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The blooming town of Kanvashram is not the usual travel destination on your Uttarakhand tour. It is one of those roads less travelled. It leads to something so magical that you would wonder why you didn’t come here before.

According to legends, Emperor Bharat grew up in this town, making Kanvashram highly religious and pious. It is also his birthplace making it even more alluring and holy.

Shakuntala, a prominent figure in the Mahabharata and also King Bharat’s mother also lived here for a long time. Both Bharat and Shakuntala have spent a part of their lives in this laid back yet mesmerizing town. This makes it an important pilgrimage point in India.

Yet, this small town has so much to offer, that you might be wondering why you didn’t know about this before. So, this time on your Uttarakhand tour, leap into the unknown and embark on this offbeat travel destination :

A Quick History

The heavenly city of Kanvashram is located on the banks of River Malini. The sheer scenic beauty of Kanvashram will engulf you. The ethereal river, the Shivalik ranges of the Himalayas and lush green meadows, Kanvashram is truly the abode of god.

According to history, the Malini River has not changed its course, unlike the other major rivers. It flows through the bustling villages and the vast fields, as it nourishes and pampers them.

According to ancient Hindu scriptures, there was a huge university of these grounds where thousands of students came to study under Kanva Rishi.

Kanvashram was once a popular pilgrimage route since it led to Kedarnath and Badrinath. It was once a compulsory stop for the pilgrimage who were on their way to those two holy shrines. One had to cross the rivers, and battle the dense forests to finally reach their destinations. After that, it became a pilgrimage spot itself, with so many mythological stories, folklores, and anecdotes about great saints, Kanvashram blossomed.

Two wheelers can easily access this place. The once unattainable Kanvashram is not waiting to be explored on your Uttarakhand tour.

As you reach Kanvashram, you will find yourself admiring the natural beauty that enchants you. Just walk around the area and explore as much as you want. No restrictions and no one is stopping you from wandering across the rivers and beyond the trees.

The Ashram

Soon enough, on your Uttarakhand trip, you will find a little ashram which has been established to mark the legacy of the ancient Gurukul. The ashram itself has five statues- Kanva Rishi, Kashyap Rishi, Shakuntala, Dushyant, and Bharat. The sculpture of Bharat is unique, as he is seen as counting the teeth of a lion.

You can stroll around the area which is now brimming with fruit trees and a sweet fragrance. Also find birds hovering away, as they sit on the tall trees and sing their melodious songs. Try and imagine the ancient times and how natural and peaceful the Gurukul must have been amidst all of this nature.

The Himalayas serve as the perfect background for the little ashram and the blossoming fruit trees. You can wander around from some time before exploring further.

The Lush Green Forests

After visiting the ashram on your Uttarakhand tour, just gather up some adventurous energy and head into the dense lush forests in Kanvashram. These jungles are not too eerie and are the perfect places for a surreal and rejuvenating walk.

Just take a laid back walk through this enchanted jungle and allow yourself to be amazed by the scenery in front of you. You might also be greeted by Deer, Chitals, Monkeys, Langurs and even leopards at times.

If you go near the river, you will find elephants taking a much-needed bath or drinking the cold water from the river.

Places You Can Trek To

If you are looking for something more then embark on an exciting trekking tour near the Malini river. There are many places that you can experience:

Shauntlya Dhar

Shakuntala had spent about six years. According to legends, she used to stay at this ridge which is called the Shauntlya Dhar.

You can also visit Chandakhal if you wish to witness the glorious origin of the Malini River.


One of the most charming and stunning places you can visit on your Uttarakhand tour in Kanvashram is the Sahastradhara. The words translate to a thousand streams and usually denotes an area where small rivulets come together to form a large one. It is so gorgeous to look at, as water droplets trickle down from tall rocks and fall directly into the Malini river.

The Jagdev Temple

This lovely little temple is not too old. If you look closely you might notice that it was built on top of an old one. It is quite divine, and you can spend some time here embracing the tranquillity and divinity.

The Siddhbali Temple

This off the road temple is quite hard to find, and you need to ask the locals or the forest guards to guide you. It is so remote that once you find it, you will feel a sense of victory washing over you. On top of that, the Siddhbali Temple is serene and is the perfect place to sit and meditate. There are benches where you can sit on and introspect or reflect as you watch the bounty of nature in all its glory.

Interact With The Local Tribe

If you wish to add a local flavor to your Uttarakhand trip in Kanvashram, then visit the lovely open huts that dot the forests. The locals here belong to the Gujar community, who earn their money by selling milk and milk products. You can interact with them and ask them about their lifestyle to gain another insight into Kanvashram and its culture.

Helpful Travel Tips For Kanvashram

  • If you are planning to visit Kanvashram, then you can stay at the GMVN Tourist Lodge.
  • The public transport is not the best here, so hire a cab or get a private vehicle to visit Kanvashram.
  • Do not venture out in the wild without the guidance of a local. The forests can be dangerous and confusing for tourists so always go with a local guide.

If you wish to watch this town come alive then schedule your Uttarakhand tour during the Basant Panchami. There is a wonderful Vasantostav take takes places every year at Kanvashram.

Kanvashram is a place where just need to relax and watch the day go by. It is the perfect place for people looking to break away from their hectic life and enjoy the mundane yet scenic life of Kanvashram. Just wander about and take in all that nature has to give on this Uttarakhand tour.

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