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Touring with a group is one of the most liberating experiences that one can undertake. It not only gives one a sense of freedom but also teaches us more than any classroom ever can. Touring opens the minds of people, whether you are on top of the Himalayas or simply enjoying a boat ride over the Ganges – it makes you a better version of yourself.

The experiences open your mind to so many new culture and possibilities that you can never be the same person after you come back from a trip. You are a better and more knowledgable version of yourself. Yet, this is a euphoric feeling of travelling is very hard to convey to people who are more of a homebody. They don’t believe in the philosophy or eat, pray and travel. So we decided to curate a list for that one person in our life who doesn’t like to go for tours and hence don’t know what all they are missing

The Feeling of Liberation

Being on a tour gives a feeling of complete liberation and confidence. It is more like travelling without hassling. You will never have an unconfirmed reservation or face lines at that one museum you so wanted to go. All this will be taken care of by the group tour operator. You can also go out at night with your tour group and you will never will unsafe. This gives a severe confidence boost and you are successfully liberated from the backward operations- like queues, or reservations that suck the fun out of travelling.

Never Miss A Perfect Shot

While travelling solo, or travelling with a friend can be amazing, it still does have its issues. One of the major issue, that have cropped up in this social media era is that of capturing that perfect shot. It is annoying and painstaking to keep asking strangers to click that social media worthy shot of yours or your friends since there is no one else to ask.

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This problem gets completely sorted out, thanks to your tour members. You will always have someone around you to take that beautiful shot of your right in front of the Taj Mahal. Your group members also become your friends, and no candid will be more perfect than that of you and your new found friend sharing an inside joke while sitting on the Benaras Ghat.

The Iconic Tune or gesture

Most of the group tours have an iconic tune or a defining gesture that sets the group apart. It can be a song that plays every time you get on the van or bus, or when you cross a landmark, or it can simply be something that your tour operator keeps on saying to keep all of you in check.

These things get etched into the brain and become fond memories that you can forever keep with you.

One time, in Udaipur, my tour operator- a 60 plus elderly man, kept saying flowers, flowers to signal us that he is here, and we need to keep following him. That got etched into my brain, and my friends still don’t understand why whenever someone says flowers I start to smile.

The Insider View

The best perk of going in a tour is getting so juicy insider perks that a solo traveller cannot get. Getting access into the forbidden halls of some legendary monument, or getting to go into the museum first is something no everyone has access to. You also have an all-time guide with you, who explains to you all the details of the wonderful monuments and museums that you come across. Your friend who has only travelled solo will probably have never had such an experience. You have gone to places that not everyone has, and see things that were exclusive to your group.

Forming Bonds

Tours are filled with people from different caste, creed, religion, region, and gender. This makes diversity so fulfilling and worthwhile. This diversity is so rich that you can get insights about different cultures and their experiences. You can see the world from their eyes, and travel to their homelands through their stories. This is an amazing experience. You get to have friends from all over the world, who make your understanding more enhanced. You get to learn more and more about different cultures and end up being more knowledgable than your friend who never went on a tour. You also tend to discuss and debate about the places you saw and visited with the group on that day- which opens your minds to so much new information and perspective. Such bonds are rich and make you a better version of yourself. They are mutually beneficial. It keeps you updated and shows you how the same monument viewed by you is perceived in a completely different way by someone else.

source: Medium

These above things are unique to group tours. At the end, you become so close to your group that they start seeming like your family. These experiences cannot be lived by someone who hasn’t yet divulged into the world of group tours. So, the next time you head out to form newer bonds, make sure you force and make your friend experience this beautiful feeling that remains in your mind for a long time.

May 16, 2019
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