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The little country of Nepal is located in South Asia and is packed with a lot of culture and history. This landlocked country is also the abode of the Himalayas, and the Mt. Everest, making Nepal a sought after travel destination. However, many tourists tend to believe that Nepal is just for the hardcore trekkers who come here to conquer the high mountain peaks. This is far from the fact. Nepal has plenty of other avenues and areas, which are a great hit among travellers. Nepal is not just for trekkers, it is for everyone willing to come here.

This country has everything you want during your vacation. From breathtaking locales to cute hamlets, from the tallest mountain to the small ancient temples – Nepal is more than just a country. Travel through the highlands or the lowlands, walkthrough cobbled roads or trek through the snowy mountains or just travel back in India – the opportunities are endless in Nepal. The best thing? It will fit right into your budget!

Places To Visit in Nepal

For The Usual Tourists


Kathmandu Nepal
source: kimkim

This is the capital city of Nepal, and probably the first city you will encounter when you land here. Kathmandu is your first introduction to the culture of Nepal, and you will be seriously hooked. There is something so different and unique amount Kathmandu. It is alike the past and the modern world have married each other and now live in harmony with all its diverse children. Such is the feel of this capital city.

You will find the ancient palace located in the chaotic Durbar Square, and you will find tall modern buildings. The streets are crowded with flew markets and vendors, which are filled with delightful souvenirs that you want to take back home.

Tuck into some delicious Tibetan meat pies, and walk through the crowded streets of Kathmandu with delight and wonder.

Top sights in Kathmandu: Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath and the Kopan Monastery.

You can also head out to the countryside of Kathmandu called Patan, and enjoy some lovely restaurants and shops.


If you are looking to induce in some history lessons, then Bhaktapur is where you should be headed to. This medieval town of Nepal is known for its pebbled streets and brick houses. It looks like an old town from a noir movie, giving it a lovely charm.

As you walk through the city you will find sculptures and temples at every corner. You might also be greeted by artists you weave cloths right by the footpath as you walk by. Just stand and watch their hands weave magic into the clothes! It is a magical city to walk through and spend time, as it offers something so different and unique.


lumbini nepal
source: NepalTimes

You cannot finish off your Nepal trip with our visiting the city of Lumbini. This is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha and is said to be a highly spiritual site. The Maya Devi Temple adorns this city and makes it even more alluring. The temple is flanked by well-landscaped gardens, as the tall stupas stand proudly keeping a watchful eye on the temple. You will also find monks and other tourists meditating here under the exceptionally sacred Bodhi tree.


Nepal is also known as the land of the imposing Himalayas. Many tourists come here to view these majestic mountains. To see these royal mountains, you must head to the town of Nagarkot. This hill station is the perfect place to sit back, sip a little hot chocolate and watch the regal Himalayas right in front of you.

It is located quite close to Bhaktapur, and you can even head off for a day trip here. Come here for the beautiful sunsets and sunrises, or indulge in some thrilling adventure sports like- mountain biking, paragliding and many more.

For The Explorers


Patan Durbar Square | source: Nepal Tourism Board

One of the most beautiful cities of Nepal is actually one of the most seldom visited as well. Away from the maddening tourist crowd, Pattan or Lalitpur is filled with architectural marvels. It will take you three whole days to fully understand and view every intricate wood carvings, monuments, and sculptures that make this city so awe-inspiring. It also has some great religious art all of which come together to weave stories and anecdotes from mythologies.

Notable Places: Golden Temple, Patan Durbar Square, Khumbeshwar Temple, and Patan Museum

It is a real visual treat to walk around this city!


Another remote location, Dharan is nestled in the foothills of the Mahabharata Range. This little hamlet is complete with shady banana trees, hills and small shacks on one side, and posh bungalows on the other. You should also taste some of the delicious local sweets that are sold here. They will take your taste buds straight to heaven.

Notable Places: The Buddhasubba Temple and the Datankali Temple


If you are looking for something different and unique to do in Nepal, then make a quick trip to Bandipur. This place is mostly known for its Caves (Siddha Gufa), and for the New Culture that is still prevalent here.

