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India is well known for its diversity, numerous languages, rich cultural heritage, and the architectural marvel throughout the world. Tourists around the world visit these eminent places for sightseeing whereas few researchers to do research. Mamallapuram, one of such distinguished sites situated in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu is popular for its architecture constructed by the Pallava King, during 7 and 8th centuries. This place came into limelight after the summit of two world leaders Prime minister of India Narendra Modi and President of China Xi Jinping.

This place is located 56 km from Chennai on the East Coast Road. From Chennai to Mamallapuram numerous buses are available. Cab services are also available. The scenic view of the Bay of Bengal on the East coast road makes the travelers awestruck. If your traveling in the cab you can stop near the beach and spend some time before starting your journey towards Mamallapuram. If you’re a solo traveler it is not advisable to go alone near the beach as it is not safe.

Numerous hotels and resorts are available here, which gives an amazing view of the sea. Here one can escape from the buzzing city life and enjoy one’s vacation. Tamil Nadu is famous for its Filter coffee (Kumbakonam’s special coffee). So when you visit Chennai or Mamallapuram make sure you have one. It is also a well-known fact throughout India for its famous dish, Sambar. In addition to this sambar, idli is a must-try item when you visit Tamilnadu.

Sightseeing sites at Mamallapuram

Shore Temple Mamallapuram
source: Lonely Planet

Sea Shore Temple

The popular tourist site in Mamallapuram Shore temple which is believed to be the last one. Moreover, the other 6 temples submerged inside the sea. Temple is a tourist site where Lord Shiva and Vishnu are the main deities.

Arjuna’s Penance

This architectural marvel of stone cravings is located 2 km from the seashore temple. The specialty of this place is the entire craving of scriptures made in a single stone. This place attracts a large number of tourists around the world.

Krishna’s butterball

The specialty of this place is a huge stone. That weighs a thousand tonnes balancing on the edge of a slope of a small hill. It makes visitors bewildered with its marvel of the stone and its balancing on the edge.

Bheem’s stove

Two huge stones put together forms a cave structure. During the exile period, Bheem put these stones here to cook food. Eventually, locals name this cave as Bheem’s stove.

Five Rathas

An excellent place to visit, five chariots craved in one huge granite stone. People mistake this place as the temple. Unlike the common belief, this is not a temple rather a monument built by ancient Pallavas.

Beach(Bay of Bengal)

This beach is located next to the shore temple. Try to visit this place during the morning or evening to enjoy the sea waves and the cool breeze. Swimming at this beach is prohibited as it is very dangerous.

Favorable time to visit this place

The mercury levels in Chennai are high almost the entire year. Therefore, the best time to visit Mamallapuram is during the winter season. In the summer humidity and temperature will be very high and visitors may feel suffocated.

As it is hot most of the year it is advisable to wear loose clothes or cotton cloths. As there is no dress code here you can wear any attire as per your liking. However, it is advisable to wear something decent to avoid unnecessary attention.

Places to visit near Mamallapuram



VGP is a theme park which has numerous fun rides where all age group people can enjoy. Along with these, they have VGP Snow world where the temperature will be in minus 4 degrees and ice sliding, DJ and many more. Next to this, there is a VGP Aqua world, first of its kind in India which is worth visiting. The place is filled with fun activities. To see all these you require one day. Hence plan accordingly.


Another Theme park which leaves you with dizziness. This place provides rides for all ages groups. Fully loaded with the fun rides and water rides. If you are planning to visit this theme park you require one day to enjoy all the ride.

Dakshina Charithra

This an amazing place that showcases south India’s 5 states’ culture and their house construction style. One can learn about south Indian culture and their house in villages.


Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site Mamallapuram which amazes you with its rich heritage and helps to know about ancient south Indian architecture style.

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