Places to Visit in India

Delhi’s scintillating summer can get a little too much at times. One starts to carve for the cool breeze, the foggy misty atmosphere and the unique chill in the air. This intense desire can be craved by visiting one of the many beautiful hill stations that flank the north of India. Over summer, places like Nainital, Shimla, Manali and many more experience a huge number of tourists, which might not be desirable for people who are looking to spend some quiet time away from both the heat and the maddening crowds.

Kanatal is one such picturesque location- which offers a sense of cooling serenity coupled with cool weather. Kanatal is nestled on the Chamba-Mussoorie route and has some of the best sceneries that meet the eye. This little station is not so popular, which makes it the perfect escape for people looking to unwind and relax on a vacation. The scenery is absolutely heavenly here, complete with wondrous flora and fauna. The cast stretches of multicolored flowers are like a treat to the sour eyes, and you will find yourself wanting to just stand and admire the beauty that lies in front of you.

It is really easy to fall in love with Kanatal. The little town has the charming magnetic quality of making you want to stay there forever. The town is also filled with adventure activities that are perfect to get a little bit of adrenaline rush, in your otherwise relaxing vacation.

There are a lot of different things that you can do in the heavenly abode. Kanatal is much more than just its magnificent natural beauty:

Camping Under The Stars

Kanatal is one of the most favoured places to go for a fun-filled camping experience. There are several camping packages for Kanatal.

Imagine spending the night under a sky full of stars, and some melodious music to fill your ears and make your time pleasurable.

You can also participate in group sports like volleyball, football or trekking.

But nothing can beat the feeling of camping inner the night sky, in front of the ever glowing red bonfire, as you barbecue your marshmallows while admiring the starry sky.

Camping at Kanatal | source: Thrillophilia

Engage In Some Rejuvenating Treks

Kanatal is great for trekking, with its dense forests and cool atmosphere. The beautiful Kodai Jungle is a wonderful place to engage in some light and comfortable trekking and nature walks. The exciting trek Enroute Chamba is also one of the most thrilling things to do in Kanatal.

The trek is about 5-6 km and completely surrounded by amazing views of hills and resplendent valleys. The whole trail is covered with wild orchids and thinks creepers and small plants that make the place look even more beautiful.

Kodai Jungle is also a haven for wildlife lovers, there is a lot of different species of plants and animals that you can spot here.

Be The Climber You Were Always Meant To Be

Kanatal is surrounded by rough yet beautiful hills that have rocky outcrops. This makes the pale a natural rock climbing and rappelling place. Make your way to one of these rocky cliffs, and try and conquer the might hills. The feeling that you get after reaching the top is absolutely surreal.

Valley crossing | source: Klook

Unleash Your Parkour Skills

One of the most popular adventure sports in Kanatal, valley crossing is both fun and magnificent. Kanatal has some awesome and picturesque valleys. This rope activity will require you to have a lot of physical strength and patience. You will be guided by professionals.

The activity essentially requires you to cross an 80 ft deep valley by pulling a rope.

If this is the first time you are engaging in this, then make sure that you try out shorter distances.

Take Selfies With Some Wild Boars

Kanatal is surrounded by the Kodai forest, which is rich with diverse species of flora and fauna. The thick plush forest starts from Swarg Yogini to Neelkanth, and it is a paradise for wildlifeenthusiasts.

Make sure you get your binoculars so that you can spot some rare species of birds and animals. This place is the most photogenic site in the whole of Kanatal, and you will be surprised by the amount of time you end up spending just by clicking pictures.

Safari in Kodia forest and spotting wildlife are among the most exciting things to do in Kanatal.

Be The Typical Tourist

When you reach Kanatal, make sure that you indulge in some sightseeing to experience the culture of this town. Kanatal has a few tourist attractions that will help you to understand the culture and history of this place a little bit better.

Jeep safari in Kanatal | source: The Terraces

One of the major attraction is the Surkanda Devi Temple, which is located at a distance of five km from the city center. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Sati and is wonderful to look at. The atmosphere inside the temple is spiritual and pious, and you will find yourself swaying with the chantings inside the temple. The effervescent smell of the incense sticks take you to another level of spirituality, and you feel your soul reverberating with devotion. The temple is reached through a little trek of 2km. The trek is extremely comfortable and not at all difficult.

Another major sightseeing attraction in Kanatal is the Tehri Dam. You spend a lazy afternoon there and understand the idea and method behind the construction of the dam. The green water spreads as far as your eyes can go, and the whole scene is straight out of a painting. There are some water sports like Jet Ski, Water Ski, Water zorbing, parasail, rafting here, that you can indulge in.

Become A Local

Homestays is something that most tourists end up skipping, but staying in a Pahadi house is the best way to know and experience the town just like the locals there. You will learn so much more about the lifestyle of the locals, and your whole experience will be different. You will be able to see the town from a whole new perspective.

In a typical Pahadi house, you will find yourself living in a mud house and you will have the entire house to yourself.

You can spend your days by socialising with the locals or just relaxing and witnessing the stupendous sunsets.

How To Get Here

Kanatal is a very small town. There are no railways or airports in the town of Kanatal. The best way to reach Kanatal is by road. The nearest railway station is Dehradun and Rishikesh, and from there one can reach easily through taxis or buses. Buses ply from every major city in Uttarakhand.

This little town is absolutely heavenly. Everyone who has been here had fallen in love with it at the first glance. This is a great place to unwind and forget the daily hustle bustle of city life. Just go there and enjoy the bliss that this tiny town of Kanatal offers.

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