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The historic city of Delhi is the perfect place to go to if you want to enjoy some marvellous historical anecdotes. Delhi was the hub of most of the major dynasties and now it is a city bustling with life and energy.

Not only is Delhi one of the best places to head to but there are some marvellous places near Delhi which you can visit to take a break from the daily stress of everyday life. In these beautiful places, you will be able to create some fond memories and spend some exciting times.


The wonderful historic state of Rajasthan is still true to the Rajput culture. As you enter into the state you will be flushed with different kinds of historic buildings which are both royal and rustic at the same time. The charm of this state is so beautiful that you will find yourself clamouring for more time.

What really sets Rajasthan apart is how each major city here will offer you something different.

source: Ghumne Chalo Tour & Travels

Royal Safaris in Jaipur:

The Pink city is absolutely true to its name. Filled with gorgeous pink buildings this city is amazing for just the grand history that it commands. Here you will not only find elegant forts and picturesque palaces but also a charming Elephant Safari which will take you right through a different kind of biome.


If you are in Rajasthan then Neemarana also makes for an amazing gateway from Delhi. The beautiful place is brimming with majestic forts and. Excellent royal palaces. You can also try zip lining here. Imagine just swooshing through the wind as the entire beauty of Rajasthan lies below you. Make sure you visit the Neemrana Fort and dive into the million adventures that it has to offer.

Bird Watching in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary:

Most people associate Rajasthan with breathtaking palaces and windy Forts. Yet, there is another hidden side of Rajasthan that will only reveal to you if you choose it.

Head over to the Bharatpur district, and you will find yourself in the laps of the marvellous nature. You can also pass your time by trying to spot different birds and animals that have made this place their home.

Ajmer Sharif:

This Rajput town is royal in the true sense. It is a testimony to the rich history and culture of Rajasthan. No doubt this town inspired several poets and artists.

Here you will be greeted with amazingly intricate and detailed Mughal architecture and the every elegant Moinuddin Chisti Dargah. The architecture of this town is so marvellous that you will feel like a king walking through your royal kingdom.


If you have seen enough of the wonderful architecture that is omnipresent in Rajasthan, then go over to Ranthambore National Park. This lively national park is like diving straight into the Jungle Book. The trees are dense and lively and if lucky you might just come face to face with the majestic tigers.


Another gorgeous aspect of Rajasthan is the magnificent That Desert. With layers and layers of never-ending sand, you will feel like a nomad trying to traverse through this unknown territory. This Golden City in Rajasthan is called Jaisalmer, and you are sure to fall in love with it. Hop on a camel or just simply go for a thrilling Dune Safari, this town will not disappoint you.


Rishikesh | source: Cleartrip


In Ramnagar, you will be able to completely unleash your inner wild animal as you take a trip through the glorious Jim Corbett National Park. Your heart will surely be in your mouth as your jeep will take sharp turns towards more and more wilderness. Try and spot some of the majestic creatures celebrating their freedom in their natural habitat.


The holy town of Rishikesh is like paradise on Earth. Blessed with amazing weather and beautiful scenery this place is a perfect gateway close to Delhi. All through the year, you will find pilgrims coming here to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Rishikesh is blessed with gorgeous streams and majestic views. You also take part in thrilling adventure sports in this place- from Rafting to bungee jumping, this town is a haven for adventure seekers.


If you are looking to get away from the daily hustle bustle of the Capital of India, then look no further. Ranikhet in Almora is the perfect way to get some peace and tranquillity.

The landscapes and scenery here are absolutely gorgeous and you will be blessed with some magnificent sunsets and sunrises. No matter where you look you will find large meadows that are the perfect kind of green and the beautiful blue sky right above you.


source: Oneday Tours


This pristine town in Dehradun is so beautiful and calm that you won’t want to leave from here ever. Mussoorie is blessed with breathtaking locales and gorgeous avenues that will remind you of any European hill station.

Take a cable car ride and witness the beauty that lies right under your feet. At one point your cable car will rise above the clouds and you are sure to gasp at that brilliant sight.

Dehradun also has amazing caves that you can explore. Some of these caves also have a whole another biome inside them. The Robber’s Cave has its own rivers and waterfalls that make it spellbinding. So take out your explorer hat and head over to these majestic caves.

Himachal Pradesh

Kalka Shimla Toy Train | source: Goibibo


One of the most popular hill stations near Delhi, Shimla is truly a dream destination. Armed with magnificent views of the gorgeous snow-capped mountains and a lovely serene atmosphere, you are sure to feel at peace here. The natural beauty is so beautiful here that you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated in no time.

Shimla is such a place where you just need to take your backpack and head over. Try and get lost in the beauty of it- this is the only true way to experience Shimla.


There are so many names given to Palampur that you will be spoilt for choice. There is so much beauty here that you will have no idea where to start at.

From the rolling green tea estates to the eternally flowing blue streams- Palampur is the much-needed medicine to cure you of stress.

The town is the perfect merger of both plains and mountains. On one side you will find yourself flanked with intimidating yet majestic Himalayas, on the other you will find large meadows covered with green grass.


One of the most exciting things to do in Himachal Pradesh is to just go trekking. There are so many routes and trails that you can take that you will have no idea which to choose. All of the trails boast of beautiful sights and even more gorgeous locales. But, make sure you take the famous Chakrata trek, which is absolutely mystical and magical in every sense. This town has such beautiful views of the mountains that you will be gasping at it for a long time.

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