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Don’t go breaking your heart over another person who does not listen to what you feel. Instead, let the winds of the scenic hills of Himalayas chant back your words. Embrace the glorious green fields on the banks of Ganga. Incredible India would love you back and that too selflessly. Walkthrough the golden deserts and swim through the vast rivers. Just dive into the sea of love this country has to offer and explore the deeper ends. Sway away with India’s air to a place filled with unconditional affection and infinite compassion.

India is truly incredible and there are so many reasons why you will fall irrevocably in love with it.

The Natural Realm

India is also filled with some of the most groceries sights and natural settings that one will ever come across. From the intimidating peaks of the Himalayas to the gorgeous holy rivers- Ganga and Yamuna. From the lively national forests to the rustic Thar Desert, Incredible India has it all. These beautiful places in India will give you a needed break from the hustle-bustle of life while providing you with the best of views. Imagine waking up to the imposing snowy peaks of Himalayas or strolling by the ethereal Ganga!

The Wonders Of History And Culture

The entire country of India is like a landmine of historical artefacts and cultural beauties. Every state, city, and every village you walkthrough will have some enchanting historical monument or a lively culture that will pull you closer and closer. From the wonders of Old Delhi to the stories of historical forts in Rajasthan. India has preserved its past in the best way possible. From light and sound shows at the Cellular Jail in Andaman to lesser-known anecdotes of the Naga tribe, you will be privy to everything in this country.

The culture of Incredible India is quite possibly the most diverse and the most captivating in the world. Every state, every community and every city has its own culture that is filled with vibrance. It is quite something to travel from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and witness how the culture changes so dramatically within the same country. Whether you are traversing the shrines of Vrindavan or watching Durga Puja in Kolkata, India will never fail to surprise you with its myriad of cultures and traditions.

The Architectural Marvels

Due to its rich historical past, India has some of the most stunning architectural wonders. Some of these monuments like the Mysore Palace, or the City Palace in Udaipur, are quintessentially Indian designs. While, other monuments like Taj Mahal, Red Fort and most of the parts of Delhi are a confluence of Indo and Persian Style of architecture.

Whereas, if you move into the Fort areas of Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai, you will notice the marks of the colonial architecture- the gothic Victoria Terminus in Mumbai or the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. As you go down south, the architecture becomes more and more different. As tall colourful towers define the Dravidian style of architecture. Some towns like Shimla, Manali and even Pondicherry still bear the mark of a colonial lifestyle. And you will be amazed by little schools, cobbled roads and small churches in these cities. India is also brimming with UNESCO World Heritage Sites all of which will make you gasp with surprise.

In India, even the shrines and places of worship are colossal wonders. With intricate designs, mesmerising sculptures and divine idols of God and Goddesses, these temples are a delight.

India is a haven for architecture lovers, and you will surely not be disappointed when you come here in search of the wonders of India’s architecture.

The Indian Food

You cannot leave India without falling in love with the variety of dishes and food available. Each food and dish has its own story, own origin and its own culture that makes it even more special. Just come here and let your diet go away as you tuck into delicacies like – gol gappes in Punjab, fish fry in Kolkata, Vada Pav in Mumbai, rasam in Tamil Nadu, seafood delicacies in Kerala, a Goan curry in Goa, a Laksa in Nagaland, stocky jalebis in Delhi, Kebabs in Lucknow, thalis in Jaipur and fafdas in Gujarat, among many more.

Every street, every corner and every lane in India smells of tasty fried food that will pull you closer like a magnet and temp you into tasting some of the best dishes you will ever have. It is also a strange myth that everything in India is spicy. That is not true, while we do use a lot of spice, some dishes are made without too many spices.

Each state has its delicacy, so just ask any local about their favourite dishes and they will perhaps tell you about 20 dishes you must try from 20 different places!

While a lot of tourists are afraid of trying street food in India due to hygiene issues, you should be daring and bold to try it out. The streets of India are filled with some of the tasty dishes in the world and it will be a shame to miss them. Just carry a digestive and go on an exciting street food trek in India.

India Is A Circus

There is something always happening in India. Once in India, you cannot avoid the Great Indian Circus. Every city you walk in, you will witness at least one astonishing sight, that is pretty common for Indian folks, but quite a wonder for the tourists. May it be random street dancing, to someone practicing the drums, or camels and cows walking through a crowded street or songs playing at the traffic signal.

In Varanasi, you will also have to walk through narrow lanes with bullock carts, cycles, buses, locals, group tours, and even funeral processions at the same time! You might also be privy to strange rituals and traditions that are part of some culture of religion.

You will come across children playing street football, parades, and rallies, or the great Indian marriages! It is pretty much impossible to avoid these sights and over time you will get so used to them that you will start falling in love with all its quirks!

You Can Easily Avoid Crowds

Most people believe that going to India is a huge challenge. Due to the number of tourists and people who come to places like the Taj Mahal or the Char Dham Yatra or other tourist-friendly places. However, the good news is that the crowd is only limited to a few hyped places and other equally wondrous places in Incredible India are usually far from the maddening crowd.

You can easily get off the usual track and traverse a more off the radar trail in India. Get lost in the beaches of Gokarna as you ditch the crowds of Goa, or replace the tourist-filled Ladakh for a peaceful Ziro Valley. Zip through the mountains in Mcleodganj or head off to the painted walls of Shekhawati. Just discover a different side of India and explore as much as you want.

The Diversity

It is almost impossible to not fall in love own the diversity that India has. India was once a country that was filled with operating kingdoms each with their own culture and rulers and different tribes, that were eventually all united under the Indian Flag. Even after this, India has continued to maintain its diversity which is apparent from the moment you land here.

In this country, you will find mosques, monasteries and gurudwaras and temples all coexisting. Here you will find qawwalis being sung in one lane, and the other chants the Gayatri mantra. Here you will find hundreds of different languages and thousands of dialects. From celebrating Eid to burning crackers during Diwali, all the festivals of every religion here are celebrated with equal pomp and fare. The diversity here is so prominent, that if you drive two hours away from a city in the same state, then the language starts to change.

It is quite heartening and surprising for tourists to see such diversity, and it is quite difficult not to fall in love with it.

India Is Budget-Friendly

India is quite budget-friendly when it comes to accommodation, food, and shopping. A lot of tourists come here solely because it is cheap and can be easily afforded. Incredible India is an ideal destination for a budget-friendly backpacking trip.

However, if you are someone who likes to appreciates the finer things in life, then India will surely pamper you and make you fall in love with it. With heritage hotels, regal restaurants, and luxury tours, India knows how to treat you like a royal! You will find yourself living on a houseboat in Kerala or staying in the middle of the lake in the Taj Hotel in Udaipur, or dining at the best restaurants.

The Warmth Of Indian People

The people of India are extremely hospitable and will also extend a helping hand especially to tourists. Indians strongly believe in the ideology that- Guests are akin to God, so in India, you will find people coming forward to help you. They are helpful, and kind in every way. You can easily chat up with them, ask about their lives and talk about everything and anything. This is also a great way to know more about their stories, history, and anecdotes. They might also give you some great suggestions that will make your trip even more memorable.

Visiting Incredible India is like diving into a culture filled with hospitality, love, and charms. Every nook and corner in India will enchant you, captivate you, give you an adrenaline rush and eventually be etched in your memories forever. All you need to do is, open your arms and embrace all the magnificence that India has to offer, and in no time you will fall in love with this country.

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