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Jaipur, an eminent city with rich heritage and culture and also a capital city of Rajasthan. This city is known as the pink city for its unique architecture of the fortress with the pink stones. Jamwa Ramgarh Wildlife Sanctuary has located 35 km from the pink city. Yearly, thousands of tourists visit this jewel near Jaipur. The Sanctuary is located near Ramgarh lake, an artificial lake that is the major water supplier to the Jaipur city. This offers a spectacular view of wide varieties of the bird along with some migratory birds which are a feast to the bird watchers and nature lovers.

During Maharaja’s time, Jaipur kings use to hunt animals here later this place turned in to Wildlife Sanctuary. If you want to enjoy the Ramgarh lake waters view by going for boating in the lake. The good season to visit the Ramgarh lake is during monsoon because in summer water will dry up. The total lake area is 15.5 km. Jamwa Ramgarh Wildlife Sanctuary offers safari to see wild animals roaming along with the spectacular views of birds near the lake.

Ramgarh lake

This Lake is a man made lake for agriculture in this region later this became a major water supplier for the Jaipur city. The major activity for tourists at this lake is boating in the waters. This gives a spectacular view of the wide varieties of birds, the flora and fauna surrounding the Wildlife Sanctuary. If you are a bird watcher then definitely keep this place in your wish list. Hence it gives you a close encounter with the birds.

The places to visit near Jamwa Ramgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Nahargarh Fort
Nahargarh Fort |source:

Nahargarh Fort

An excellent fort for sightseeing as it provides an entire city view from the top of the Aravalli Range. Hence the view of the city in the night is a special attraction here. One can enjoy this spectacular scenic view of the city night with delicious food from the fort restaurant.

Hawa Mahal

The Mahal constructed with 953 windows to provide good air ventilation. This represents the name of the Mahal(Wind Mahal). The main reason for this mahal is that Rajput queens can have a good look at what’s happening in the city. Therefore, visit this excellent Mahal which displays brilliant architectural skills.

Jal Mahal

Another amazing architectural Mahal is the summer retreat and hunting lodge for King. Jal Mahal located in the Man Sagar lake which is home for many migratory birds. This mahal delight the tourist who visits this place with it is unique and marvels architectural carvings.

Jantra Mantra Observatory


Are you a science student? visit this place to see the excellence of the observatory which is India’s largest and perhaps one of the world’s largest. No need to have an idea about astronomy and space science all you need is to witness the intelligence and brilliance of the observatory and its equipment and construction. A UNESCO World Heritage site.

Birla Mandir

The uniqueness of this mandir is that the entire temple is constructed with white marbles. The main deity here is Lakshmi Narayan. Yearly, many tourist visit this place around the world. Therefore keep this unique temple in wish list when you visit the Jaipur.

When visiting Jaipur make sure you visit this extraordinary Jamwa Ramgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Ramgarh Lake Which is home for Wild animals and wide varieties of bird species. Indeed this place leaves you with a lifetime memory.

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