It’s Time To Increase Your Bucket List With These Awesome Off Beat Places In India

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It’s Time To Increase Your Bucket List With These Awesome Off Beat Places In India

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The diverse country of India is filled with so many colourful, vibrant and offbeat places that it would be a sin if they aren’t included in your ever-growing bucket list. These lovely places are blessed with everything beautiful and perfect. The best part about them? Not a lot of people know about these wondrous places giving you the full opportunity to explore them and unearth more and more gems.

Here are some of the places in India that must be included in your bucket list for India Tours!

Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

source: Saikat Roy/Flickr

Hidden away from the city lights, this lovely little village in Visakhapatnam is where the real beauty lies. The quaint village has one of the greatest examples of flourishing natural beauty coupled with slow moving toy trains that will make you nostalgic about all those children books that you had read.

But one thing that really exemplifies the beauty of this wonderful Araku Valley is the Borra Caves. These dark alleys are heaven for anybody you wants to do something offbeat and are looking to wear the explorer’s cap.

The Borra Caves are centuries old and you will find yourself witnesses some of the most magnificent limestone formations. The stalagmite here are so beautiful and they glisten every time a little ray of sun manages to seep into the caves.

After a tour of the caves makes your way to the Araku Valley Coffee house. The effervescent smell of the coffee plants will instantly relax your mind, and you will find yourself gorging on some deliciously tasteful brownies and some marvellous chocolate covered coffee beans.

To end your journey surrender yourself to the mystical Katiki Waterfalls. The waterfalls are right next to the Borra Caves. As you watch the gushing water hit the rocks you will find yourself instantly in awe of mother nature and her creations.

Scuba Diving In Havelock, Andaman Islands


It is an understatement to say that the Andaman Islands are picturesque. The glistening azure water and the white sandy beaches are sure to make you fall in love with the place. But what truly takes the cake here is taking a deep dive into the blue waters of the seas and exploring the underwater life.

There are several tour packages for Andaman that offer Scuba Diving, so put on your breathing masks and take the dive. This is truly one of the most magnificent and liberating activities. The water is so clear that you will find yourself witnessing some of the most amazing animal and coral life all living under the sea.

Cliff Diving At Coconut Islands Near Mangalore, Karnataka

source: Gosahin

If you want to go really adventurous and get your adrenaline rushing then head over to the Coconut Islands in Karnataka. This island is known for its gorgeous basalt rock formation, that not only makes for a breathtaking landscape but also is a great place to do some cliff diving.

The experience of just letting go and diving from the cliffs here is so wonderful. As you take the plunge you will hear your heartbeats rising and the wind just washes all over your face, belong you will a new kind of adrenaline rush. This is the perfect way to get your blood pumping and feeling more alive than ever.

Manvar Desert Camp in the Thar Desert


The heritage state of Rajasthan is not just famous for its palatial buildings and marvellous palaces but also for the Thar Desert. This sandy desert is a popular tourist spot, but, what a lot of tourists don’t indulge in is some good old fashioned camping – in the desert!

The Manwar Desert Camp is an amazing experience where you can just laze around and witness the beauty of the Thar Desert. Set up in an isolated area the whole place it sprawled with handmade carpets and canopies that form tents and curtains. In the evening you will be enthralled with some mind-blowing cultural performances and a stunning dinner that will have you salivating for more.

Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh

source: History TV18

Many believe that Bhimbhetka in Madhya Pradesh was the place where the first traces of humans were found, that is this UNESCO World Heritage Site might just be the place where humans or homo sapiens first appeared. If that is not exciting enough to get you to come here, then imagine seeing some amazing 700 odd Rock Shelters, out of which 500 have some of the most intricate paintings on them. These paintings go back to about 30,000 years ago, and they depict the life of that time.

This place is like walking straight into a history book and turning the dials back in time.

Tadoba in Maharashtra

source: Luxury Train India

If you don’t experience the great outdoors in India, then are you even a travel junkie?

While places like Kaziranga and Jim Corbett are legendary in their own sense, the wonderful Tadoba in Maharashtra is the offbeat wildlife flavour that you must taste.

This lovely place is known for adopting tigers and helping them run around in the wild. The national park is not crowded with tourists and you will find yourself spending some wonderful alone time in an enchanting forest like this. The forest is home to several other wild animals like  Indian Bison, Nilgai, Striped Hyena, Small Indian Civet, Sambar, Barking Deer, Chital, Marsh Crocodile, Indian Python and Cobra among many others.

Wake up early morning and hop onto a jeep to fully experience this park. The feeling is absolutely beguiling.

Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh

source: Indiahikes

Nestles in the gorgeous valleys of Arunachal Pradesh, this awe-inducing town is a place that must be added to your bucket list.

This little town is true to its roots and culture and you will still find the local Apatani tribals just going on about their life. The villages here are traditional and feels as if the modern hands of civilisation has got lost on the way to here. The villages have the quintessential flea markets, rice farms, and little temples.

Once here make sure to visit the Meghna Cave Temple and the wonderful Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

If you really want to witness the true eccentricity of Ziro Valley then come here during the famous Ziro Music festival. This annual musical extravaganza is a hotspot for several foreign and Indian visitors. It has also been termed as India’s Greatest Outdoor Music Festival, and it will be a sin to miss the enthralling event. The festival is also a huge boost to the local industries in Ziro, as all the materials used in the festival are locally sourced and are made using sustainable materials.

Halebidu, Karnataka

If you want to turn back time to the good old days, then head over to the rustic and ancient town of Halebidu in Karnataka. The capital city of the mighty Hoysala Empire, now stands here in ruins, yet echoing several anecdotes of the time gone by.

Here you will find several ancient buildings like the revered Shiva temples, and many other gorgeous and royal temples like Kedareshwara temple and Hoysaleswara temple. Walking through this city you will be able to imagine how it must have been during the royal days. The town is a paradise for history lovers, who will be able to spend serval hours here trying to chart out and weave a story about this ancient city.

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