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With solo female travelling on the rise, more and more females are seeking and searching for places in India that are safe and female friendly. These women have broken the patriarchal shackles and have decided to see the world on their own terms- also get that well-deserved break.

One of the best destinations for women to travel solo is undoubtedly the South of India.

Not only is South India abundantly blessed with natural beauty, but it is also safe for women.

The Southern states of India have some mesmerizing places, that will leave the tourist stunned and will give them that break that they so seek.

The places are extremely female friendly and women can travel without a worry on their brow.

From natural beauty to a rich culture, these places in South India has a lot to offer to these solo female travellers.

Through our list, we tried to pinpoint the best South Indian places to travel to for solo female travelers.

1. Munnar

Tea garden Munnar | source:

Munnar offers not only a safe environment but also an exceedingly interesting and picturesque site. There is never a boring time in Munnar. Filled with mesmerizing green forests and vast meadows of tea gardens, Munnar offers the perfect place to unwind and relax, away from the stresses of daily life.

You will find yourself enchanted by the wonderful and aromatic tea gardens, along with the little tea stalls that line the gardens.

There is beauty in every corner in Munnar, and it is very female friendly. If you are a solo female traveller make sure to visit the dense yet moist green forests, the captivating tea museum, Eravikulam National Park and so many more amazing and fascinating places. These places are right on the lap of nature and will make you feel light and stress-free. The atmosphere of the place itself is so breezy, light, cool and clean. It is enough to lift up your spirits and make you feel a different kind of warmth.

2. Alleppey

Houseboat in Alleppey | source: Medium

South India is truly blessed with amazing places that can exceed your imagination. As a solo female traveller make sure you don’t miss out on “Venice of the East” also known as  Alleppey. This secluded town in Kerala is everything that can be described as heaven. From the lazy time on a houseboat sailing through the amazing backwaters to the coconut trees that line up the beaches. Everything is perfect, just like God intended at  Alleppey.

Female travellers are guaranteed to not only feel safe but also have a great time here, which is filled with fun memories and happening adventures.

Don’t miss the splendid sunset ta the Marari Beach, just look just like a perfectly made painting. If you want to do something different than the beaches then head on to Vembanad, and try spotting the various birds that fly around.

3. Coorg

Abbey Falls | source: coorgtour

Coorg is a wondrous town nestled in Karnataka. It is often called the “Scotland of India”.The cool wind blows, as the radiant flowers dance with the clouds that you can almost touch, and the gushing waterfall makes for the perfect scenery.

This place is heaven for nature lovers or anyone who Is an admirer of raw, natural beauty. Female travellers can also get their wild and adventurous side out and dive into a number of fun-filled adventure activities like- waterfall repelling, or simple elephant rides through the wild dense forests. It is the perfect combination of fun and relaxation.

4. Kodaikanal


Kodaikanal is the perfect example of the wondrous natural beauty that South India commands. This place is truly gifted with one of the best views in South India. Far from the corrupt hands of commercialization, Kodaikanal is nature at its best and is by far one of the best hill stations in South India.

The weather is eternally pleasant, and the serene Kodai Lake is a perfect place to just walk around, or sit at a bench and read a book.

As a solo female traveler, make sure to visit the Coaker’s walk, and the Silver Cascade Falls. These places are sure to leave you content and rejuvenated.

5. Hampi

source: Wee Gypsy Girl

While South India is filled with amazing natural beauty, but this one is one a little different. Hampi is a paradise for the history lovers who love getting to know the stories of the past through stone carvings and temples.

Hampi is the perfect escape of the present world to one that was in the past. Well, placed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi was once the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire, but now lays in ruins. Yet the anecdotes that echo from these ruins, is well worth the trip to this dilapidated city.

Virupaksha Temple is a must-visit site and is said to be the oldest shrine. The temple complex has a lot of different temples that surround it, and give a different allure to the main Virupaksha Temple.

Filled with historically significant monuments, a small stroll along the river from the Virupaksha temple will take you to the famous Vitthala Temple.

Except for the amazing lessons in history, Hampi is a serene and peaceful place to just walk around, which makes it perfect for a solo female traveller.

6. Gokarna

gokarna trek

Gokarna has gradually emerged as one of the top destinations for solo women travellers. The wonderful sandy beaches and the pristine clean water- Gokarna has become the new Goa. With unparalleled beauty and amazing beach air, this place is perfect for every beach lover looking to travel alone and make friends along the way.

