Trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the glorious and finest tourist destinations in India. It is an ideal leisure holiday destination for tourists around the globe. Ladakh and its surrounding regions are very attractive and delightful to watch. Situated in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is the best place for tourists to have knowledge of the vivacious culture of the Indo-Tibetans. Beautiful monasteries and blue lakes seen here can make every tourist spellbound. Ladakh is the best spot for passionate mountain explorers. Monasteries in Ladakh will guide you to prehistoric years. A trip to Ladakh will give you a memorable journey through some of the fine-looking places in the region along with exploring Indo-Tibetan culture.

Trekking is what makes Ladakh different from other places in India. More and more tourists trip to Ladakh with the intention of trekking here. If you are interested in trekking, Ladakh will definitely steer you to some of the greatest and unfamiliar destinations. The trekking regions in Ladakh will disclose the beauty of nature at its best and every trekker will feel like he is in a paradise. Ladakh is blessed with massive high peaks, gorgeous valleys and rivers. Trekking in Ladakh region will present you the chance to watch splendor of earliest civilizations. Snow capped peaks and deep valleys found in Ladakh are exceptional. Trekking is a perfect option for you to enjoy its attractiveness.

Trekking in Ladakh is one of the enjoyable mountain activities and it has attracted global explorers over the years. You can, indeed, see the unblemished territory through trekking. The Karakoram Range view is exciting and trekking gives you opportunity to explore the exquisiteness of Karakoram Range. The Karakoram Range is packed with a number of lofty mountains like K2, Saser I, Saser II, Saser III, Saser IV, Saser V and more, Zanskar Range and Nubra Valley.

The Stok Kangri peak trekking will give the tourists heavenly experience and every trekker can have an extraterrestrial view. The Trans-Zanskar region guides you through some of the gorgeous Ladakh Monasteries. It is one of the spiritual treks in the Ladakh area. The specialty of this place is that the trekkers can make holy journey from Monasteries to Monasteries. The Rumbak Valley is another best place for trekking in Ladakh. At the Rumbak Valley, one can observe some of the endangered species like Snow Leopards, Red Fox, Blue Sheep, Eurasian Bear and countless migratory birds.

Tourists can enjoy the famous Snow Leopard Trek from their trekking in Ladakh and it allows you to get through Hemis National Park. The Hemis National Park is one of the giant national parks in the world. It is the biggest national park in India. Travelling through Hemis National Park will give trekkers a tremulous and nerve-racking experience. Another famous trekking in Ladakh is the Chadar Trek. It is known as the best winter treks in Ladakh. The trekkers can walk through the ice-covered river and enjoy with the freezing type of weather through the Chadar Trek.

Trekking has contributed a lot to the progress of tourism in Ladakh. Obviously, trekking tracks in Ladakh have expanded from north of India to the Nubra Valley. Trekking allows tourists to travel through isolated villages in Ladakh. The River Nubra trek to the Hunder Sand Dunes allows tourists to experience the beauty of undulated desert that is split by a thin stream. The travelers can observe animals like Bactrian Camels and Pashmina Goats during the River Nubra trek. The Tso Moriri Lake Trek in Ladakh offers stunning trekking experience to trekkers. They can see blue lake bounded by highland, rare species of animals and birds during the Tso Moriri Lake Trek.

Trekking in Ladakh needs fitness, interest, keenness and adjustment to different climates. However, trekking in Ladakh will present you blissful experience and it is a must place to visit in your leisure holiday.

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