6 Luxury Forest Resorts You Have to Spend a Night In!

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6 Luxury Forest Resorts You Have to Spend a Night In!

A lot of human activities used to take place in India’s forests some time back. Sahibs would make arrangements to pass the night right in the jungle. They would therefore charge their khidmatgars with setting up tents and kitchens so that they would spend the night in comfort just as they would in their luxurious mansions in the town. A lot would be done by the native Indians to settle their British overlords in elegant tents swelling with curtains. They would also serve them fresh fruits and barbequed meat. 100 years down the line, people still crave for luxury in India’s forests and this time, it is by those who do not mind spending thousands in one night in a luxury forest resort. What is offered by the resorts? Read along to know about India’s premium forest resorts- luxury that is wanted by all but can be afforded by few.

1. Aman-i-Khas, Ranthambore

Taking in visitors only from October to May, Aman-i-Khas is situated in the Ranthmbore National Park border in Rajasthan. Accommodation is provided in 10 air-conditioned luxury tents designed in the form of the Mughals’ fabled tents. Each tent is complete with twin vanities, an elegantly appointed bath unit, coolers for drinks and a king size bed. Separate tents house the spa, restaurant and lounge. You rise up to a continental breakfast after your sleep on Egyptian cotton. You then proceed on tiger safaris after which you return to lunch, a royal Rajasthani feast. Pass the evening round a bonfire enjoying folk performances then retire to your luxurious royal tent. What’s that if not luxury?

Season Tariff: about 1000 USD plus taxes per night


Image source : www.aman.com

2. Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambore

Anywhere luxury is mentioned, Oberoi is there. With a heated pool, their Vanyavilas spans over 20 acres of landscape gardens. Along the royal caravans, air-conditioned luxury tents are erected. They are covered in gold woven tents tiger prints on rugs in upholstered chairs, soft sheets and on teak floorboards. As you will be struggling to move from your claw-footed bathtub or your private terrace, the four-poster canopied bed will be right there, really inviting. You get to listen to the sweet tune of the folk musicians as you dine close to an open bonfire. You then plunge into the signature therapies and yoga of Oreboi at the spa. With the private gardens and decks, this is the ultimate holiday destination.

oberoi vanyavilas exterior

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Season Tariff: Rs. 65000 plus taxes per night

3. Mahua Kothi, Bandhavgarh

Offering the signature luxury of the other Taj hotels, MahuaKothi is a Taj property and is nestled in over 40 acres of stunningly manicured gardens. Furnished in the typical Madhya Pradesh style, there are 12 guest suites referred to as the Kutiyas. Each room boasts of private courtyards with a canopied seating, handmade pottery tiles as well as mud-painted mud walls. The rustic theme is continued in the use of local textiles coming in burnt orange and red. The sun is kept at bay with the roll down mats and bicycles provided for you to venture the surrounding. Get engaged Indian traditional games such as chaupad and marble and leave behind all the thoughts of excel sheets and power-point slides. Back from the tiger safaris, just wallow in the rustic charm.

Season Tariff: about Rs. 45,000 plus taxes per night


image source : www.tajsafaris.com

4. Brys Caves, Corbett

Without spending time at the Corbett National Park, most people consider their forest experience incomplete. They are the hallowed grounds and are named after the legendary Jim Corbett. Brys Caves is among the most popular luxury resorts that grew around and in the park after identifying its tourism potential. A unique resort, the guest suites come in cave-like designs which boast of 42-inch TVs, mini bars and all that you may need from a standard luxury resort. 37 caves are available, the premium ones being the Shivalik Cave, the Queen Cave and the King Cave. Need a tree house? It is here as well as other properly furnished and accustomed with abundance of nature available in Corbett. Timberland, you are served sumptuous meals by the restaurant. Instead of have your meals in the tune of folk music, all you get to hear are the forest sounds and the gentle tinkling of cutlery. On arrival from the jungle safari, you wallow in the outdoor spa, massage parlour or if you like, the sauna center for an awesome relaxation.

Season Tariff: about Rs. 44,999 plus taxes per night


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5. Baghvan Lodge, Pench

Get bumpy, but in the grandeur of the Baghvan Lodge located in the Pench National Park. Excellent comfort is guaranteed as it is a Taj Safari property. Accessorised with a hookah and within a mosquito net, the dreamy rooftop sleepouts-machaans are bound to amaze you and they just can’t go unmentioned. This is exactly what was experienced by the royals as they waited for a tiger, passing the night up on a machaan. Experience the tiger safaris in the open 4×4 vehicles which are extremely comfortable or on backs of elephants and savour the zest of the surrounding villages. Upon return, an interactive kitchen awaits you. Afterwards, proceed to the in-room Ayurvedic massage for the afternoon. In the evening, sashay to the nullah and relax in the pool near the river.

Season Tariff: about Rs. 95,000 per night plus taxes


6. Spice Village

Constructed like a typical Kerala village, a premium luxury resort- Spice Village awaits you at the Periyar Tiger Reserve main gate. Though lacking in carpets to soak your feet into, the cotton hewn stones are just as fantastic. You can take time listening to the grinding of pestle while sitting on a sling chair or bird songs to make up for the lack of television. You may also attend saree wearing lessons or explore the pepper plantations. Return into the Periyar reserve from a jeep safari to classical dance performances and sumptuous Kerala cuisine; get the new meaning of relaxation.

Season Tariff: about Rs. 24,000 per night plus taxes


image source : www.cghearth.com/spice-village

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