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The iconic area of Old Delhi is not just blessed with an old-world charm, but also has some bustling markets that will be perfect on your Delhi tour. The markets of Delhi are known not just for the products they sell, but also for their history and heritage. Every market in Delhi has its own story and own legend that you can hear from your guide or the locals.

On your Delhi market tour, you will find too many markets that will confuse and overwhelm you. You will find markets in every little lane and narrow alley in Delhi.

So, to keep your confusion away, here are some of the best markets in Delhi that you can visit on your Delhi Day Tour:

Khari Baoli

Start your Delhi market tour with the fragrant and aromatic Khari Baoli Bazaar. This old Delhi market is one of the largest spice markets in the world. As you enter the Khari Baoli you will find all your five senses acting up. Just take a deep breath and let the overwhelming and soulful smell of the spices take you over and transport you to a different world.

Just walk through this colourful and beautiful market and each the piles and piles of spices is laid out waiting for customers to pick and pull them. The red chillies overflow from the sacks, while the exotic spices like saffron are kept neatly in luxurious boxes that show how royal the spice is.

Even if you do not wish to buy something, which is quite hard, the spice market itself is quite enchanting.

Location: Right behind Fatehpuri Masjid, you will be able to smell it from miles away.

So, just get your noses working and wander through the labyrinth of spices.

Kinari Bazaar

As soon as you enter the area of Kinari Bazaar you will be assaulted with a splash of colours and glitters. This old market in Delhi is so glamorous and vibrant that you will find every kind of dresses, ornaments and even piles of laces just lying there waiting to be bought. There is so much in this market that you might find yourself getting lost in the maze of shimmer, borders, laces, sarees, sheer dupatta and buttons.

If you are a photography enthusiast, then this is the Delhi market that needs to be photographed. With such popping colours and variety, you will find be spoilt for choice.

Location: Close to Chandni Chowk.

Bhagirath Palace

If you are looking to adorn your home with lights and lamps then the Bhagirath Palace market should be your next stop on the Delhi Market Tour. The palace once belonged to a Begum and is now divided between a bank and a market. The market is flooded with all kinds of lamps and lights, some of which will blind you and overwhelm you one you first see them.

The place is always crowded with tourists, who also come here to learn and relive the history of this place. This palace was also the prison for Bahadur Shah Zafar after 1857. There are many stories and anecdotes associated with this market. Ask your guide or the locals to revel you with some of them on your Delhi tour.

Location: It is situated near the Chandi Chowk Metro Station.

Meena Bazaar

If you haven’t heard of Meera Bazaar in Delhi, then you haven’t seen the real Delhi market tour. This bustling market is known for fashionable and designer garments that you will find in most malls. This market is so famous that there have been many Bollywood songs that talk about Meena Bazaar.

On your Delhi tour explore the ins and outs of the market and you will find colourful bangles as well. There are glorious sarees addresses in this market that will make you shop till you drop.

Location: It is located right behind the gorgeous Jama Masjid.

Chor Bazaar

From Mumbai to Delhi, every major city in India has a Chor Bazaar. On your Delhi market tour, you will come across the Delhi Chor Bazaar. As the name suggests, this is the place where thieves sell their loot. From auto parts to second-hand mobile phones everything is sold here. If you have ever lost something on your Delhi Tour, then you might just find it selling at the Chor Bazaar for a lucrative price.

Sometimes people end up buying the same items that were stolen from them. It is mostly populated with stolen car parts or other vehicle parts.

Location: Right behind Jama Masjid


You will perhaps visit this lane on your Delhi tour, as it is the place where the famous poet Mirza Ghalib lived. Known as the Gali Qasim Jan, the Ballimaran market is the best way to wrap your Delhi market tour. You can also visit the haveli of Mirza Ghalib which is now a museum.

The entire market is flooded with leather good like purses, shoes and wallets. Everywhere you look you will find leather and leather. The quality is also exceptional. You will also find a brimming spectacles market here.

Location: Near Fatehpuri Masjid.

Dariba Kalan

If you are someone who loves silver ornaments, then this Delhi market is for you. The market itself is a delightful sight, with shops overflowing with silver handicrafts, ornaments, utensils and even idols of deities with sparkle as the sun rays fall on them.

You will also find other shops here that sell semi-precious and precious stones that glisten as you look at them. From lapis lazuli to corals you will find everything here.

Make sure you bargain as much as you can in this narrow Delhi market and you will get them for a heavily discounted price.

Dariba Kalan market also sells handmade perfumes which you cannot miss on your Delhi market tour. Just take one whiff and you will be transported to a world of roses and jasmines.

Location: You will find a small lane between Gauri Shankar Temple and Sisganj Gurudwara. It is not too far from the iconic Red Fort. 

There are many more markets in Delhi, like the Sarojini market, the Chandni Chow Market, Sadar Bazar, and many more. If you have the time on your Delhi tour, then explore all of these stunning markets that are filled with stories and legends. Make sure you bargain as much as you can on your Delhi market tour, and come back with fond memories and a whole lot of souvenirs and gifts.

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