Take a walk around this city and look at all the wonderful old yet charming temples, the little bungalows and the lovely culture that surrounds you. It is quite a warm feeling. You can also interact with the locals here to know more about their culture.


Phewa lake
Phewa Lake in Pokhara | source: The Tallenge Store

Pokhara is the natural realm of Nepal. Located away from the maddening crowds and from the hustle-bustle of the city life, Pokhara is a breath of fresh air. It is complete with lush green meadows, green hills, and lakes that look ethereal. Have a fun family picnic by the lake, or just lay down on the soft grass and watch the clouds go by! It is the most relaxed you will ever be.

Pokhara is also the starting point for your trek to the Annapurna Circuit

Chitwan Safari

This one is for nature and wildlife lovers. Chitwan Safari is one of the most famous tourist activities in Nepal. Head off into the forest and try and spot tigers, jungle cats, sloth bears and many more from your jeep. It a beautiful experience, and you can also head off to some nature walks or stay at a jungle lodge to alleviate your experience here.

For The Trekkers

The Everest Sojourn

The most famous trekking expedition to undertake here is the Everest Trek. This trek is not for novices, and only experienced trekkers should try this. The difficulty level is quite high, however, the rewards are higher. Once you reach the top, passing countless glaciers, snowy winds, and breathtaking views, you will be rewarded with the most amazing feeling of achieving something magical. Make sure you read all the dos and don’ts before taking on this expedition.

Annapurna Circuit

Another really popular trek is the Annapurna region. This trek to a certain extent is for both amateurs and the experts. There is a little circuit during the trek that is so beautiful and magical that it will take your breath away. You will see some of the most incredible avenues, and pass through some panoramic views of the entire place.

If you wish to do the full trek the make sure you have the required skills and stamina. Make sure you research this extensive and exhilarating journey properly before embarking on it.

The Khumbu Valley Trek

The Khumbu Valley Trek nepal
source: Mountain Madness

This highly challenging and death-defying trek is surely not for everyone. The Khumbu Valley Trek is quite a thrilling and dangerous trek to embark on, and you must only try this if you have some experience and a qualified guide. There are so many narrow passes and slippery routes during this journey, that you need to be extra careful.

This trek can get so expensive and exhaustive that it can take you two weeks, or even a month to finish. So, be very sure before undertaking this challenge.

Answering Your FAQs

What to eat in Nepal?

The Nepalese cuisine is quite rich and you will have a gala time with your food. Dive into some hot tasty momos with a tangy pickle in the side. Make sure you taste Sel Roti and finish off your dish with Dhindo.

When Should I Visit Nepal?

You should come to Nepal after the monsoon, which is late September to late November. This is the perfect time to go around, as the weather is clear and nice, and there is even a hint of coolness in the air.

How is the connectivity in Nepal?

The internet is not super great in Nepal, and at times you might even be cut off completely due to lack of signal. But, then again it is great to keep the phone aside and take in all the wonders of Nepal!

How to get around Nepal?

The transportation of Nepal is a little lacking. You might have to sit through crazy traffic in Kathmandu to reach anywhere. There are public transports but they aren’t the most comfortable. Try walking as much as possible.

How much will a trip to Nepal cost me?

Excluding the airfare and visa, Nepal is exceptionally cheap for tourists. You can easily finish off a whole meal with a decent budget. The accommodation is also not at a huge cost. However, if you are planning a hiking expedition then the price is bound to rise. Things get quite expensive, as you have to hire a guide, get permits and many more things.

How Safe Is Nepal?

Nepal is one of the safer countries, and you shouldn’t face problems. However, it is strongly recommended that women travellers should not trek alone and should at least be with a group or with a licensed guide.

Nepal is more than just a relaxing weekend getaway. It is filled with culture, history and natural beauty that will take your breath away. Nepal has too much to offer that you will never have a dull moment here. This country is for everyone who decided to keep an open mind and embrace all the opportunities that Nepal has to offer.

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