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The North of India is blessed with some serene and breathtaking hill stations. These hill stations are so lovely, that the warm memories of your visit there will always remain with you when you look back into your travel stories.

Palampur is another such picturesque and peaceful hill station that will fill you with warmth just like drinking a glass of hot chocolate on a cold comfy winter morning.

This resplendent hill station is located about 35 km from the holy town of Dharamshala. The entire town is filled with the aroma of the pine trees that the air carries around with itself.

As you watch the lovely sun peaking from those fluffy clouds, your heart too will soar.

The name of the region is derived from the word Pulum, which essential means- abundant water. As you look around the town, you will realise how aptly the town has been named. You will find amazing streams and pristine brooks everywhere your eyes go. They all add to the rustic charm of this little quaint village.

What really heightens the beauty of this town, is the clever symphony between the plains and the snow-covered mountains. The two contrasting geographical terrains work together and live in harmony to make this town ever so wonderful. On one side you will find the sprawling green meadows on plain grounds, and on the other side, you will find the gigantic Himalayas that will make you gasp.

This town is wholly situated into the laps of nature. If you visit this town, make sure that you surrender yourself to nature, and you will find that it slowly accepts you and unfolds in front of you, like a thriller novel.

Here are a few things or places that you can see and visit to make sure you get the best of your experience here in Palampur.

Chamunda Devi


Palampur is known for its holy temples, just like it is known for its breathtaking natural beauty. One of the most ancient and holiest temples in Palampur is the Chamunda Devi Temple. This temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in India, hence the Chamunda Devi Temple is revered staunchly by its devotees and the locals.

The temple deviates to the worship of Goddess Durga. This fascinating temple is also a great lesson into the culture and history of the region.

The walls of the temple are adorned with beautiful depictions from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, which give a lovely charm and power to the temple. The temple is also a very popular pilgrimage spot, and many people visit Palampur solely to offer their prayers in this temple and to seek blessings of the deity.

Baijnath Shiva Temple

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Bajinath Shiva Temple is not only one of the most ancient temples in the Kangra Valley but is also one of the most beautiful temples in the valley. The magnificent temple was erected in 1204 A.D and is said to have been founded by local merchants- Manyuka and Ahuka. The temple is wholly devoted to Lord Shiva, who is worshipped with pomp and fare in this temple.

The architecture of the temple is the Nagara style and speaks volumes about the kind of influence the town of Palampur was under. The architecture is truly marvellous, anybody is sure to get blown away by the intricacies of the structure. The basic structure is similar to that of the famous Jagannath Temple in Puri.

Lord Shiva is also often called Bajinath, thus, the temple is named after him.

The backyard of the temple is also as magnificent as the temple itself. After you finish offering your prayers to the Lord, make your way to the beautiful backyard that is covered in green grass, and offers a resplendent view of the Dhauladhar Mountain Range. The sun rays slowly and gently touch the snow-covered tops of the Dhauladhar Mountain Range, and you too can feel the warmth of the rays as you bear witness to such a wondrous sight.

There is also a beautiful stream that runs downhill from the temple. There is a stairway which will take you down there, and it is absolutely heavenly to walk down from the temple and reach right in front of the banks of the serene river.

Dhauladhar National Park

Palampur is a town whose scenery and landscapes has often found itself etched into our art books. The perfectly tinted red roofs, the colourful markets, and the sloping green hills, makes for a beautiful picture. The whole town of Palampur is filled with life and is always bustling with people going here and there. Yet, it is also home to a different kind of landscape which is far from this hustle bustle of the markets.

The little town of Palampur is also filled with rich flora and fauna, which make the town as pretty as it is. The Dhauladhar National Park is the perfect place to experience this kind of diverse flora and fauna that will make you gasp and make you fall in life with the unadulterated beauty of the place.

Try and find the different kinds of animal, birds, and flowers that have made this national park their home. The lovely park is filled with the essence of untamed and free life. Find yourself in the midst of dense forests that sing as the air whooshes past them. The whole ambiance is charismatic and to die for.

Tea Gardens

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The town of Palampur is also called the Tea Capital of entire Northwestern India.

Palampur was only always famous fats its tea, but in the 19th Century, Dr. Jameson introduced this town to the lavish tea plantations and gardens.

In Palampur, you can not only visit a fragrant tea garden but also stay in the midst of one. The experience is wonderful. Imagine waling up to the sight of green tea plants sprawled over acres and acres of land, as the mist slowly fills the area, and your lungs are made rich by the effervescent smell of the tea plants. Learn all about the process of manufacturing and harvesting of different kinds of tea, and even indulge in some tea tasting.

Palampur is the kind of town where everything moves at its own pace. Everything is beautiful here, and everything is laid back here. You will often find yourself just staring at the wondrous Dhauladhar Range as you are sipping your cup of tea, or sometimes even walking through the town will fill you with an amazing amount of joy. That is just the kind of place Palampur is. It offers you with endearing moments, and not milestones, the former is more precious!

How to reach Palampur

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Palampur is a famous little hill station and has well-established connections with other major towns in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. You can hire a cab from Amritsar (230 km) or Chandigarh (260 km).

The whole route is incredibly scenic and you will find yourself wanting to see more of the road journey. There are also bus connections between Delhi and Dharamshala, and from Dharamshala, you can hire a cab to take you to Palampur.

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