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There is no secret that India is a land of fairy tales and mysteries. Each nook and corner of India has a new story and a new experience that even experts haven’t been able to solve. India is a brimming with secrets and bizarre mysteries that are waiting to be uncovered. Some of these mysteries are so quirky that either you will be surprised or you will get freaked out after seeing them.

From temples to deserts, let your imagination run wild, as these mysterious places in India start to unravel themselves in front of you. These mystery tours will amaze you and shock you as you try to make sense of what is happening and why it is happening.

Here are some of the best Mystery Tours in India:

A Little Desert: Karnataka

Next on your Mysterious India tour, there lies a submerged village. Situated by the serene river of Kaveri, Talakad was once home to about 30 temples in Karnataka. Out of these 30 temples, five of them had Lingams, each representing the five faces of Lord Shiva. It was also a bustling city with markets and houses.

Yet, one fine day, the city was gone and a desert came up, leaving everyone surprised. According to the legend, a widowed devotee of Lord Shiva had cursed Talakad in anger. This curse turned the city into a little desert and the gentle water of the River Kaveri into a swirling whirlpool. You can try to figure out this mystery on your Karnataka tour.

Red Rain: Kerala

You should not just visit Idukki for is unique red rain, but also for its breathtaking locals, vast forest cover and the mouth-watering coastal curry. Known as the Red Region of India, Idukki is truly a mysterious place in India.

Back in 25th July 2001, red coloured raindrops started falling from the sky. It stained the clothes, the buildings and even the roads. However, once the locals collected the water, the water started to turn clear as the red particles started settling at the bottom of the container.

This happened for about two months after that as well. After much research, the scientists concluded that the red particles were airborne spores which came from locally growing algae. 

The Hanging Pillar: Andhra Pradesh

The iconic Lepakshi Temple is a landmark in Indian architecture when it comes to its unique designs and fascinating pillars. This historical site has wonderful and intricate patterns but also holds a little mystery.

On your Mysterious India Tour, visit the Lepakshi Temple to witness the famous floating pillar. This Shiva Temple has about 70 pillars, out of which one is hanging in mid-air, almost as if it is floating in the air. Experts still haven’t been able to decipher how such a feat was possible at that time, and yet it stands there right in front of our eyes in all its glory.

A lot of pilgrims and even tourists pass objects under the pillar as well, as it is said to bring good luck and prosperity.

The Lepakshi Temple is located in Andhra Pradesh and is quite an architectural marvel.

Double Trouble: Kerala

The extraordinary and unique village in Kerala will surely make you smile and gasp in shock. The entire village of Kodinhi has the largest number of twin births. It is so high that many call this town “Village of Twins”. With such a unique factor, there is no doubt that Kodinhi is a popular mysterious site in India.

The moment you reach here, you will start rubbing your eyes to see if you are seeing double or is it there. Everywhere you look you will find pairs of twins just running along the streets. There are about 200 pairs of twins and two sets of triples in this town! It doesn’t stop here, the women who are married out of this village also have twins or triplets.

The doctors have theorised that this is because some kind of a chemical that is present in the lake of the Kodinhi village.

Magical Rock: Maharashtra

On your Mysterious India Tour, you just cannot miss the shrine of Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh..

The mystery of this place lies in its rock. The rock weighs about 70 kgs. If one has to lift the rock, then about 11 people have to gather around it and touch it with their forefingers specifically. After that, all of them have to loudly call the name of the saint who had placed a curse on the rock, after which the stone starts to rise. There is absolutely no other way to live the rock, no matter how strong one is.

A Sufi Saint called Qamar Ali put this curse.

The Hill That Attracts: Ladakh

The feeling of driving through the serene hills of Leh is almost on everyone’s bucket list. Yet, if you are looking for something more thrilling and mysterious, then head up to the Magnetic Hill in Leh. Located about 11,000 ft above sea level, this route is quite a mysterious and unique site.

Just take your car and switch off the ignition once the road starts going uphill. You will find that the car automatically starts getting pulled.You can drive up here with our switching your ignition on!

Visit this thrilling and adventurous place to get a taste of this Mysterious India Tour.

Suicidal Birds: Assam

The rustic and quaint village of Jatinga is located in the interiors of Assam. While the village might look serene and ordinary in the first glance, there is something mysterious and bizarre about it. Every monsoon, as the nights get dark and foggy, birds flying over the village start to crash to their death. It almost feels as if they are dying of suicide. It happens every year during September and October, and as the birds start to crash on buildings, poles and trees and dropping down in a ghastly sight.

There is no proper theory as to why this happens. Some say the dense fog disorients the birds which makes them crash into buildings.

If you wish to decode this disturbing phenomenon, then don’t forget to visit it on your Mysterious India Tour.

From the skeletal remains of Roopkund Lake to the whispers of Dumas Beach. From the no door houses in a small village of Maharashtra to the disappearing rocks at Rameshwaram, India has many mysterious places for you to visit. Just, take a deep breath and embark on the Mysterious Tour in India.

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