend some time shopping.

Banasura Sagar Dam, Wayanad

source: Banasura Hill Resort

Another thing that Wayanad is famous for are the dams. Wayanad is home to India’s largest earth dam, and the second largest one in Asia- The Banasura Sagar Dam.

This mighty dam is a wonderful place to spend some time appreciating the lovely waterfront which is surrounded by little green islands and cute little hills overlooking it.

This is a great place to spend some amazing family time and has a little picnic in the little garden that has even developed.

Sulthan Bathery

What really made me fall in love with Wayanad, is that it has more than just history packed in this place. The Sulthan Bathery was an ancient temple, that is now completely ruined- but the history attached to it still echoes from the ruins of this place.

This place as attacked by Tipu Sultan, who completely destroyed this place, and even the Jain temple. He also proceeded to kill the Jains who inhabited the place, just to make a place for his ammunition. This bloody history is still very much alive through the stories in these ruins.

Muthanga Wildlife National Park

If after this heavy history lesson, you want to cool off and experience something more laid back, then head off to the Muthanga Wildlife National Park, which is the abode of some of the most amazing wildlife.

Kuruva Island, Wayanad

Kuruva Island is a little further away from the other tourist spots that I had mentioned above. But this place is laden with beautiful streams and a scene to die for. The island is filled with vibrant flowers, which will capture your heart.

source: Iris holidays

Travel Tips

Wayanad is beautiful in every season, and each season has its own shade in Wayanad. But, the monsoon season in Wayanad has its own charm and allure. The entire place is covered in a foggy mist, as the skies are covered with grey clouds. The refreshing rain hits the ground, as the earthly smell engulfs the entire area. Wayanad is exceptionally green at this time, and at least once you must visit Wayanad in the rainy season.

  • The distance in Wayanad from one place to another is quite enough. So make sure you plan ahead and make a proper itinerary.
  • Since the places in Wayanad are far apart, make sure you start off early. Don’t be a late riser.
  • Wayanad is a forest area has a lot of mosquitoes. So make sure to carry an insect repellent.
  • The beauty of Wayanad lies in the various colored birds that fly all over the region. Make sure you carry a binocular to spot the various birds that fly around Wayanad.
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