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The city of dreams, Mumbai is also filled with many nighttime activities that will keep enchanted. Mumbai is often called the city that doesn’t sleep, and it would be a waste if you don’t experience the nightlife of Mumbai in the way that it is meant to be. This bustling city is quite a revelation at night, as the night owls start to come out and Mumbai turns into a different place. With many night clubs, peaceful avenues and activities, there is a lot to do here at night.

Here are some popular night time tours and activities that you can take part into experience the nightlife of Mumbai:

Carter Road, Bandra West

The beautiful avenue of Carter Road looks even more alluring at night. This iconic hangout spot is for all the late-night joggers, the idle walkers, and the hidden lovers. The entire stretch of Carter Road comes alive after 9 pm. It is a whole different set up at that time. Just take a lazy walk, or sit at the many restaurants and cafes that dot this place. As the night gets darker, the place gets quieter and quieter and you can almost feel the peace entering your body as you take a mindful walk down the road.

Marine Drive

Often called the Queen’s necklace owing to the beautiful stretch of yellow street lamps, Marine Drive is one of the most iconic and a landmark of Mumbai. The glittering stretch overlooks the Arabian Sea. Most of the famous hotels and shining buildings are located here as well.

You will often find it crowded with families, lovesick couples, tourists, and roadside vendors selling that perfect cup of chai. Just sit, and watch the view from here and watch as the city of Mumbai unravels in front of you. There are many conversations to be had at 3 am whilst you sit silently at this stunning place.

Juhu Beach

While you are not allowed to go swimming at the Juhu Beach, this place has truly turned into a wonderful night hangout. From little food stalls tonight volleyball, the Juhu beach is resplendent with activities that go on till the wee hours.

You can also chill by the sea, or just sit on the pristine sand and enjoy the activities that take place around you. You can also grab a quick midnight snack to make your night even more enjoyable.

Rustomji’s Ice cream, Churchgate

Located near Marine Drive, this landmark ice-cream parlour is a must-visit the place. Often called the hidden gem of Mumbai, Rustomji’s Ice-cream parlour is famous for its lip-smackingly delicious ice cream sandwiches. Just grab one of those yummy sweet treats and walk over to the marine drive to enjoy a wholesome Mumbai nightlife experience.

Le 15 Café, Colaba

This cute little cafe will not only keep you occupied at night but also melt your heart away with its ambiance. One of the most adorable cafes in Mumbai, the Le 15 Café is famous for its enchanting coffee and macarons that will make you come back for more.

Jus unwind after a long day of sightseeing and tuck into some delicious desserts and coffee.

Bademiya, Colaba

If you are looking for something unique for your Mumbai nightlife tour, then make sure you pop into the famous Bademiya. This street-side shop sells the most delicious and tastiest kebabs. You are supposed to take the kebabs and eat on the bonnet of your car. The kebabs are so tasty that your taste buds will surely tingle with joy.

For those who do not have a car to keep their tasty kebabs, can also visit their restaurant by the same name.

Mohammed Ali Road

One of the most crowded streets in Mumbai, Mohammed Ali Road comes alive during Ramadan. Selling some of the most amazing food and dishes that you will ever taste, this place is something else altogether. It is quite something to experience the Mumbai nightlife tour at Mohammed Ali Road.

You have to come here for its biryani, Nalli nihari, quail, shawarma, kheema and much more.  The entire street smells delicious as the smell of hot tandoori kebabs fill your nostrils and transport you to another world. But beware, the crowds can at times get too much to handle and the waiting lines are quite a lot.

Cafe Leopold, Colaba

Known for the infamous 26/11 attack that riddled this iconic cafe with bullets, the Leopold Cafe has now become the testimony to the strength of Mumbai. This cafe quickly reopened after the tragic attack, and now attracts thousands and thousands of people every day, who come here to sample their marvellous Iranian menu. Leopold Cafe is a place that is timeless in every sense. From its hospitality to its ambience, everything here will remind you of the old world charms when technology didn’t exist and only honest conversations took place.

Night Cubs:-

Social, outlets around Mumbai

The lively club of Social is one of the best places to spend your night out in Mumbai if you are looking for good food, amazing drinks, and a lively atmosphere. The ambiance of social is also unique, as are their signature cocktails. So, just dance the night away and tuck into some popular dishes to spend a lovely time with your friends.

Anti Social, Khar

If you want to visit something a little more different and a little under the ground, then head off the antisocial. This unique club is situated in the basement of Social, Khar, giving it quite a shady and spooky atmosphere. Brimming with a different side to Mumbai, there are woke poetry sessions, live concerts, and art exhibitions here. You just need to be willing to get away from the mainstream to discover this hipster place. The laid back music and the cheap alcohol prices make this place quite a popular nighttime hangout for the youth of the city.

Aer, Worli

If you are looking for a night tour with a view, then you must visit the ethereal Aer located in Worli. This rooftop club is the perfect way to enjoy dinner, amazing hospitality and the majestic view of Mumbai. It is also quite captivating to have dinner under the starlit sky and have wonderful conversations over their magnificent drinks.

Some Unique Late Night Activities

Cruise By The Gateway of India

If you are looking to witness the nightlife of Mumbai then you cannot give the Gateway of India a miss. This icon of Mumbai looks quite stunning at night with all of its lights. You can also book a charmer cruise and sail away as you pass all the famous buildings if Mumbai.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Terminus

This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the busiest places in Mumbai. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Terminus or CSMT has it is locally called, is one of the most important railway junctions. However, apart from being a train station, it is also iconic due to its colonial style gothic architecture and glowing lights. The lighting at night for CSMT is stunning and is quite grandiose. It is a definite must witness monument while on your Mumbai nightlife tour.

Catch A Late Night Movie At Regal

If you are someone who likes to unwind at an ancient cinema hall at night, then Regal is the spot for you. This heritage cinema hall was inaugurated in 1933 and has withstood the test of time. Not only does it celebrate its heritage, but it is also quite something to catch a lovely late-night movie at such a historical movie hall.

Go Midnight Cycling

The most serene and fascinating way to explore Mumbai is through cycling. There are a few night tours in Mumbai that offer a midnight cycling experience. You will be riding through some of the most post, elegant and historic locations in Mumbai. Revel in the cool breeze and zip through the city at its quietest. Watch as the bustling city transforms into a peaceful place, as you let the wind wash your hair and peddle as much as you can. The cycle tour is quite transformative, and you will a sense of bliss washing over you.

The city of Mumbai is quite the perfect place for heading out at night. Not only is Mumbai quite a safe place, but it also is brimming with night activities that will show you a different side to these metropolitan cities. These night tours in Mumbai are an absolute treat and you should experience some of them to make your Mumbai tour even more memorable.

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