The chilled out and safe environment will make every solo female traveller feel free and liberated.

Take a long due dip in the cool waters of the beautiful Om Beach, or just sing along with strangers from all over the world, in the secluded Kudle Beach.

There are so many pristine and wondrous beaches in Gokarna, you will not be able to make up your mind.

If you want a change of scenery then head over to the many Temples that flank this coastal town. Prepare to be amazed by the mesmerising and unique Dravidian architecture. These mystical temples manage to imbibe a sense of spirituality in even the ones who don’t believe in the Supreme Power.

7. Varkala


Varkala is relatively unknown among the tourist circles, which makes this town ever the more beautiful.

The beaches are nothing but relaxing sand with nothing but miles and miles of shimmering blow blanket of the deep sea. This coastal town is nestled between Alleppey and Kovalam and is famous among backpackers.

The small is extremely small, and you can walk around this rejuvenating yet sleepy hamlet in about 15 min.

Your hearts will soar the moment you look at the scenic beauty from the cliff, that will be etched into your mind forever. The calm solitude and the serene landscape is perfect for females looking for some ‘me’ time.

Varkala is the kind of place, where you will find that days turn into weeks with a blink of an eye.

8. Ooty

Nilgiri Lake Ooty

Lush green hills, beautiful panoramic views, and a huge blanket of tea estates are what makes Ooty the top choice among solo female travellers.

Not only is it safe, but it offers these travellers, much more than just scenic beauty. From hiking to thrilling adventures, Ooty has something for all the different kinds of female solo travellers.

There is so much to enjoy at Ooty, that you will be in deep confusion while making your itinerary. From lofty mountains to dense forests, make sure you miss nothing.

One of the most enthralling and captivating experiences in Ooty is to just simply walk through the terraced gardens at the Ooty Botanical Park housing.

Don’t forget to take a cute little tunnel ride that will remind you of the train to Hogwarts. Peak through your window, and be amazed at the train goes to dark tunnels and mystical foggy woods, which are the prized treasures of the Nilgiri hills.

For the more adventure seeking solo female travellers- you can hike to the Doddabetta Peak to see the thrilling and resplendent view of the  Catherine Falls.

Also, keep your diets at home, and make sure to indulge in some delicious white chocolate, which is a speciality in Ooty.

9. Pondicherry

source: Railyatri Blog

One of the hippest and colourful cities in India, Pondicherry is everything that a solo female traveller would ever want. From hippie trails to vast European avenues, to Gothic churches to unique cafes- this is the place that everyone needs to head to.

A town that still has kept the French culture alive, Pondicherry is best suited for solo travellers especially females.

There is so much to experience here, and the adventures taken here can be life-changing.

If the beach is you calling, then take your swimming costume and lie down at the popular Auro Beach, that has a different aura!

Pondicherry is also great for shopping- try going to places like Janaki, The Cotton House among many others, that sell some authentic and ethnic souvenirs and clothes.

As you stroll through the French Quarter, for a moment you will forget that you are in India. The bungalows, the cobbled roads, and even the street lamps are also remnants of the French Era in India.

This is the perfect place to indulge in some quiet reading as the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee from the neighborhood cafe fills your lungs.

If you are more inspired by Julia Roberts from the movie Eat Pray and Love, then make sure to indulge in some soul cleansing at the s Sri Aurobindo Ashram, which is the epitome of serenity and peace.

10. Yelagiri

source: Kiomoi

This quaint and quiet hill station is filled with natural beauty. It almost seems like God itself has descended upon this town and made it its abode.

The stunning landscape of Yelagiri is well complemented by the dense forests that give off an eerie yet calming vibe.

Yelagiri is the perfect place if you are looking for a break from your usual lifestyle and want to pamper yourself with some alone time.

Yelagiri at the first glance might seem different from all the other hill stations, which it essentially is, yet it has some typical and necessary features of hill stations.

From lakes to stunning viewpoints, Yelagiri has all of it under the same roof. If you want to sit and introspect then head to the Punganoor Lake, which is also the best way to kick off your vacation in Yelagiri. Once you are well rested, take your backpack and head off to a small trek to the Swami Malai Hills. You will get one of the best views of the splendid sunset. If you want to have a rendezvous with nature then head over to the Nature Park.

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