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The incredible country of India has dealt with questions like- is it even safe? Isn’t it too hot? These are some of the myths that keep swirling around the heads of all the tourists who come here for the first time. India is filled with wonderful avenues and some of the fascinating places but, some people stay away from it just for the many myths about India that surround it. These myths are quite far from the truth, and the truth is quite the opposite. This country is for everyone.

So here is the list of some myth busters that will make your trip more mesmerizing and worry-free.

Myth: India Is Always Too Hot And Humid

While it is true that most parts of India face the wrath of the sun during the summer, many places are quite pleasant. Summers are a wonderful time to visit places along the Himalayas and witness the beauty of hill stations in India. You can embark on colossal treks, witness wonders of Ladakh, or relax at Manali.

There are many mesmerizing off the book hill stations in India blessed with chilled breezes and a lot of greenery. These hill stations are also great weekend spit for locals, who wish to get away from the sweltering heat. It is best to avoid places like- Rajasthan, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata during the Summer Season.

You can also visit India during the winter, which is a great time to visit tropical areas. You can laze at a Goan Beach, or click aesthetic photos at the City Palace in Rajasthan. All of these places are quite pleasant during the Winter Season. While India is a tropical country, it is not always hot everywhere all the time. Just plan your trip accordingly and you will have a memorable and pleasant experience.

Myth: In India People speak Hindi Only

One of the most common languages in India is Hindi, however, there are other languages too. There are many official and unofficial languages in India. If you plan to just learn Hindi while touring the South of India then you would be completely at lost. Most of the states have their language and own dialect. You should know which state you are going to for your trip and research accordingly.

Myth: No One In India Speaks English

This too is far from the truth. English is not our first language. However, it is quite commonly used and even taught in schools. You will usually find widespread use of English in urbane cities like- Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata. Most of the tourist places like Agra have also mastered the art of English to woo more and more tourists.

The communication barrier will only crop up if you are visiting a remote village somewhere in the interiors of a state. Here, you might not hear a lot of English. However, otherwise, most of the Indians are quite fluent in English and the rest can speak some basic English words too.

Myth: The Only Religion In India Is Hinduism

India is the largest secular country in the world and is also one of the most diverse countries. In India, the population is about 80% Hindus, however, you will find people from all religions- Buddhism, Jainism, Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

India has a beautifully diverse and colourful past, and as per the law- one can propagate their religion. Thus, you will find stunning churches, wonderful gurudwaras, and magnificent mosques that all exist in harmony. If you stand in the busiest corner of a city, you might be able to hear the bhajans from a temple, the Azan from a mosque and the holy chants from a gurudwara. India is a country that gives equal respect to every place of worship. Here Jama Masjid is as popular as the stupas of Sarnath.

You Will Surely Upset Your Stomach Because Of All The Spicy Food

While in India spices is a lifestyle, you can still get a much milder version of it. India is a land for tasty and delicious food, which you must sample to realize how wonderful food can be.

Food in India is a culinary delight, and you must be bold enough to try everything and anything. If you feel a little uneasy, just pop a digestive medicine and carry on. If you eat food from a proper hygienic restaurant you will surely not face any stomach problems. Just maintain basic hygiene, check the place out before eating, and then carry on.

Myth: Every Place In India Is Crowded

With a population of 1.2 billion, India is quite overpopulated. You will find maddening crowds in places like Kerala, Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa, and many more tourist areas, however, there is a world beyond these places. However, not every place in India is crowded. You can just skip the usual tourist areas and explore the lesser-known areas. Just traverse the peaceful side of India and feel the bliss run through your spine. It is so wonderful to just get away from the crowd and relax in the realm of nature- and India will give you plenty of places to do that.

You can also visit the usually crowded places in the offseason. This way you can witness the beauty of the place and also avoid the crowds.

Myth: Trains Are Over Crowded And Uncomfortable

India as an extensive train route and from little remote towns to big cities, the trains go through everywhere. You will get a huge crowd in trains, however, it is all part of the experience. Not only are the train journeys cheaper, but they will take you through the most beautiful places, and you will see the rural side of India.

Trains journeys also have an ample amount of halts allowing you to walk and stretch your legs. Some of the best stories are also shared in trains, as you mix up with strangers, hear their anecdotes, and make new friends. The ride, especially if you book First Class AC compartment is more comfortable than airplanes, as you get an entire berth to yourself.

If you come to India, you must experience the joys and beauty of a train journey.

Myth: Travelling To India Alone Is Not Safe At All

Most tourists think that India is quite unsafe for women. This is quite far from the truth. India is quite a safe place to travel and you will also meet some really good people who will help you be more at ease.

While there are few areas that you should not venture out at night, however overall there is no problem. Most of the solo travellers including females have had had the most amazing and mesmerizing experience in India, where they felt no fear. Also, Most of the hotels will go out of their way to make you comfortable, and you might also meet other fellow solo travellers while on your trip. Most women and people in cities like Mumbai, party till late night, or even head out for late-night walks. Just ensure the basic safety tips and you will be fine.

Myth: India Is Full Of Scam Artists

The idea that India is filled with scam artists is age old. This is quite untrue. While some people might charge you more, or try to scam you, the chances are quite less. Most people are quite warm and will genuinely help out tourists if they need it. Just be aware and keep away from people who ask for money for things like- skipping the line or donations.

Myth: India Is All About The Taj Mahal

If you too believe that India has nothing more than the Taj Mahal, then you cannot be more wrong. The Taj Mahal is just a part of the wonders that India has within itself. India has UNESCO World Heritage Sites and historical towns like Sarnath. From bustling bazaars in Udaipur to yoga retreats in Rishikesh.

From spotting a lion at the Gir National Park to staying at a houseboat in Kerala. Even the temples of India are architectural marvels and are different in each state. India is also blessed with waves of the Bay of Bengal in Puri to the trekking trails in the Himalayas. From the tribes in North East to the art villages in Kutch. From the beaches in Goa to the French towns in Pondicherry- India is truly incredible.

Even if you stay here for your entire lifetime, you will still not be able to everything that India has to offer.

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