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The wonderful city of Varanasi is known for its resplendent ghats, the ethereal Ganga, color narrow alleys, and the many shrines that adorn Varanasi. Yet, what most tourists do not realize is that Varanasi also has another side to it that comes out when the sun goes down. This city is not often associated with the idea of bustling nightlife, yet over the years Varanasi has some thunderous night clubs and refreshing activities that dot its nights. Varanasi is also a city that hardly ever sleeps- from walking on the ghats to jostling through the markets- there are a plethora of nighttime activities that you can partake in Varanasi.

Sail With The Sunset

One of the most popular and beautiful ways to watch the sun slowly going down into the horizon wearing bathing the entire city in an orange aura is through a boat. Sunset boat tours are extremely famous and popular in Varanasi, and you will find yourself right in the middle of the Holy River when the sun starts to set. The entire setting is mesmerizing, as priests start to gather with their plates and little kids hop around waiting for the Ganga aarti. As you watch from a distance, the cacophony of noises starts to fill the ghats, and the light starts to shimmer, while you sail through the Ganges. When in Varanasi, you must undertake this lovely experience at least once in your life.

Stroll The Ghats And Witness The Ganga Aarti

Another popular tourist activities in Varanasi is to witness life at the ghats. After the sun goes down, the ghats become a hub for all kinds of activities, from aartis to games. Everything at Varanasi happens here. Stroll and visit the different ghats in Varanasi, and watch as the lights slowly begin to come up and people start to fill. Hang around for the stunning Ganga Aarti and watch as the flames rise with the chants of the people, making everything around it pious and serene.

Shop Till Late Night

One of the best ways to experience nightlife activities in Varanasi is by shopping till late at night. Most of the shops remain open quite late. Make your way through the little lanes of Varanasi, and watch as the vendors call out to you in hopes of catching your attention. The small shapes with all their lights, sarees and jewelry glisten as the moonlight falls on them. To experience most of your shopping experience head off to Vishwanath Gali and Chowk.

View The Alamgir Mosque

Varanasi is one of the holiest places for Hindus and is also brimming with temples and shrines. Yet, beyond the lively ghats, you will find a glistening mosque as it overlooks the Ganges. The mosque was commissioned by Aurangzeb after he had destroyed the original Vishwanath Temple that stood in its place once upon a time. This stunning mosque looks even more enchanting during the night when the moonlight falls on its many minarets and makes it glisten like a thousand splendid stars.

Party The Night Away The Night Clubs

Till a few years ago, the idea of bustling nightclubs with free-flowing alcohol and groovy music. However, with the new generation of youths coming into the foray, this ancient city now has a few wonderful night-clubs that will make your nights quite something. These nightclubs are completely different from the world outside, and you will find yourself enjoying the best of both worlds here at Varanasi.

Tarang Bar

The Tarang Bar is home to some of the coolest events in Varanasi. Filled with a vibrant vibe, this bar is filled with a chilled out vibe and some wonderful old school music. From random gigs to impromptu concerts, Tarang Bar is the place to be at. It is the kind of club that will make you forget about the world and help make your night at Varanasi even more memorable.

Prinsep Bar

A little bar located amid the city, Prinsep Bar is a tribute to the talented painter- Prinsep. He used to make stunning sketches of the shrines and ghats of Varanasi, which you will find hung up on the walls of this club. The beauty of this club is the way it emerges both class and nostalgia is a fine blend. You will get some smooth scotch, delicious starters, and interiors that speak of sophistication.

Trishna Pubs

One of the most popular clubs of Varanasi, Trishna is complete with flashy lights, neon-colored walls, and funky seating areas. It is a great place to wind up after a long day and enjoy some nibbles with a chilled beer.

Toxic Bar Pubs

If you are someone who likes to experiment with your drinks, then the Toxic Bar is the place to be at. Filled with wonderful French wines and Indian fusion drinks, this bar is quite a revelation. A tourist favorite, this bar is resplendent with beautiful interiors and quirky light. The music is also kept low so that you can enjoy some lovely heartfelt conversations with your friends.

Mangi Ferra Pub

The Mangi Ferra Bar is a great place if you are looking for a budget-friendly night club. It is one of the best pubs for some quick bites coupled with some lovely chilled beers. The club is open till late and is brimming with pops of colours and a lively atmosphere. The music is peppy and you will have some wonderful late-night conversations at this club.

Windsor Bar

If you are someone who cannot get enough of entertainment, then the Windsor Bar will become your go-to place. It is the perfect club to wrap up the evening and sit down with your friends with some drinks. The staff is friendly and the food is quite a culinary experience.

Varanasi manages to get even more enchanting and chaotic when the sun goes down. It is as if the city has a new zeal of life and it wants to party the entire night away. From roaring aartis to thrilling clubs, Varanasi will surely keep you entertained throughout the night.

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